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Tang Feng lifted an eyebrow and tilted his head sideways. He chuckled and said, “I’m a man. For me, nude pictures don’t really serve as threats.” Even if the pictures and the film were ever leaked to the public, he would become the victim of the whole situation. In the end, the public would offer him their support in the ordeal.

Despite that, Tang Feng didn’t like this type of forceful photoshoot at all.

“I know, that’s why I’ve never had plans to take nude photos of you. Tang Feng, what kind of man or woman do you like?” Needless to say, Su Qi Cheng’s polite smile made Tang Feng’s hairs stand on end.

Man? Woman?

Was Su Qi Cheng planning on directing a promiscuous short film? Tang Feng didn’t appreciate not being paid for his acting. He glanced around the room; the two tall and muscular men who had brought in the cameras were standing to the left and right side of the bed. The two of them were not looking at Tang Feng with kind expressions.

“If you see Lu Tian Chen as a thorn in your eyes, then go take out your problems on him. What are you doing with someone as powerless as me instead?” Avoiding the strong and picking on the weak was a horrible characteristic to have.

“In a battlefield, how many times would you see the general ride into battle himself? Some battles can only be fought through the sacrifices of your subordinates. If Lu Tian Chen can install a spy beside me and try to control my internal affairs, then I’m also allowed to return the favor and give him a present.”

Su Qi Cheng’s reply shocked Tang Feng greatly. Ge Chen was actually a spy Lu Tian Chen had sent to observe Su Qi Cheng?

That meant that Su Qi Cheng already knew of Ge Chen’s true identity. Then Ge Chen… He probably wouldn’t be let off easily.

“Do you love him? Ge Chen. Have you ever loved him?”

“Love is for children,” Su Qi Cheng said without skipping a beat. He walked closer to the bed and lightly brushed aside the hair on Tang Feng’s forehead. He continued gently, “Of course, I like Ge Chen. He’s a rather good man, that’s why I didn’t mind spending money to make him popular. However, there isn’t a single clean person in the entertainment circle. Did you think I would fall in love with a prostitute?”

Su Qi Cheng’s words made Tang Feng a bit angry. He turned his head to the side and avoided the other’s hand. “How could you say those things about him? He’s one of yours.”

“Then why are you getting angry for him? Ge Chen has been wishing for your death since a long time ago. Every scandal about you that you’ve seen on the news these past few months is the result of what he’s asked me to do.” Su Qi Cheng narrowed his eyes.

“That’s a completely different topic. His being an idiot has nothing to do with me disliking your modus operandi.” Even if Tang Feng knew that businessmen were never as clean as their image implied, he still felt disgusted personally seeing and listening to the questionable things they did.

“People like you have nothing to look forward to but loneliness.”

Su Qi Cheng laughed at Tang Feng’s warning, as if he had just heard the biggest joke of the year. He said with nonchalance and disdain, “I never expected for there to be anyone who will walk with me till the end. Only children would believe in that kind of thing.”

Tang Feng suddenly felt a bit uncomfortable. The room wasn’t hot, but he felt as if every pore on his body were pouring out sweat. Even though he felt dizzy, his mind was sharp to the point of overkill. It was an odd contradiction.

“What did you give me earlier?” Experience told Tang Feng that Su Qi Cheng hadn’t given him anything good.

“A glass of water.” Su Qi Cheng glanced at the cup sitting on the nearby table. It was completely empty; Tang Feng had drunk all of its contents.

“It’ll make you feel better, and it’ll make the recording more realistic.”

Shit, it had been an aphrodisiac! Tang Feng couldn’t resist cursing under his breath. Was Su Qi Cheng planning on making him sleep with someone in this state? If that really were to happen, it would become the most disgraceful moment of his life. He didn’t like using strange stimulants at all. Why did people enjoying playing around with those kind of stuff?

It was crude and in poor taste, and thoroughly depressing in how effective it was.

When were Lu Tian Chen and Charles going to find him? No, he had to do something himself.

“Your two lackeys look as if they are going to eat me.” Tang Feng panted slightly. Under the effects of the drug, his cheeks were flushed and his eyes glistened with unshed tears that threatened to fall down at any second.

“Boss…” One of the two men standing beside the bed started eagerly.

“Su Qi Cheng, I don’t like doing intimate things with strangers.” The situation was testing his charm. Tang Feng bit down on his bottom lip lightly, and then licked his lips in a deliberate unaware manner. True sexiness didn’t mean pulling off all your clothes and exposing your naked body to everyone. Sometimes, you only needed a little teasing, a little suggestion, and a mysteriousness about you that made people want to tear it apart to make it work.

“And?” Su Qi Cheng’s breath roughened and he blinked quickly.

“Since Lu Tian Chen has already slept with Ge Chen, why don’t you sleep your way back?” Tang Feng slowly lifted his eyes up to look at Su Qi Cheng. When he was Fiennes Tang, he had been renowned for his ability to act with just his eyes.

However, good God, he couldn’t believe that there would come a day when he would have to use his acting to entice another man!


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