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We have another part of Fan Tong and two chapters of Ti Shen for you guys today. This chapter of Fan Tong is almost done, that’s faster than how long we took to release all of chapter six. I swear we’ll complete volume two soon. Hopefully, before the end of this year.

Anyways, most of you chose to be spectators in the last poll. Not many of you chose to be detectives. No Sherlocks among us here? I’m surprised, I rather like mysteries. 18 of you chose to be the beloved pet, the easy life, huh? XD The new poll is up! There’s really no theme to this one. I just wrote up a bunch of answers I thought of on the moment.

We’ll be back in November.

Key of the Sunken Moon: Chapter 7 90%
Ti Shen: Chapter 35
Ti Shen: Chapter 36

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