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“So what’s going on between you and Lu Tian Chen? Are the two of you really together now?” Chen Ming Xu didn’t fail to make his usual sharp remarks. “The things mentioned in those news articles were rather sensational. Back then, you were the one chasing after that iceberg. I guess you’ve finally waited long enough, the dark clouds have dispersed and the sun is shining through. Lu Tian Chen must have put a lot of effort into doing all of this for you. It seems like all your losses back then weren’t in vain. You’ve finally become his official lover.”

Tang Feng shook his head. “I have a good future ahead of me. He sees that and the commercial value in investing in me. It’s natural for him to want to cultivate a promising seedling.” He evaded Chen Ming Xu’s question by giving him an indirect answer. He’d be lying if he replied with either an outright “Yes” or “No”. Their relationship was simply too complicated to explain.

“Since when did Lu Tian Chen personally promote actors under his own company? I don’t think he’s the kind of person who would listen to someone else and do as they say. No matter what, you better keep on acting smart as you are now. If…if it gets too hard, you can come back to my talk show,” Chen Ming Xu mumbled the last sentence. He picked up his cup and drank a sip of the coffee. The bitter taste was enough to make him frown slightly.

Tang Feng picked up a sugar cube and dropped it into the other’s cup. “Don’t force yourself if it’s too bitter. You don’t need to worry about me. I’ve already experienced the worst life has to offer. There’s nothing that can trouble me now. Plus, isn’t it much easier for a nonchalant person like me to butt heads with the world?”

“You’re shameless. Don’t embarrass us once you’re in United States. This is off topic, but wouldn’t Ge Chen be furious after reading the news about you and Lu Tian Chen?” A sliver of glee snaked into Chen Ming Xu’s eyes. He raised his chin in satisfaction and said, “I’ve never liked him. Despite being otherwise, he still likes acting vulnerable and innocent. Whenever something happens, he’d find a scapegoat to take the fall for him.”

As Tang Feng didn’t have any memories of the past, he wasn’t aware that Chen Ming Xu and Ge Chen knew each other. But he decided that that wasn’t anything strange after thinking over it. The entertainment circle was small, so it was natural for people to have some type of connection linking them together. Even if two people had never personally met, there was a good chance they at least knew each other’s names.

“If his movie doesn’t sell, then it’s the director’s fault. If he happens to go off-key during a concert, then it must be due to faulty acoustics. If some type of scandal involving him happens to be aired out to the public, then it must be because a rival wants to frame him. In the end, he’s nothing without Su Qi Cheng.” Chen Ming Xu snuck a glance at Tang Feng and added quietly, “Speaking of which, I’ve recently heard something from coworkers of mine: There was nothing going on between Lu Tian Chen and Ge Chen. All the rumors were lies spread by the media.”

Was this… Was Chen Ming Xu trying to speak for Lu Tian Chen? Or was the TV host trying to comfort him?

Tang Feng stared in surprise at the other, but nodded with a smile afterwards. “Okay. I understand.”

When a person loved another, they would exhibit all kinds of small giveaways. As for Lu Tian Chen, Tang Feng had never noticed anything on the iceberg that spoke of his supposed “love” for Ge Chen.

However, things were complicated in the entertainment industry. Lu Tian Chen and Ge Chen. Ge Chen and Su Qi Cheng. Su Qi Cheng and Lu Tian Chen. It was difficult to put a label on the type of relationship those three had with each other.

“I have to go to the restroom.” Chen Ming Xu said, while standing up.


Tang Feng sat at their table alone and pulled out his phone to look at the news out of boredom. After scrolling through a few vapid articles, he exited out of the news application and pulled out his headphones. He tapped on his music library and started playing the song he needed for the performance he would be putting on in the training class in a few days.

I want love, but it’s impossible

A man like me, so irresponsible

A man like me is dead in places

Other men feel liberated

Barely a few seconds into the song, Tang Feng felt someone’s presence in front of him. He took off his headphones and looked up.

When Chen Ming Xu came back to his seat, Tang Feng was already gone. However, the actor’s phone was left behind, still playing a song, and his headphones forgotten on the table.

“Tang Feng?” Chen Ming Xu picked up the phone with an odd expression on his face and looked around the coffee shop. However, Tang Feng was nowhere to be seen.


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  1. Someone says:

    Oh my lord, seriously, what is with coffee shops?! First, he gets harassed in a coffee shop and the second time he goes to a coffee shop he gets kidnapped. I think this is a sign for Tang Feng to avoid the coffee shops. But seriously, I would call the police. An abandoned phone still playing a song without the person in sight is very suspicious. However, I don’t think it’s Albert since I think he’s still in America and I don’t think it’s Charles either since he sounded like he wanted to give up and will probably sulk a while before doing something like this so I’m a bit puzzled.

  2. Dragon says:

    … It better not be Charles :P But seriously, I think it’s that guy who called Tang Feng his Esmeralda

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    Oh my gosh! He gets freaking keep napped!!

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    Thank you for the multiple new chapter releases Especially appreciate that the release didn’t end with this chapter as a cliffhanger

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    Omg! Call the police hurry!

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