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If someone were to ask Tang Feng what he hated to hear the most, he would undoubtedly point to Lu Tian Chen’s next words:

“You don’t have to worry about it. I will take care of it.”

If it could be said that Tang Feng had been “pretending” in front of Lu Tian Chen for the past few months, then he lost his leisurely patience after the kidnapping.

Tang Feng didn’t save Lu Tian Chen any face and rolled his eyes directly at the man. “My worrying about it has nothing to do with this. I’ve already been dragged into this mess. How can you tell me to just watch from the sidelines like a bystander?”

Tang Feng looked to his right at Charles. “Do you really think that Su Qi Cheng would treat me as a mere bystander after he had kidnapped me, fed me drugs, then got tied up by me, got slapped in the face, got hit on the head, and then got stepped on the balls along with his little Su Qi Cheng?”

“Darling, good job!” Charles gave Tang Feng a big thumbs up. “I hope Su Qi Cheng’s little Su Qi Cheng would never stand up again.”

Tang Feng also rolled his eyes at Charles. Having woken up in high spirits, he had trouble controlling himself and slapped at both Lu Tian Chen and Charles’ legs.

Charles conveniently caught hold of Tang Feng’s hand and made an expression as if to say “I’m on the same side as Tang Feng.” He then added, “I think Tang Feng’s right. Since Su Qi Cheng kidnapped Tang Feng, it means he already sees Tang Feng as one of us, and not as an outsider.”

Lu Tian Chen was rather expressionless despite being excluded from the other two’s united front. He looked insipidly at Tang Feng and Charles, and nodded. “All right. I will tell you.”

Tang Feng didn’t like being dragged into a complicated problem with no solution in sight, but he couldn’t be anything but involved after getting kidnapped. If that were the case, he at least wanted to know the truth of the matter.

“Ge Chen and I simply had a deal together. It was after he went solo. He had rather good qualifications, so I secretly pushed him up as an investor. I gave him opportunities and resources, and in return, he would get close to Su Qi Cheng in my place and retrieve confidential information on Su Entertainment for me,” Lu Tian Chen explained concisely.

Charles raised his hands to clap. “Your performance was great. I almost thought that you actually liked Ge Chen.”

“It was nothing more than what was necessary.” Lu Tian Chen’s line of sight unconsciously fell onto the hand Tang Feng still had on his leg. The intimacy he had displayed with Ge Chen was simply a means to delude his enemy.

Tang Feng sighed and said, “Clearly, your plans have been exposed.” He crossed his arms and leaned back, shoulders brushing against the other two.

“Darling, you accepted that without any complaints. Amazing,” said Charles.

Tang Feng glanced at him. “Then do you want me to scream and make a scene?”

“No, you’re great the way you are.” The corner of Charles’ eye twitched, he simply couldn’t imagine Tang Feng screaming and crying like an idiot. He leaned his head on the actor’s shoulder and sighed. His Tang Feng was just that amazing. The actor’s calm attitude was so delightfully charming. And the occasional surprised or panic that graced his face only tugged at people’s heartstrings even more.

To be honest, Tang Feng didn’t see the situation as something difficult to accept. Entertainment companies were companies in the end, and corporate spies could be found everywhere. However, it was rare to find someone who would use a celebrity as a spy.

“Then isn’t Ge Chen in danger right now?” Recalling the abnormal thoughts and behavior that Su Qi Cheng hid behind his polite mask, Tang Feng couldn’t imagine how the man would deal with Ge Chen.

“No, I’m sure he couldn’t be any safer,” Charles said in disdain.

Tang Feng was confused. What did that mean?

“Ge Chen truly belongs to Su Qi Chen now. He betrayed me.” Lu Tian Chen quietly gazed at the streets outside the car. Ice cold raindrops splattered onto the windows, covering them in a layer of white fog.

The city felt cold outside. Cold like Lu Tian Chen’s eyes, frozen under a layer of frost.

Tang Feng was stunned, then he understood. “He was a double agent?”

“Darling, it’s a waste that you’re not a secret agent,” Charles praised.

“Acting offers you a high salary, a respectable status, and a flexible schedule. While being a spy brings you a low salary without any mentionable status, plus it’s dangerous. For someone to abandon acting for spying, they would have to be an idiot.” Tang Feng clicked his tongue. He wasn’t an idiot.


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