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After filming wrapped up, the crew went to the nearby barbecue restaurant for a celebratory dinner. Naturally, the director and the main crew, as well as the two main leads, sat at the same table. Director Li Wei was full of appreciation for Tang Feng, asking him a series of questions related to his future plans, with Tang Feng also sincerely interacting with the other.

Tang Feng wished to progress into Hollywood so he needed to familiarize himself with the film making process even more. While the mainland’s prospects weren’t bad, movies there underwent stricter regulations than in the States. Moviegoers weren’t the problem; the fault lie on film studios and a few production investors.

Tang Feng felt that although he had been reborn, he remained an insignificant third-rate actor. Even if he could use Director Li Wei’s movie to jump to the second tier, ultimately, he was the main lead for a homosexual movie and even participated in a hyped-up homosexual romantic program before. Who knew if he would be subjected to harsher restrictions as a result?

Hollywood was much more open-minded. As long as you had the charisma, acting skills, and you don’t commit too heinous a crime, you would forever have the opportunity to make it big there.

While there’s opportunity, however, the competition was also much fiercer. If one were to overtake the competition and snatch the lead role, they would turn into a superstar. Tang Feng understood all the unspoken rules of the game better than anyone else—humans were always good at analyzing their own business—and could do it even better.

Once he had established his status and fame, the factors that would have caused him to be censored in the past would all evaporate like smoke. This was an irrefutable fact.

So, what if you could act? Those without persuasive skills would not have willing supporters, which meant the scripts they could choose from are limited.

Everyone wanted to act in a good movie, but the question is whether you would even have choices to select from.

“I feel that your thinking is very good. Honestly speaking though, if you were planning an immediate return to China after you finish recording my film, I would have stopped you. Returning to China is a safe choice but as an actor, you must know that in this industry, you can never spend your days in safety. A good actor must always expand his repertoire. Only then will you increase your opportunities, expand your connections, and see more of the world.” Li Wei rested his hand on his leg and nodded his head vigorously while expressing his opinion.

“Hollywood is currently filled with exemplary people. I’m not the first, nor will I be the second. Similarly, there are promising people appearing here. Fiennes’ existence is what all these outstanding actors should aim towards. Hollywood doesn’t lack foreign actors.” Director Li Wei stated as he stopped to take a sip of wine.

Unfortunately, Fiennes had already passed on.

He continued, “It’s common knowledge that there are many English actors here. These past few years, Australians have also started coming to Hollywood. For instance, Chris Hemsworth who played Thor in ‘The Avengers’ recently appeared in another new movie, ‘Snow White and The Huntsman’ with another lead actress Charlize Theron who was born in South Africa.”

“Following the globalization and spreading collaboration of movies, Hollywood will employ more and more foreign actors. China will become the world’s second largest powerhouse before long, second only to America.” Li Wei patted Tang Feng’s shoulder, admitting the other still has a long way to go, saying, “You will have a very good chance, Tang Feng. You’re a great actor, and I believe you will gain the recognition you deserve.”

Tang Feng smiled and replied, “Thank you, Director. I will work hard.”

Tang Feng chatted with other members of the crew, many of whom were from his home country. They each have their own jobs and missions yet at the same time, they harbored dreams of being in the movie industry. Everyone maintained communication with each other, making it convenient for them to keep in touch and help each other in the future.

When in a foreign land, the actors and movie crew from the same country would always helped each other out, all with the common goal of developing further, but this is limited solely to when one is starting out. In the end, one could only rely on one’s own strength if they wish to stand on the international stage.

When Tang Feng went to the washroom, he saw Gino in the yard so he walked over to him.

“How are you and Lilith?” Tang Feng asked Gino.

“That’s my own business.” Gino replied while glancing back at Tang Feng, Gino coldly turned back around, ignoring the guy behind him.

Ever since they came back from Los Angeles, Gino’s attitude towards Tang Feng seemed colder and he was unsure how he had offended the former.

“Are you mad at me?” Tang Feng asked.

Gino silently stood with his back facing him. Tang Feng didn’t feel anxious. He patiently waited for the other’s reply. He knew Gino. This kind of person would be unable to resist; all young people were like that.

Sure enough, not even three minutes later, Gino was speaking already.

“Why must you sell yourself short like that?!”  Gino yelled.

