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Su Qi Cheng’s two lackeys left slightly unwillingly. The three cameras inside the room were still off. Tang Feng thought Su Qi Cheng probably didn’t have the hobby of filming himself in bed.

“I’m very curious as to why you haven’t asked me to release you but instead asked me to sleep with you.” Su Qi Cheng pulled at his tie and managed to pull the knot free after two or three tries. He tossed the tie aside. It seemed he rather liked Tang Feng’s suggestion that he personally step up to the plate.

“Firstly, you won’t listen to me, so I might as well not waste my breath imploring you to release me. Secondly, after thinking for a bit, between you and your lackeys, I much prefer you. Besides, if we ever find out that we are pretty suitable for each other, you might give up on the idea of capturing the whole thing on film.” Tang Feng’s forehead was already starting to become coated in a thin layer of sweat. Under the light, it appeared like a pearly sheen that added to his charm.

Whenever a gentleman started taking his clothes off, you’d know that was the moment when he would have a personality change.

“You’re very smart, but your intelligence doesn’t make people feel irritated at you. Rather, it makes you even more likeable. No wonder Lu Tian Chen has taken a liking to you. Even Charles is still infatuated with you.” Su Qi Cheng took off his jacket and walked toward the bed. He reached out and caressed Tang Feng’s cheek. His movement was a bit rough, clearly hinting at his hidden desires.

Good. Tang Feng’s acting was working. Perhaps even a little too well.

“Between Charles and Lu Tian Chen, which one of them is better in bed?” Often, people who appeared to be cultured and highly intelligent had a strange and perverse side to them. Perhaps it was because they spent so much time suppressing their desires every day that when they reached their limits, they would explode in a terrifying manner.

“I can’t compare them. Lu Tian Chen has never laid a hand on me,” Tang Feng spoke the truth, and Su Qi Cheng laughed after hearing him.

Even if Su Qi Cheng had been eager to let his lackeys deal with Tang Feng earlier, his eyes still lit up with a smile after hearing that Tang Feng had never slept with Lu Tian Chen.

The desires of men were capricious. They always have been.

“Unbelievable. But he does have a side like that. He focuses too much attention on trying to keep his hands clean. Or rather, he’s too egotistical and proud to let himself do anything that would go against his own pride.” Su Qi Cheng’s fingers moved down and began unbuttoning his shirt. Beneath his cultured appearance was a well-built physique. It wasn’t as sturdy and beautiful as Charles’, but praiseworthy in its own right.

Su Qi Cheng leveled a look at Tang Feng and gripped the actor’s shoulders rather forcefully. “I like your eyes. I’ve thought that they were beautiful ever since I had first met you. I think they will become even more beautiful when they are filled with tears later on.”

“Please… Be gentle. I don’t like pain.” Tang Feng felt disgusted just from letting those words pass through his lips. However, he knew those words posed as an irresistible temptation toward Su Qi Cheng.

As expected, the minute Tang Feng finished speaking, Su Qi Cheng came bearing down on him. Tang Feng’s lips were caught in a rough kiss and he deliberately shouted out loud in alarm.


The door slammed open. The two men dressed in black rushed inside the room, holding guns in their hands.

Tang Feng glanced at the guns; he didn’t think those were toys they were carrying. This was a disaster.

Get out!” Su Qi Cheng yelled after being abruptly interrupted. “Get out of my sight! Without an order from me, you are not allowed to come in!”

Su Qi Cheng’s two lackeys glanced at Tang Feng and concluded that a person who had been drugged couldn’t possibly beat their boss in a fight. With that thought in mind, they obediently left the room and closed the door behind them.

Once the door was closed, Su Qi Cheng bent down and kissed Tang Feng impatiently. The fierce struggle between their lips and teeth made the effects of the drug all the more intense for Tang Feng. He frowned, the heat that was burning up his lower abdomen was starting to fray at the strings of his willpower.

Sensing Tang Feng’s discomfort, Su Qi Cheng released the actor’s lips and smiled. “The effects of the drug seem to be taking hold. I will make you feel comfortable, and try to be gentle.”

“Am I supposed to thank you?” Tang Feng took a deep breath and tightened his hold on the sheets.

“No, you only have to scream and yell as you please. I rather liked your shout from earlier.” While speaking, Su Qi Cheng reached out and ripped Tang Feng’s shirt open.

Tang Feng sighed to himself. Was Su Qi Cheng truly a wild beast? His shirt…


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Translator: Nannyn
Proofreaders: Lyrick, Daphne

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