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Note: LCRead is an informal online publisher, so the covers of the stories are usually made from existing art/images.

InfoRead: Volume 1Volume 2

Title: True Star / 巨星
Pinyin: Ju Xing
Author: Wan Mie Zhi Shang / 万灭之殇
Publisher: LC Read / 連城
Genre: Drama, Showbiz, BL
Original Language: Chinese
Status: Complete (4 Volumes + Extras)
Translation: Ongoing
Summary: King of the silver screen, Feinnes·Tang, passed away after years of battling with heart disease. He later woke up to find himself in the body of an outdated idol starlet. Since the heavens has given him a new opportunity, then he should enjoy life to the best he can, and reach the summit of the entertainment industry once again.

Volume 1: Rebirth of a True Star
Chapter 1: Rebirth
Chapter 2: Released from the Hospital
Chapter 3: An Absurd Dream
Chapter 4: Truly Absurd
Chapter 5: New Deal (1)
Chapter 6: New Deal (2)
Chapter 7: Charles (1)
Chapter 8: Charles (2)
Chapter 9: Charles (3)
Chapter 10: Lu Tian Chen (1)
Chapter 11: Lu Tian Chen (2)
Chapter 12: Ge Chen
Chapter 13: Gamble
Chapter 14: Getting Along
Chapter 15
Chapter 16
Chapter 17
Chapter 18
Chapter 19
Chapter 20
Chapter 21
Chapter 22
Chapter 23: Truly Angelic
Chapter 24: Laying Your Cards
Chapter 25: Auditions (1)
Chapter 26: Auditions (2)
Chapter 27: Meeting an “Old Friend”
Chapter 28: Kissing Test (1)
Chapter 29: Kissing Test (2)
Chapter 30: Who Would Want to Ride with You (1)
Chapter 31: Who Would Want to Ride with You (2)
Chapter 32: Disaster of Three
Chapter 33: Dream Lover (1)
Chapter 34: Dream Lover (2)
Chapter 35: Not Kindhearted (1)
Chapter 36: Not Kindhearted (2)
Chapter 37: Honest Thoughts (1)
Chapter 38: Honest Thoughts (2)
Chapter 39: Chen Ming Xu (1)
Chapter 40: Emotionally Moved
Chapter 41: The First Scene (1)
Chapter 42: The First Scene (2)
Chapter 43: The First Scene (3)
Chapter 44: Hello, President Lu (1)
Chapter 45: Hello, President Lu (2)
Chapter 46: Hello, President Lu (3)
Chapter 47: Kai’s Invitation
Chapter 48: Eat You Up (1)
Chapter 49: Eat You Up (2)
Chapter 50: Eat You Up (3)
Chapter 51: Envy (1)
Chapter 52: Envy (2)
Chapter 53: Checking in at the Lu House (1)
Chapter 54: Checking in at the Lu House (2)
Chapter 55: Applying Medicine (1)
Chapter 56: Applying Medicine (2)
Chapter 57: New Flame
Chapter 58: Going to Work with the President
Chapter 59: A Table for Four (1)
Chapter 60: A Table for Four (2)
Chapter 61: Curses and Harsh Words
Chapter 62: The Trees Long for Peace, but the Wind Will Never Cease (1)
Chapter 63: The Trees Long for Peace, but the Wind Will Never Cease (2)
Chapter 64: True Star Training Class
Chapter 65: Calling a True Star (1)
Chapter 66: Calling a True Star (2)
Chapter 67: Making Headlines
Chapter 68: He and Him in the Dance Studio (1)
Chapter 69: He and Him in the Dance Studio (2)
Chapter 70: The Acting Class’ Exam Question
Chapter 71: Dream Lover (3)
Chapter 72: Dream Lover (4)
Chapter 73: Dream Lover (5)
Chapter 74: An Unexpected Choice
Chapter 75: Only the Beginning
Chapter 76: Heated Discussion
Chapter 77: Music Class (1)
Chapter 78: Music Class (2)
Chapter 79: Falling Off a Horse
Chapter 80: Smeared Image
Chapter 81: Kiss Kiss (1)
Chapter 82: Kiss Kiss (2)
Chapter 83: Suspicions
Chapter 84: Remember to Line Up (1)
Chapter 85: Remember to Line Up (2)
Chapter 86: Remember to Line Up (3)
Chapter 87: Heading to America
Chapter 88: He was Back
Chapter 89: I Paid the Bill
Chapter 90: Collaboration
Chapter 91: Chatting Over Coffee (1)
Chapter 92: Chatting Over Coffee (2)
Chapter 93: Albert (1)
Chapter 94: Albert (2)
Chapter 95: Albert (3)
Chapter 96: Still Too Young (1)
Chapter 97: Still Too Young (2)
Chapter 98: Chen Ming Xu (2)
Chapter 99: Chen Ming Xu (3)
Chapter 100: Keeping Up the Mystery
Chapter 101: Magazine Shoot
Chapter 102: Threesome (1)
Chapter 103: Threesome (2)
Chapter 104: Threesome (3)
Chapter 105: Threesome (4)
Chapter 106: Threesome (5)
Chapter 107: The Debt He Owes
Chapter 108: Warm Breeze
Chapter 109: Sudden Attack (1)
Chapter 110: Sudden Attack (2)
Chapter 111: Counterattack (1)
Chapter 112: Counterattack (2)
Chapter 113: Counterattack (3)
Chapter 114: Unavoidable Choice
Chapter 115: Kidnapping (1)
Chapter 116: Kidnapping (2)
Chapter 117: Kidnapping (3)
Chapter 118: Kidnapping (4)
Chapter 119: Self Rescue (1)
Chapter 120: Self Rescue (2)
Chapter 121: Self Rescue (3)
Chapter 122: Self Rescue (4)
Chapter 123: The Truth (1)
Chapter 124: The Truth (2)
Chapter 125: Concern
Chapter 126: The End of True Star Training Class (1)
Chapter 127: The End of True Star Training Class (2)
Chapter 128: The End of Dream Lover [End of Volume 1]

