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All the scenes planned for the morning were completed in a smooth fashion. The director was glad to see that Tang Feng and Gino’s collaboration were up to his standards, but there were still a few hiccups here and there during filming. For the first take of the kiss scene, Gino had used too much force and ended up pushing Tang Feng into the ground.

For the second take, Tang Feng held his spot, Gino also used less force, but the director was the one unhappy this time. “Have the two of you been dating for ten years? Come on, I want to see some excitement and conflict! Now’s not the time to be lovey-dovey.”

Everybody laughed at the director’s remarks.

They finally passed the scene during the third take. However, Gino had bitten Tang Feng’s lips during the kiss, and a trace of blood lingered beside Tang Feng’s lips when they broke apart. The director quickly ordered a close-up shot of Tang Feng’s face and praised Gino for his unintended mistake. The followers of God were kissing in front of the figure of God, and one of the monks had received a bitten lip in the process. They had broken another taboo; exactly as the director had wanted it.

Tang Feng took a break in his trailer while a few assistants took off his makeup and cleaned up the wound on his lip. It was common for celebrities to have a few assistants around them. It wasn’t for the sake of appearing important, it was simply a necessary step in becoming a professional actor. A professional actor needed a professional team backing him up.

Lu Tian Chen had found quite a few people from Hollywood to help him, but it’d turned out the same as the last time that Lu Tian Chen had found a tutor for him: Tang Feng ended up becoming the tutor himself. In the end, Tang Feng picked out the members of his team himself. After spending a few decades in the industry, Tang Feng had a pair of discerning eyes. He knew where to look to find the people he needed.

Sometimes, a foreign billionaire wasn’t as efficient and resourceful as a native of the country.

For the majority of the time, Tang Feng liked to hole up in his trailer alone. After the assistants finished their work, they left the trailer without exchanging any small talk. Tang Feng especially liked this professionality of theirs.

Small talk and other conversations could be saved for outside of work. Even if he were taking a break, he was still focused on the movie.

He had to go over the script for the scenes this afternoon and prepare himself.

“Gino sure used a lot of force.” Tang Feng stared at his lip in the mirror. He was missing a layer of skin, but it wasn’t too bad. His efforts weren’t all for naught; they’d passed in just three takes.

At that moment, the sound of knocking came on his trailer door.

Tang Feng stood up. Was it one of the staff members who’d forgotten to tell him about something? Or was Gino here to go over the script again?

He’d only opened the door a smidgeon, but the person outside immediately forced the door open themselves. Tang Feng was forced to take a few steps backwards. The person squeezed themselves into the trailer and shut the door behind them.

“Charles, when did―” When did you come back?

Before Tang Feng could finish his words, Charles had already caught his mouth in a kiss. The man wrapped his arms tightly around Tang Feng’s shoulders and waist, his tongue attacking the other’s mouth like a machine gun firing at a wall. Tang Feng pushed at him, but Charles forced him step by step onto the trailer’s bed like a stubborn ox.

Tang Feng crashed onto the bed. Even though the mattress was soft, the landing still hurt. Tang Feng grabbed a fistful of Charles’ collar and slammed his other fist against the man’s abdomen. Charles grunted and finally released Tang Feng, whose lips were red and swollen.

“Are you in your mating period again? Then go find someone out on the streets, don’t treat me as―”

Charles smiled and rubbed a finger against Tang Feng’s lips, cutting the actor off. He stared down at Tang Feng with a lecherous smile on his face. “My dear, I’ve missed you. Don’t you miss me at all?”

“I miss kicking you in the butt.” Who would miss a pervert like Charles? Tang Feng would rather Charles go on a trip somewhere far away and never come looking for him again. It’d be even better if Charles could find someone else to stick to on his trip.

“I’ll let you kick me all you want tonight.” Charles waggled his eyebrows suggestively at Tang Feng.

At Charles’ reply, Tang Feng felt as if he’d swallowed a disgusting fly. Irritated, he placed his hands on Charles’ shoulders and warned, “It’d be best if a masochist like you could get off me now. Otherwise, I’m going to kick you in your Little Charlie.”

“Oh no, it’s not Little Charlie. It’s very big…” Charles chuckled and lowered his head. He said next to the actor’s ear, in that low voice of his, “You should be well aware of that. It even told me to bring you a message: It misses you as well.”

