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Movie: Satan’s alley

Scene 58, evening, England ball garden, outdoor shoot, passionate drama (2)

When making a movie, actors always need to get into the role, how to distinguish between their own reality and the film’s own, this line is vague and difficult to find.

Some actors with some experience can always tell themselves to distinguish between movies and reality, but often fall into the atmosphere and plot created by the film, whether experienced or inexperienced, it is difficult to extricate themselves.

Who can see through, who can walk out, and who are deeply trapped in it?

Gino was discovered by scouts in high school causing him to enter the Hollywood entertainment trap with an unexpected start. Since he has a good family background in the beginning he only occasionally showed his face in some TV dramas and small productions.

Acting was not a serious affair for him, and in his view, it was more like an interest, a hobby, a method of God proving himself. He could make different friends in his acting life, let his family know that he could be a big star even through acting, and receive the love and adulation of the masses. Not once did it make him really think about what acting meant to him, and that a movie could shock his mind.

Except, out of countless times, this time, is the first time, it might even be the last time, the only time.

Lighting, audio, photographers, directors and other staff seemed to become more and more transparent. When he slowly opened his eyes, Gino’s world only contained the man in front of him, the com–plete–ly-nak–ed monk , but also Tang Feng?

All of a sudden, he couldn’t tell exactly where he was, whether he was in the 19th century movie or the modern society of the 21st century.

Is the man in front of me a monk from the east, or is it an equally mysterious actor, Tang Feng?

Even in a trance, Gino felt that the man in front of him reminded him of Fiennes, the man of the same oriental ancestry.

At this moment, in front of the com–plete–ly–nak–ed man standing in front of him, it felt rather surreal as though he was stuck in a dream, which would shatter into slivers with the gentlest touch.

As if he wanted to speak yet was too nervous to, Gino reached out towards the man, his fingertips touching the smooth and elastic skin. The warm heat from Tang Feng’s shoulder told him that this is indeed reality.




None of these mattered anymore……

Gino, or maybe it was Chris, opened his arms to bring the man in front of him into his arms. They quickly kissed, kisses mixed with heavy feelings, often carrying a bitter taste, but at the same time, exciting to the point that people cannot stand it.

Tang Feng ripped at Gino’s clothes, Gino did not know whether the other side was playing the monk or himself, but he was determined not to think about this question for the time being.

“Mm—” Tang Feng wrinkled his eyebrows slightly, half of it was acting, and half of it was because it really was tingly.

The ‘Chris’ played by Gino knelt in front of Tang Feng, his hands holding the man’s waist while kissing his belly, the waves of sensations brought about by touching the sensitive area began to coat the surface of his skin with a thin sweat, reflecting like the sheen of a layer of delicate pearl powder under the soft light.

Tang Feng deliberately grasped Gino’s hair harshly, signalling Gino not to go overboard, but the latter ignored Tang Feng’s hint, instead suddenly hugging the man’s waist to drag Tang Feng to the ground.

So long as the director doesn’t yell cut, they won’t stop.

Gino in a random movement used one hand to grope the legs and waist of Tang Feng, the other hand holding the man’s head and kissing him, his movements are rather rough and presumptuous; always inserting his tongue and pursuing the others tongue, sweeping the root and palate. The intimate kiss caused Tang Feng to have faint fluids leaking out of the corner of his mouth. Gino used his thumb to wipe the liquid, the high concentration of his lust lingered in the air, like the strong smell released by a red rose in full bloom.

When Gino was close to Tang Feng’s ear, the man couldn’t help reminding the other party.

“That’s about enough…… “

“Not enough.” Gino replied while biting Tang Feng’s earlobe, the man he was pressing down shook, and the hands holding Gino’s shoulder tightened as if he had been stung.

Soon Gino squeezed in between Tang Feng’s legs. According to the script he was supposed to press the man down from behind, but Gino preferred to look at Tang Feng’s face, and he believed that Chris was also more willing to be face to face with the man he loved.

Since it’s a movie, it naturally can’t be done for real, and Gino has not completely lost all reason yet.