InfoRead: Volume 1Volume 2

Title: Ti Shen / 替身
Translation: Body Double
Author: Bei Tang Mo / 北棠墨
Publisher: LC Read / 連城
Genre: Action, Drama, BL
Original Language: Chinese
Status: Complete (3 Volumes + Extras)
Translation: Ongoing
Summary: “I hope you don’t fall in love with me, because I won’t be taking responsibility,” warned the young man. “Don’t worry, I won’t fall in love with a body double,” the employer dully replied. Yet, both of them forgot what they had said. One entered the play and couldn’t come out of it. The other one was willing to act with him for the rest of his life.

Volume 1: Trump Card
Chapter 1: Trump Card
Chapter 2: Illusion
Chapter 3: Flirting in the Open
Chapter 4: Love in Front of a Killer
Chapter 5: Fake Act, Fake Kiss
Chapter 6: Don’t Worry, I Would Never Fall in Love with a Body Double
Chapter 7: Ah Mo, Stay with Me for a Bit More
Chapter 8: Stomachache? Let Me Massage It for You
Chapter 9: Spring Dream
Chapter 10: Out of the Hospital & Out of the Closet
Chapter 11: Living Together!
Chapter 12: Alright, It’s My Fault for Caring too Much. Serves Me Right!
Chapter 13: Painting of a Beautiful Man Bathing
Chapter 14: Personally Drawing a Back Tattoo
Chapter 15: Various Thoughts in the Night
Chapter 16: Long Time No See
Chapter 17: Chasing Hawk
Chapter 18: Ambiguous Mood
Chapter 19: Plotting While Falling into a Beautiful Man’s Embrace (1)
Chapter 20: Plotting While Falling into a Beautiful Man’s Embrace (2)
Chapter 21: Plotting While Falling into a Beautiful Man’s Embrace (3)
Chapter 22: A Familiar Pair of Eyes
Chapter 23: Get In! I’ll Take You to the Hospital
Chapter 24: Really, I’m Not Short of Money
Chapter 25: Silent, Awkward Concern
Chapter 26: Personally Wiping Down His Body
Chapter 27: Not Allowed to Bother Him Anymore
Chapter 28: An Interest…One Shouldn’t Have
Chapter 29: Professionals Just Aren’t the Same
Chapter 30: Successful Deception
Chapter 31: A Date with Lan Kuang
Chapter 32: I Like You the Way You Are
Chapter 33: Let’s Enjoy the Spas Together!
Chapter 34: Employer-Employee Relationship
Chapter 35: Incorrect Guess?
Chapter 36: The Truth
Chapter 37: Shall We Have a Dance?
Chapter 38: I’m Even Better At…Re, la, tion, ships!
Chapter 39: A Man of Many Talents, Dazzling to the Eyes
Chapter 40: Custom Bulletproof T-Shirt
Chapter 41: Intoxicated
Chapter 42: Unrelated to Ran Feng Ge
Chapter 43: Closing In
Chapter 44: They’re Actually Related?
Chapter 45: Unique Charm
Chapter 46: I’m Not Him
Chapter 47: Good Luck, Ran Feng Ge! [End of Volume 1]

