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To deepen one’s line foundations, in Tang Feng’s opinion, in addition to personal talent, more practice is needed, continuous practice, repetitive practice, until the lines are firmly remembered in the heart, engraved in the mind, integrating the character’s emotions into the lines.

There are no shortcuts or special techniques; it relies on years of uninterrupted practice. One must give up a part of their entertainment time and immerse themselves into tedious practice. This, in the extravagant Hollywood filled with parties everyday, would obviously be rather hard, especially for those stars that got famous too early, who would often require a monumental amount of effort to set aside everything to study.

Many child stars fail to transition properly into adult stars because, other than choosing the wrong direction to develop in, the many different temptations of the outside world lead to their downfall.

The child actor who had previously starred in ‘Artificial Intelligence’ and ‘The Sixth Sense’ and other such films with outstanding performance, Haley Joel Osment, seems to have faded out of people’s field of vision. Even now, Tang Feng still feels pity for this charismatic little boy.

In 1999, when he appeared in ‘The Sixth Sense’, little Haley had already been nominated for an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor. At that time, he had only been 11 years old. His exemplary performance had led people to believe he would be an international movie star in the future. Unfortunately, due to a series of problems such as smoking marijuana, drunk driving accidents and getting out of shape, etc., Haley gradually faded from the limelight.

That actor is only 24 years old this year, there are still opportunities in the future. So long as he puts in the effort to cut off those negative influences in his life, who knows, maybe he could even become another Robert Downey Jr.?

These are all things that will only be known in the future. The current situation was that Tang Feng had to help the big movie star Gino practice the basics of acting, line foundations.

Yesterday, Tang Feng tried to contact Gino to make arrangements to get together to practice. Tang Feng didn’t know whether Gino’s phone battery had died but whenever Tang Feng tried to call Gino his phone was always turned off. Tang Feng had hoped they could practice in the hotel’s remote flower yard the today.

When Gino arrived, he didn’t call Tang Feng, but went straight to the front desk to ask for Tang Feng’s room. When he heard Tang Feng’s room was actually a standard double room, he was rather shocked. He knew the room allocated by the movie company was obviously better, how did it become a double room.

After Gino asked the hotel staff, he found out that everything was arranged by Tang Feng himself. Because the hotel kept a record of the credit card statements, Gino was able to find out from the staff that the previous room reservation had actually been the luxury suite. Gino didn’t even have to think about it to know who the reservation had been made by.

It must have been that despicable Charles again.

Gino was smarter this time. After chatting with Tang Feng a few times, he had gotten some grasp of his character. That man does not like other people intruding into his private life.

Gino quickly called Tang Feng, claiming he couldn’t go over to the hotel because he wasn’t feeling well today, and had to trouble Tang Feng to come over to his place instead. Even though he was the one who requested for Tang Feng to help him practice his line foundations, he knew that based on Tang Feng’s personality, he definitely wouldn’t think much of this matter. As he expected, Tang Feng did not hesitate to agree to Gino’s request.

“I’ll come over to pick you up.” Gino said over the phone.

“There’s no need. Aren’t you not feeling well? Just give me the address, I can make my own way there.” Tang Feng grabbed a pen and paper and jotted down Gino’s address. Gino owned a house in Hollywood, and he usually always stayed there when in town.

“Alright, then see you in half an hour,” Tang Feng estimated the time needed to travel, hung up the phone after confirming the time, then turned around to pack his things. He didn’t need to bring much – just the script, his phone and wallet.

“Where are you going?” Lu Tian Chen, who was working on the computer next to the window without a flower balcony, looked up. He removed the silver-rimmed glasses resting on his nose bridge, rubbing the slightly sore area.

After Tang Feng downgraded the room from the luxury suite to the standard double room, Lu Tian Chen didn’t say anything and just let the bellboy drag all their luggage down. As for Charles, that fellow had business outside and had not returned to the hotel. He doesn’t know what Tang Feng had done yet.

“Going to help Gino practice his lines.” Tang Feng replied as he bent down to place his wallet inside a black briefcase.

The morning after the night where Tang Feng and Lu Tian Chen had gotten intimate, Tang Feng treated Lu Tian Chen like he had always done before, and Lu Tian Chen also didn’t have any overt gestures, no terrifying promises of eternity, no overly emotional speeches, mild like spring water. “Are you coming back for dinner tonight?” Lu Tian Chen casually asked a very critical question.

