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“Tang Feng, do you know a Doctor Harvey? He says he wants to meet you.” Manager Xiaoyu opened the RV door and walked in. There was someone claiming to be a ‘Doctor Harvey’ who came to visit. Xiaoyu didn’t even know Tang Feng knew this man.

Seeing Tang Feng’s somewhat unwell face, she worriedly asked, “Did you call for a doctor because you’re overworked? Where does it hurt, quickly let me see.”

Xiaoyu immediately rushed over worriedly, grabbing Tang Feng’s shoulder and anxiously examining him left and right.

“I’m not sick; my body could not be healthier. It’s alright, Xiaoyu. Let Doctor Harvey in, he’s Gino’s friend.” Tang Feng replied puzzled as he didn’t know why Harvey would want to see him.

The last time Tang Feng met Harvey was just last week. Although Tang Feng’s distant attitude at then couldn’t be considered warm or impolite, it should have been cold enough for Harvey to understand he didn’t want to be friends.

Why had Harvey come to find him?

Tang Feng laid on the sofa gently furrowing his eyebrows, don’t tell me this has something to do with Gino? It seemed like Harvey had only got to know Gino recently.

The world is so big, but contrary to expectations, they ended up meeting again. Is this what they mean by ‘fated to meet’?

But now, he is no longer Fiennes, and Harvey has already settled down with a beautiful, virtuous wife and a clever and adorable child. They each have their own lives, vastly irrelevant to each other.

Not long later, Xiaoyu brought Harvey over. Tang Feng didn’t let Xiaoyu leave because he didn’t want to be left alone with Harvey; the guy who used to take care of him, give him promises and hope, had carelessly ate his words, and left.

A beautiful and fantasy-like love, in reality, is that weak; just a light touch and it’ll immediately shatter.

Tang Feng gave thanks to all those who hurt him before in his life journey, letting him know the many realities of this world. Normally, Tang Feng avoids being too pessimistic, it’s just that the real world is originally like that.

One moment, they’ll be telling you they want to spend their whole life with you, proclaiming how much they love you, how they want to buy a piece of farmland up north to create your own lovers’ world for two. And, the very next moment, they’ll come in front of you to apologize.

“I’m sorry, let’s break up.”


“We’re both men. We can’t have children or create a family. There is no future for us.” They’re all just excuses. This world has so many abandoned children; they could have adopted a few orphans. What future? What family? It’s only that they have given up too early.

The tediousness and disdain upon hearing about having a northern farmland lifestyle, only because they were unable to give up the comfortable lifestyle they have now, unable to leave the upper echelons of society and have only cattle and sheep as companions, unable to withstand the pressure from their surroundings, and even more, unable to leave that environment.

In the end, aren’t they just people who are not able to persevere in love? The more excuses you make, the more people will lower their impressions of you.

Those without courage are cowards. Who asked Fiennes to not only be a man, but also be a terminally ill man?

“Doctor Harvey, why are you here?” Tang Feng smiled at the guy who was always dressed like a gentleman. Even after all these years, Harvey’s habits haven’t changed; he liked the exquisite lifestyle. His clothes were all high quality and tailor-made, his food choices were even more high-class, all leaning towards gourmet-style.

He actually used to think that Harvey could give up the lavish lifestyle for him, and instead, raise cattle and sheep together in the north. Even now, he thinks the him of the past was really stupid to the max. At that point in time, he even wholeheartedly thought he could give up his own acting career just like that.

Not to mention, the Fiennes of that time had just received the three biggest International Film Awards of his life, and was at the brightest moment of his career.

Should he thank Harvey?

If not for Harvey fleeing to respect his family’s wishes and settling down with Ramona, then there wouldn’t have been the true star, Fiennes, who had the world at his feet.

Similarly, Harvey’s betrayal had let Fiennes understand a lot of principles.

Those who haven’t been cut by the knife will never know how sharp the knife is.

“Are you here to look for Gino? His parts will be filmed in the afternoon. He should be at his home rehearsing the script this morning.” Gino actually wanted to come over in the morning but was blocked by Tang Feng’s words “Don’t disrupt my shoot”. He didn’t believe Gino would behave himself and stay quietly in his trailer to practice his lines once he came to the filming location.

“Oh, I stay near here and since you guys were filming now, I decided to drop by. It was such a pity that you weren’t able to stay that afternoon; Gino and I talked a lot about you.” Harvey’s mouth tilted upwards, his eyes already showing the beginnings of crow‘s feet, but this still didn’t lower this man’s charm at all.

