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Tang Feng woke up to find himself sleeping on a uneven surface. It took him three seconds to figure out that he was inside a car, lying on the backseat. More accurately, he was lying on the laps of two men in the backseat. Hence, the “uneven” surface.

“Isn’t it about time for you to sort out the situation with Ge Chen?” The voice belonged to Charles and came from above Tang Feng’s legs.

“I’ll take care of it,” Lu Tian Chen answered shortly afterwards. His voice was very close by and fell softly from above like fresh snowflakes.

Tang Feng was facing Lu Tian Chen’s body, so even though he had opened his eyes, the two other men did not notice that he was awake. He shifted his body a little, and Charles and Lu Tian Chen immediately stopped talking in tacit understanding. He felt Lu Tian Chen’s hand gently stroke his back, while Charles’ warm palm rested on his legs.

Sounds of crackling and rustling drifted over from the car window. Tang Feng recalled it being sunny when he had gone to sleep earlier; sunny but very windy. The wind had been especially strong when he was sitting on the third floor window, as if it would blow him away.

“What did you do to Su Qi Cheng earlier?” Charles was curious. Their voices were quiet, but Tang Feng still thought it was improper of them to be chatting while someone was sleeping. Couldn’t they have at least had put him in the backseat of another car?

“I gave him a taste of his own medicine,” Lu Tian Chen replied calmly.

Charles’ voice immediately rose in alarm, “You raped him?!”

“No!” Lu Tian Chen glared at Charles. “I had people take some very attractive pictures of him. Also, lower your voice.”

“All right, all right. I was wrong. Not only did I misunderstand, I also spoke too loudly.” Charles’ voice sounded slightly disgruntled. Tang Feng felt the pressure of Charles’ strokes on his legs increase.

Charles continued, “That guy had almost raped Tang Feng. You saw it as well. He went as far as setting up cameras next to the bed.”

“I know. Su Qi Cheng almost forced Tang Feng to jump out of the building.”

“And yet, you only took some pictures.” Charles was displeased. “You should’ve gotten two buff men to rape him a hundred times over.”

“I thought you’d want me to kill him.” Lu Tian Chen smiled.

Kill him? Forget that! Tang Feng quietly rolled his eyes. Were they filming a crime drama here? Su Qi Cheng wasn’t some stray kitten or puppy that they could kill off however they wanted. Not to mention, randomly killing off kittens and puppies wasn’t something they should do in any case.

“I’m working hard on washing my hands clean of the past. I’ve only just opened up a branch office in East and Southeast Asia. I don’t want to be chased down by the Interpol and have the Su Family going after my life at the same time.” Charles took a deep breath. Tang Feng could clearly hear his heavy breathing. “But… I still don’t like it.”

“Then, we’ll use our own methods to teach Su Qi Cheng a lesson.”

“That’s not a bad idea.”

Tang Feng thought for a moment and decided to stop pretending to be asleep. “Before you get into the details of such important matters, can you tell me exactly what is going on between you two and Su Qi Cheng? As the victim in this whole thing, I think I have the right to know.”

Tang Feng flipped over to lie on his back and met Lu Tian Chen’s eyes. When he tried to get up, both men pressed him back down.

“Hah, my dear, you were actually eavesdropping on us.” Charles bent closer, a bright, charming smile decorating his face.

“I didn’t need to eavesdrop. You two were too loud.”

“So you are saying we woke you up?” Lu Tian Chen raised his hand to cover Tang Feng’s eyes, but the actor protested.

“Let me up.”

A minute later, Tang Feng was sitting between Charles and Lu Tian Chen on the backseat.


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