He held the man’s waist and a leg, his eyes firmly and passionately staring straight into Tang Feng’s eyes, the latter was also looking at him. Their gazes met, and Tang Feng quickly felt that Gino was grinding against the interior of his thighs, which was a man’s most primitive and straightforward desire, hard and fiery, the constant friction increased speed.

Even if they did not cross the last line, it still felt like thunder hitting Tang Feng’s body, dealing a hard blow to him physically and mentally.

The over-realistic acting stunned the surrounding staff that had stayed behind, some upright or family men removed their gazes from the grass patch that occasionally issued an ambiguous sound of two people, slightly intolerant and embarrassed.

And there were others who watched with gaping mouths, occasionally looking at the concentrated director, then at the intimate Tang Feng and Gino.

Since Gino chose the position of pressing Tang Feng down from the front, Tang Feng is now the least exposed, and the camera director will also not put too much of the camera’s focus on them, which gives others the illusion that they are really doing it.

The sounds of friction issuing from the grass, the low wheezing and repressed moans, their entangled figures shrouded in the dark moonlight, were all divided by the grass into finely shredded fragments.

Tang Feng slowly closed his eyes, raised his head and breathed, making the recorded performance even more thrilling.

But there was more excitement still to come, he sensed that Gino suddenly accelerated, the gasps next to his ears also simultaneously became more rapid and heavy. As a man he naturally knows what is happening, but at this place, does Gino by rubbing his ** really want to…

Tang Feng had not finished this thought, when he felt a hot fluid between his legs sprayed on his lap like a fountain, which stunned him for a moment.

Gino groaned through his high ** tide, and the sound was a reminder of Tang Feng, who moaned and pretended to end.

Tang Feng relied on his actor’s instinct to finish the scene, but his mind was currently filled with chaotic screaming thoughts, where the thing he most wanted to do was to kick away the Gino that is still pressing him down and groping his buttocks.

God, Gino actually … It’s actually on him …

This is the most embarrassing moment of Tang Feng’s previous life plus this life, what to do now? Between the two of them, he also had his head muddled and lay on the ground wondering what to do.

Then he sensed Gino’s hand reached in between his thighs, pulling the clothes that had just been tossed to the sides and casually wiping.

When did the director shout cut, when did Xiao Yu come over to put on his bathrobe, right until Tang Feng was sitting on a chair inside the RV, with a hot drink in his hand, he was still dazed and confused.

He rubbed his forehead gently. Just now Xiao Yu came over to tell him that the director had asked him to take a day off before resuming work.

The filming is close to the end and will be finished within the next two weeks.

Tang Feng understood what the director meant, Gino’s actions were more or less completely overboard. Even if it was a passion scene, he still shouldn’t have done that on the partner’s body, which makes everything a little awkward.

To say he wasn’t angry would be false, but what made Tang Feng angry was not Gino deliberately taking advantage of him, but that as an actor he caused such an unprofessional scene on set that it caused people to feel awkward and embarrassed.

Fortunately, he was the one working with Gino today. It would be a great blow to Gino’s image if it was someone else who decided to burn all bridges with Gino and even deliberately spread the matter outside.

Xiaoyu opened the RV door and stuck her head inside, “Tang Feng, Gino’s agent is outside …” . She was also a witness of the matter just now, it would be wrong to say she wasn’t embarrassed, but Gino and Tang Feng usually had a very good relationship, she knew she should not interfere too much.

“Tell him, I know what to do, I want to rest alone now.”

“Okay.” Xiaoyu very quickly closed the door again.

Although the scene shot was perfect, it is not perfect for the actors once the scene finished.

Once the filming ended Gino was dragged away by his people, seeing that frustrated and helpless look on his agent’s face, one could guess that he was going to discipline Gino.

It’s just that agents are normally falling over themselves to curry favor with a big star, how can they say anything too harsh.

Tang Feng sighed, he wanted to beat Gino up.

It was a pity that he couldn’t fulfill his wish, for someone else beat Gino up one step ahead of him.


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Proofreaders: Lyrick


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