How dignified, how gentlemanly. Considerate men attracting other people is always a matter of fact.

“Really?” Tang Feng casually replied.

“Mr. Harvey is a doctor?” Xiaoyu, at the side, asked.

“Yes. I’m currently Gino’s father’s family doctor, but what’s worth mentioning is that I only met Gino half a year ago. He really admired Fiennes, and I just so happened to be Fiennes’ friend. That’s how we met.” After replying to Xiaoyu’s question, Harvey returned his attention to Tang Feng, where he smilingly asked, “Actually, this time round, when Gino accepted this movie, his family was very opposed to it.”

“Because of the material?” The one who continued the conversation was Xiaoyu. Xiaoyu was a lady who loves to talk, which was also why Tang Feng wanted her to stay behind.

If he can avoid talking to Harvey, then he didn’t want to talk all.

It’s just that, every time he hears Harvey mention his past life’s name, it made it hard for Tang Feng to resist laughing coldly. The man is already gone, what reason is there to keep mentioning him?

“Yeah. Gino’s family in Los Angeles can be considered famous. His father is a devout Christian, and it just so happens that this time around, your movie touched upon both religion and homosexuality, thereby, angering Gino’s parents.” Harvey laughed rather helplessly.

“Gino’s family has three kids; Gino is the youngest, he still has an older brother and sister. Because his brother took over the family business, Gino could pursue his own dreams and immerse himself into the entertainment industry, but his family still wishes he could have a wife and a normal family.” These words coming from Harvey’s mouth seemed to contain a weird taste.

People always hope that they are right, that’s why, they would always find various opportunities to prove that their own choices were right.

What’s the basis for right or wrong?

Whether their own choices were right or wrong, only the person themselves would know.

“Doctor Harvey, you didn’t come just for a visit today, but to diplomatically tell me not to develop any such relations with Gino. Because all this dictates that if Gino and I were to love each other, there would be no future; we would lose our friends and family, as well as our careers. That’s what you want to tell me, right?” Tang Feng directly said it.

He knew Harvey too well, he was even more familiar with this man’s hypocrisy.

Tang Feng’s straightforwardness stunned Harvey for a moment, then this fine man warmly chuckled, “Gino was right, you are really smart.”

“Isn’t it that you’re too stupid? Friends that would leave you because of your choice of partner can’t be considered genuine friends. It doesn’t matter even if those kind of friends don’t want you. True family would hope for you to live happily, and not ruin their own children’s future for the sake of some family values. Such a hypocritical future, hypocritical happiness….” Tang Feng stopped.

He asked Harvey a question he didn’t manage to ask him in his previous life: “Doctor Harvey, you tell me, is such a life happy?” Tell me, did your choice really allow you to be happy, to feel good and satisfied?

“Of course, I’m happy. I have a beautiful, virtuous wife and an adorable, lovely son, a job that people envy, and a perfect family.” When Harvey reached the end, he hesitated slightly, his jade green eyes flashing for a moment.

“This is the kind of life people should choose,” Harvey emphasized.

Very good. Now, Tang Feng knew Harvey’s answer.

The one who couldn’t let go wasn’t him, rather, it was the well-dressed doctor in front of him. “It’s very obvious this is only your opinion. Different people have different choices. No matter what they choose, so long as they themselves feel it’s good, then everything else doesn’t matter.” Tang Feng lightly said, he was looking forward to chasing Harvey away.

“Okay. Doctor Harvey, I still have work to do so, I don’t have much time to debate about life with you. Regarding Gino, you can rest assured, even if he is interested in me, I have no interest in him. You can say it however you want to Gino’s family, but please help me pass on a message to the person who sent you. If they are somewhat close, then please tell them not to meddle with Gino’s life.”

Xiaoyu having found out that Harvey was sent by someone was also rather unhappy, standing up and gesturing towards the trailer door, “Please, Doctor Harvey. I hope you never come around again, you’re such a brute.”

It’s so nice to have a fierce manager.

Harvey looked towards Tang Feng, but the latter just turned his body away. Right when Harvey had already walked to the door, he stopped again and asked, “That day, at Fiennes’ grave, why did you gift red roses?”

“Then, why did you bring white roses?”

He obviously knew Fiennes loved red roses, but he was scared it would be too obvious, so he gave white roses instead – such was the style of this cautious doctor.


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