Volume 2: Perfect Deduction
Chapter 1: “Returning” to the Entertainment Industry: Huge Blunder
Chapter 2: “Returning” to the Entertainment Industry: Perfect Act
Chapter 3: Stumbling Upon a Secret
Chapter 4: Intense Collision (1)
Chapter 5: Intense Collision (2)
Chapter 6: Intense Collision (3)
Chapter 7: Confession, Forgiveness
Chapter 8: Force Over Words
Chapter 9: Difficulty Breathing
Chapter 10: That Night
Chapter 11: It’d Be Best If We Never See Each Other Again
Chapter 12: Well Then… Good Night
Chapter 13: I Will Return to Master’s Side, Without Fail
Chapter 14: Breathless
Chapter 15: Who is Better at Chess?
Chapter 16: Your Concern is Chaotic
Chapter 17: Fishing in Disturbed Waters
Chapter 18: Rescue
Chapter 19: Arguments
Chapter 20: Seeking Treatment
Chapter 21: I Will Take Care Of Him!
Chapter 22: An Unexpected Turn
Chapter 23: You… Let Go!
Chapter 24: Personal Attendant, Young Master Su (1)
Chapter 25: Personal Attendant, Young Master Su (2)
Chapter 26: Involuntarily…
Chapter 27: Stop
Chapter 28: The Origins of the Little Liar
Chapter 29: Origins – Can I Be Your Big Brother?
Chapter 30: Origins – Let Him Stay!
Chapter 31: Origins – I Want Little Liar as My Wife!
Chapter 32: Mayhem – His First Time as a Body Double
Chapter 33: Mayhem – Death – Separation
Chapter 34: My Son, Your Name is An Yang!
Chapter 35: A New Life – Abandoned
Chapter 36: A Twist – The Mysterious Man
Chapter 37: Forcibly Kissed – Unstoppable
Chapter 38: He Must Be… Crazy
Chapter 39: That… That Was Su Yi Mo’s Kiss
Chapter 40: A Touch of Dominance
Chapter 41: Do First, Ask Later


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  1. Miyuki says:

    Thank u for ur hardwork. Cant wait for next chap^^

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    I really appreciate all of your work this site is one of my source of joy.~
    Thank you so much for your hard work.

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    Thank you all for translating and all the hard work! I had already read finish the raw and both stories are real great! Do you guys mind introducing or recommend other novels like these two?

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    Thank you so much for translating True Star! We will patiently wait for the next update.

  7. Coco says:

    Thanks for the hard work. But is it possible for me to get the raws of Ti Shen? If it’s possible then I’ll really be grateful.

  8. Chen Yang says:

    I already finished True Star in raws since last year and I’ve been wondering how could the translators have a slow pace regarding the story. Considering the total words per chapter, it should be at least updated regularly.

    Anyways, it is a pity because the project was like started since 2012 and it is already 2017 and the word count is not really that LONG. For an average update, this would have finished for just like two years. From volume 1 to volume 4, while the rest would be working on the Extra chapters.


    • Nannyn says:

      I’m sorry, we’re busy people. We have other stuff to do. I’m the only active translator at the moment, so inevitably the pace is slow. If you want me to machine translate everything for you, then I can finish both True Star and Ti Shen in a week. But we have standards. If you would like to take True Star off our hands, then please, go ahead.

      • Coco says:

        Hello. If you need a Chinese translator for Ti Shen then I can help. Although the update may be just twice in a week. I’m really interested in the novel so please do let me know if you need help translating Ti Shen.

      • Solar says:

        True.. but 1 chapter for true star in 2 or 3 months is just… too much isn’t it? And previously you promised regular updates, but now it’s not even on time anymore. In the first place you took on too many projects compared to what you can handle. My criticism might hurt you but I think you should focus on 1 novel and give the rest to other groups willing to take it up. This way, you will have less burden and many readers won’t be disappointed.

        • Nannyn says:

          I am simply a translator who came along middle of the way. Our group leader was the one responsible for picking out projects. Therefore, the decision to drop a project is not solely mine to make. I’m sorry if you have been disappointed by the speed of our translation. There are machine translations available for all four volumes of True Star out there. You can check those out if you’re really curious about the subsequent chapters.

    • churnie says:

      hello… about your comment it sound interesting if you could translate the rest of the novel. how about it? do want to publish the translation? i really like True Star by the way :)

  9. Junki Yard says:

    It has been over 2 months since last time Body Double was updated. Please don’t abandon my Xiao Ge T_T

    • Lyrick says:

      So far it’s not being abandoned but we are in desperate need of chinese translators and proofreaders. If anyone is interested please email us.

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    Love your translation!! looking forward for the next True Star

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    Hi! Thank you for translating True Star!! It is one of the best novels I have read so far!!! I would just want to ask if when will you be translating the next volume.. I reaaaalllyyy can’t wait to read it!! Thank you very much for your hard work. I greatly appreciate it!!

  17. maki90 says:

    Love it!

  18. Kate says:

    Volume 2 please! Been reading this for years already haha. Hope it gets updated real soon :)

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    Hi I check novelupdates for updates to this novel but the link to chapter 125 that i clicked said it’s password-protected… What do i need to do to get access to the transaltion of c125? I really really love this novel I hope you can reply. Thanks!

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    Why can’t I see the last two updates of True Star? Was it even updated?

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