“You’re obscene.” Tang Feng punched Charles in the shoulder. “All right, get off.”

Between filming, if Tang Feng wasn’t studying the script, then he was practicing martial arts. In his past life, he’d already developed the habit of drinking tea and practicing tai chi. With a basic knowledge of tai chi, it wasn’t too difficult to learn the fist.

“No, we still have one more step to go through.” Charles was persistent, and refused to let Tang Feng escape from his hold.

Having just trained in Wing Chun for a few months, Tang Feng was still incapable of kicking aside Charles or Lu Tian Chen; both men had years of fighting experience on him. Tang Feng could attempt to stand up while Charles was still laying on top of him, but that would make too much noise. If someone got curious and came to see what was going on, it wouldn’t be a pretty sight.

“Exactly what do you want?”

“A purging,” Charles firmly spit out two words.

Tang Feng didn’t understand what Charles meant. He raised an eyebrow, and asked, “What?”

“You kissed another man this morning. Look, I’m a gentleman from head to toe. I’m also more openminded than most people. I know I should be supportive of your job and everything that comes with it. I also know that I shouldn’t take offense at the fact that you must kiss someone else for the sake of your job.” Charles suddenly paused. He inched closer to Tang Feng and stared deeply at the actor.

Just when Tang Feng was about to speak, Charles picked up his words in a radically different tone. Somewhat viciously, he said, “But you know what, I don’t like it at all! I don’t like seeing you kiss other people. I seriously want to blow that Michael Gino into fucking bits and pieces right now!

“Oh god, I swore. Excuse my profanity, dear. It’s a bit difficult trying to control myself right now. You know, I simply care too much for you. I care for you more than anyone else in the world.” Charles appeared a bit drained and helpless after his outburst. Pretending to be cute, he blinked innocently at Tang Feng.

“What an honor.” Tang Feng had waited patiently during Charles’ entire outburst. He knew that no matter the reason, Charles wouldn’t stop until he’d vented his fill.

“Tang, you’re a truly understanding man. I love you to death. Come, give me a kiss.” Charles pursed his lips and conducted his “purging” like he said he would.

Tang Feng pushed at Charles. Enough was enough, he didn’t want to get dragged into a French kiss or some other ordeal while he was onset for the movie.

“Charles, enough.”

“Babe, it’s not enough. I want―”

“Hey! You bastard, let go of him!”

Before Charles could spew out more disgustingly sugary words, he received a fist right across the face. The force knocked him sideways and he almost fell onto the ground. For a man who was all about keeping up appearances, it was a once in a lifetime experience.

Tang Feng looked up to see Gino standing inside his trailer.

The blond man rolled up his sleeves and leveled another punch at Charles. Having just being punched, Charles wasn’t going to wait around for a repeat. He dodged Gino’s fist and sent out a kick of his own. “What kind of place did trash like you spring from?”

Quickly, Charles and Gino ended up in an all-out brawl. Tang Feng slammed the trailer door shut and yelled, “Hey! The two of you, stop it!”

“Ow! Lighter, lighter! Are my looks ruined?” Half an hour later, Tang Feng was sitting beside Gino with some rubbing alcohol in his hands. Gino sucked in a breath and stared at himself in the mirror. The corner of his mouth was bleeding.

“Deal with it if you’re a man. Stop complaining like a little kid.” Fortunately, Charles had only punched Gino once in the face. Compared to Gino, Charles was someone who truly knew how to fight; every punch and kick he’d landed was in a spot hidden by clothes.

But Tang Feng didn’t want to praise Charles. Beside the first sneak attack from Gino, Charles had been the one beating the other to death. If he hadn’t kicked Charles aside, Gino surely would’ve ended up crippled.

“Tang, don’t be so heartless. I saved you!” Gino lifted his shirt and exposed the patches of purple on his well-defined abdomen. This was the difference between people who’d only worked out in the gym and people who’d survived real fights with knives and guns.

“Also here, this place needs to be massaged as well.” Gino pointed at his abdomen.

Tang Feng rolled his eyes. He poured out some rubbing alcohol and slapped his hand onto the spot Gino had pointed at, rubbing forcefully all the while. The other actor’s face twisted into a bunch at the pain.


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Translator: Nannyn

咏春 (Yǒng Chūn), typically romanized as the Cantonese pronunciation. A form of martial arts that specializes in close combat. Known for being direct and efficient.

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