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Tang Feng’s chest felt a little itchy and wet.

His gaze landed on the top of the head of the man currently above him. Tang Feng’s eyes were covered with a thin layer of moisture and shone with a calmness tempered through strife. As a battle-hardened actor, he was at an age where he handled affairs impersonally and without panic.

Well, it couldn’t really be considered as impersonal. Occasionally, he would also receive roles where he needed to be naked in certain scenes. Unless the actress demanded privacy, most of the time he and his partner would have to act intimate with each other in front of the cameras and the cameramen. The director would sit in a chair and watch them closely. The stage crew, the lighting crew, and the rest of the film crew were also nearby. It was necessary for him to learn to ignore all of them.

Su Qi Cheng’s two lackeys were outside the door, but at least there weren’t any other spectators. Tang Feng tried clearing his throat and when Su Qi Cheng bit into his chest, he let out a slightly sharp moan. Su Qi Cheng became even more invigorated, his hands persistently fondling Tang Feng.

His previous show of weakness and innocence came in handy. Tang Feng’s arms wrapped around Su Qi Cheng’s shoulders and back; teasingly but with strength, he scratched at Su Qi Cheng’s back, causing the latter to emit a growl. Dealing with wild animals required special methods. Men like Su Qi Cheng who were immaculately dressed everyday sought stimulation in their private lives. Tang Feng could scratch and bite without making him angry. In fact, it might excite Su Qi Cheng even more.

Fiennes Tang had overheard this advice from others when he had attended various dinner parties in the past. A few of those people had even once invited him to their “secret meetings,” but Fiennes had used his health as an excuse to decline. Usually, beasts who wore human skins enjoyed acting like gentlemen in public. Even when they had been rejected, they would still express their concerns over Fiennes’ health.

Wild beasts weren’t scary; one only had to know how to communicate and interact with them.

“Su Qi Cheng…” Tang Feng called the man’s name without stop. An arrogant man would not think to bind up a drugged victim. Tang Feng had both his hands on Su Qi Cheng’s back and slowly inched them towards the man’s neck.

“I like it when you call my name.” Su Qi Cheng was not at all in a rush to get to the main event. With a favourable partner in front of him, he preferred to enjoy the full extent of foreplay. Su Qi Cheng straightened up and placed a hand on the back of Tang Feng’s head to kiss him. It was a lingering and slightly tender kiss; Su Qi Cheng was obviously an experienced veteran in the affairs of the heart.

“I don’t feel well.” With one hand supported on Su Qi Cheng’s shoulder, Tang Feng’s other hand continuously felt at the man’s neck. His seemingly flirtatious action concealed his real intentions. Since the start of his rebirth, Tang Feng had tried his hand at many things he did not previously have the chance to do. Horse riding was one, another was his much talked about Chinese martial arts, or more specifically: the Singing Spring Fist form of martial arts.

Well, hopefully his training was enough.

“You will start to feel good very soon.” Indulging in the dip of Tang Feng’s neck, Su Qi Cheng bit and nibbled at the man’s shoulder and collarbone. The slippery tip of his tongue accurately landed scalding kisses. Under the influence of the drug, the feeling was practically unbearable for Tang Feng.

Lightly biting his lower lip, Tang Feng spread open his legs and clamped them around Su Qi Cheng’s waist. A person at their most relaxed was more easily knocked down.

The area separated by their pants grounded together, and Su Qi Cheng and Tang Feng simultaneously cried out in surprise at the stimulation. A hardened look flashed through Tang Feng’s eyes, the time to strike was now.

He struck down with the hand that had been softly stroking Su Qi Cheng’s neck. At the same instant, Tang Feng kissed Su Qi Cheng to smother the other’s groan. Su Qi Cheng closed his eyes and slowly collapsed onto Tang Feng.

The actor was covered in sweat, some of it from the drug, but most of it was from the tension. He was an actor, not a secret service agent.

“Whew… It seems that not only has psychology been useful, but my Singing Spring Fist has also improved.”

Tang Feng glanced at the man he had knocked out. Enduring the effects of the drug in his body, Tang Feng dragged Su Qi Cheng to the bathroom and dumped him into the bathtub. Then, he used Su Qi Cheng’s leather belt to bind his hands and feet together, and stuffed his tie into his mouth. When this was all finished, Tang Feng was completely drenched in sweat.


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