“I’ll come back before 8 pm. I think you should eat by yourself. Or you can come over and join us when dinnertime arrives.” Tang Feng picked up his briefcase, ready to walk over to the front door to put on his shoes. “Okay, just contact me later to update me.” replied Lu Tian Chen.

“Bye!” Tang Feng opened the door and hurried out.

Lu Tian Chen returned his attention to his computer screen, opening the video call.

“Is there any news from Charles’ side?” Lu Tian Chen leaned back against the backrest, asking the person on the other side of the screen, exuding the attitude and tone of a boss.

“The England branch of Interpol has already set their sights on him. Charles will temporarily be unable to return to America. We still don’t know where he went, we speculate that he’s probably in Northern Europe, but we are unable to pinpoint his specific location.”

The man laughed mockingly. “The tiger with the laughing face hides a sly old fox in his bones. If his hiding place can be found by people, then he isn’t Charles.”

“President Lu, then do we need to…. “

“No need. He will settle his own affairs.”

Tang Feng had just gotten in the cab when his phone started ringing. It was an unknown number and it didn’t look like an American number.

The first time his phone rang, Tang Feng disconnected the call, thinking the other party had probably dialed the wrong number.

When his phone rang again, he answered the call, to find out who the other person actually was looking for him.

“Hi! Baby!” The sensual, low bass voice of a male rushed out from the mobile phone in an instant, as if a butterfly was flitting and fluttering its wings, often bringing a burst of spring flowers.

“Charles….” Tang Feng smiled weakly. He hadn’t seen this lively, gamboling big bear for a few days. Thinking back, it has actually been four days already.

Charles ran away on the very day they were waiting to upgrade their room. Tang Feng thought Charles left because something cropped up again – Lu Tian Chen and Charles would frequently leave for a few days because of work and then return again. This has more or less become something that Tang Feng has become accustomed to.

They will leave, but they will always return.

“Did you miss me, baby?” It was hard to believe the words said in this sickeningly sweet voice came from a large and burly handsome man.

“If you hadn’t called, I almost forgot about your existence.” Tang Feng chuckled. The biggest charm of this Charles was that he always made people feel happy.

“Ah, God, I feel like my heart has been crushed to pieces by you, you’re really such a heartless man! My dear, cute Tang, I miss you so much!” As though the grief of being completely abandoned was too big, his noisy tears seemed to accuse the Playboy Tang for his evil deeds.

‘Playboy Tang’ couldn’t help but laugh, “Alright alright, do you have to be so dramatic, oh yes, why did you leave the country without a word?”

Only now did Tang Feng recall that Charles’ call originated from overseas.

“There’s this British beauty who’s been chasing me furiously recently, continuously telling me he loves me so much that he wants to die, but my heart already has you, how could it fit anyone else? So I can only leave his sight, not letting him find me, otherwise he’ll use handcuffs to tie me to him forever.” Charles explained as though it was a joke.

Tang Feng actually thought the other person was telling a joke.

“Sounds pretty good, that fellow must really love you, just go with him.”

“No! Absolutely not! I don’t have a single ounce of desire for goods that are sent to my door, plus although that guy looks pretty good he’s so old-fashioned and strict, nowhere near as cute as you. My dear, don’t tell me you want me to go after someone else? Do you not trust my love for you to that extent? I’m so sad …. “

“Your acting level has almost caught up to Albert.” Tang Feng replied while rubbing his slightly aching head.

“Don’t compare me with that tasteless pervert. Okay, darling, I have to tell you a piece of very unfortunate news. That British beauty who chased me everywhere already knows of your existence. I think he’ll go find you to negotiate soon; you definitely cannot give me over to him! Otherwise, when I come back, regardless of whether you’re willing or not, I’ll definitely drag you to the bed for three days and three nights of battle!” The last five words were heavily emphasized, belying his excitement.

Tang Feng calmly hummed disinterestedly, “You really know how to bring me trouble, Charles.”

Charles’ swearing words were like fists hitting a sandbag to Tang Feng – leaving no impression at all.

“I’ll make it up to you, but you have to believe me, even though our path to love won’t be smooth sailing, but we have a firm and tenacious heart.”

“Is there any other nonsense you wish to share?” Tang Feng’s blunt, unfeeling sentence directly knocked Charles down to the ground.

“…. Nothing” replied Charles.

“If there’s nothing, please don’t call me.” Tang Feng decisively ended the call.


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