“I’m selling myself short?” Tang Feng replied dubiously. Tang Feng could not recall when he belittled himself.

Gino turned violently to face Tang Feng, eyes angry, lecturing in a reproachful tone, “Did you not? Why on earth did you sleep with Charles and that Lu Tian Chen? Is it just to film movies and get famous?”

The slander was unwarranted, but Tang Feng didn’t get angry. He just laughingly shook his head. “If you’re implying that I had relations with them to become famous and get film roles, then does that mean that if I get together with a non-famous, non-wealthy individual, it will definitely be true love? Gino, be a little more mature. We’re all adults here. We have the right to choose freely and I didn’t sleep with anyone just to gain fame.”

Gino still looked mad about what happened in Los Angeles but this was Tang Feng’s private matter and he didn’t like other people lecturing him about it or telling him what kind of morals he should have. He doesn’t bother about other people’s relationships, and wished other people wouldn’t constrain him. He’s a grown man; he knew what he was doing.

Just because he had relations with Charles or Lu Tian Chen did not mean he was an easy-going person.

In both his previous life as the introspective Fiennes, and in this life as Tang Feng who lived as he liked, other people’s opinions hadn’t mattered to him. His life was his own. He had enough first-hand life experience. He knew what he should and shouldn’t do. He was not inclined to suppress himself just to please others.

This was the real Fiennes, and also, the real Tang Feng.

“It shouldn’t be like this.” Gino shook his head in frustration, as though the Tang Feng he imagined shouldn’t behave like this.

“Then, what do you think I should be like?” Tang Feng asked.

Gino looked at the man in front of him, helplessly sighing, “I don’t know.”

“Did you think I’m some kind of saint? That I won’t get mad, won’t get furious? Keeping myself pure does not mean I must forbid myself. Yet, at the same time, you feel that I need to be protected? No, Gino, that isn’t me.” Tang Feng said and came forward to pat Gino on the shoulder, “I’m a guy like you; I have the basic nature of all guys, it’s just, I have better control of myself.”

“Then you shouldn’t have slept with Lu Tian Chen!” Gino spoke a little loudly. Fortunately, they were in a more isolated area, otherwise, Tang Feng would have punched Gino. No one would have liked other people announcing their private matters to the world.

“Gino.” Tang Feng reprimanded Gina in a calm voice.

Gino suddenly gripped Tang Feng’s shoulder, his chest heaving agitatedly as his eyes stared straight at the other, “I …… I don’t like you behaving like that. I don’t like it at all.”

Gino continued “If Charles and Lu Tian Chen can do it, then does that mean I…..”

Tang Feng did not let Gino finish. He reached out to clamp the other’s mouth shut, firmly saying, “No!”

“Why not? Why can’t I?” Gino removed Tang Feng’s hand and took advantage of their position to kiss the other. The two of them were pressed together as Gino recklessly kissed Tang Feng. Tang Feng used one hand to hold the other’s shoulder, while using the other to punch Gino in the abdomen.

The drunk man immediately retreated a couple of steps back before squatting on the floor. Tang Feng didn’t have the heart to scold Gino, when the other looked like a wounded puppy hugging his stomach as he squatted on the floor, emitting pained whimpers.

“Gino,” Tang Feng called.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I know I shouldn’t have done that. I also know you’re not Fiennes, but I still felt upset when I saw you with Lu Tian Chen…… I don’t know what happened to me.” Gino replied while lightly shaking his head.

Tang Feng walked over and bent over to pat Gino on the shoulder, “Alright, don’t behave like a child throwing a tantrum on the floor. The next time you mess with me or say such unpleasant things again, I might just beat you up for real.”

“You already beat me up.” Gino bitterly laughed. After getting punched, he was more or less sobered up now.

“Then you know I’m not someone to mess with.” Tang Feng held his hands at his side and smiled, “Don’t treat me like Fiennes, Gino. You should walk out from Fiennes’ shadow and decide if you really loved him that much. If you loved him, then why did you never realize it for 7 years and only knew when he died?”

“I….” Gino’s voice drifted off.

“Go back and think it through.” replied Tang Feng.

If a person really loved someone to death, if he wanted to love, he would have already done so.

Why bother waiting and never realizing their own feelings?

This was also an issue Tang Feng only started contemplating after his rebirth. Maybe what Gino loved was merely an imperfect ending, believing the dead person as someone perfect.

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