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“What exactly is going on between you and Chen Ming Xu?” Lu Tian Chen crossed his arms and voiced out his question like he was interrogating a criminal.

Tang Feng skimmed through the article. It clearly described his past relationship with Chen Ming Xu and shockingly enough, the author had managed to hit the nail on the head with most of their analysis. They raised the question of how Tang Feng had been able to become a fixed guest on Chen Ming Xu’s show when he had been an outdated celebrity who didn’t have much to look forward to in the future. According to the information a staff member at the TV station had secretly supplied, Chen Ming Xu had apparently personally asked for Tang Feng’s inclusion into the show himself.

As for the reason why Chen Ming Xu liked to pick on Tang Feng in the show, the article stated that it was a diversion tactic aimed to direct the public’s eyes away from their real relationship. The two of them might seem at odds with each other on the surface, but they had a special relationship in private. After all, Chen Ming Xu would never allow Tang Feng any camera time if he actually disliked the latter.

A photo was tacked on at the end of the article. It was a photo taken on the day Tang Feng had brought Chen Ming Xu home after discovering the TV host was sick. The photo was a bit blurry, but it wasn’t difficult to discern the identity of the two men it showed. There was a caption under the photo: Both never stepped outside for the entire night.

【Are Tang Feng and Chen Ming Xu in a romantic relationship?

【Is Charles being lied to in “Dream Lover?”

【Did Tang Feng abandon Chen Ming Xu because he got together with Charles?

“These sorts of articles always contain a bunch of nonsense. Chen Ming Xu was sick that day, so I took him home.” Tang Feng smiled faintly and handed the phone back to Lu Tian Chen. “I only went to see him because I wanted to apologize for all the idiotic things I’ve done in the past.”

“You stayed for the whole night?”

“He had a fever.”

“You truly are a kind person,” Lu Tian Chen said with a hint of sarcasm. He snorted lightly and continued, “You weren’t careful enough of your surroundings. Don’t forget that there are always people watching you. You can’t let anyone get hold of information that can be used against you.”

“I know. There’s no point talking about that now. If we had the time, why don’t we use it to think about how we’re going to handle the media?” Compared to Lu Tian Chen, Tang Feng appeared rather relaxed despite it being his scandal. He motioned for Lu Tian Chen to sit and poured them both a glass of whisky. After handing a glass to Lu Tian Chen, he took a seat beside the president.

Lu Tian Chen took a sip of his whisky. The couch inside the apartment the training class had provided for its trainees was rather small. Sitting together on the sofa, they were almost touching each other. He was a person who preferred cleanliness, but surprisingly, he didn’t feel disgusted even though Tang Feng was sitting beside him drenched in sweat. The actor exuded a fragrance mixed with a hint of sweat that fully brought out the appeal of his male pheromones.

It wasn’t the sweet perfume of a woman, nor was it the light, pleasant scent that young men favored. It was the smell of a man, primordial and wild. It was a scent that made people want to lean in closer and sniff deeply.

“You have an idea?” Lu Tian Chen asked expressionlessly.

“I obviously can’t just sit here and wait for my death sentence to be handed down. Although I believe the truth will be revealed with time, lies can also become truths if they are repeated over and over.” Even more so if they are repeated constantly, Tang Feng added to himself. In such a short time frame, all sorts of nonsensical scandals about him had been churned out. He could choose to ignore some, but he would never sit quietly and endure it if an article broached his limits.

Lu Tian Chen chuckled at the actor’s answer. It seemed he didn’t need to worry about the man sitting beside him.

“In my opinion, press conferences and public announcements aren’t useful for obtaining the result we want. Right now, all the scandals involving me have to do with relationships. One minute they’re saying that I’ve been pining after you one-sidedly, next they are saying that you’ve been enforcing the unspoken rules on me, and now they’re dragging Chen Ming Xu and Charles into the mess. There have been more and more scandals about me lately and it’s only going to get worse. At the end of this, the public is going to see me as…uh…someone who has a chaotic private life.” Truthfully, Tang Feng wasn’t concerned about that. However, looking at the current situation, he had to come up with some sort of counterattack. His main goal wasn’t to offer an explanation to the public.

“You do have a point. Continue.”

Tang Feng took a swig from his glass of whisky and smiled at Lu Tian Chen. “I have an idea, but you’ll have to make the final decision.”

Lu Tian Chen lifted an eyebrow in response. “Let’s hear it.”

“We’ll have the PR department throw out a smoke bomb. Two can play at this game of theirs. We’ll have someone pretend to be an insider and leak information to the media and those online discussion boards. If someone’s bent on portraying me as a man who doesn’t have any restraint, then we’ll have someone expose that you’ve been in a romantic relationship with me the whole time.”

Tang Feng finished speaking and watched for Lu Tian Chen’s reaction. “So, what do you think?”


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  1. Someone says:

    Hmmm…I wonder who’s spreading false rumors about Tang Feng and his relationships…I believe it might be Ge Chen! Seriously, that man is staring to piss me off royally. Instead of actually proving he’s better than Tang Feng with his actions and skills (I don’t think he really has any) he decides to waste his time spreading rumors about Tang. Shows a lot of Ge Chen right there. But I’m super interested in the smoke bomb idea. And I don’t think Lu Tian Chen really has any problems with it hehe.^^ Though I do wonder about Charles. I hope he won’t give up since I like him to as well as Lu Tian Chen. ^^

  2. Raissa says:

    Ohhh what an idea! I knew that was coming *smirks* Thanks again for the translation.

  3. R says:

    Omg!!!!!! Yes please except director Lu. And Poor Charles. Well they can play the media too that he’s wooing Tang.

  4. Ho_ym_sehctib says:

    :0. I mean I love Lu Tian and Tang Feng but…but. What about Charles. It’s not fair to him. I mean yes he’s a d*** and a pain in the arse but if you think about it. Charles, majority of his life he has never truly experienced how it is to be the one chasing, not being chased. Honestly I feel Charles should be given a chance. It’s obvious he’s changing for the better good….just sometimes around Tang Feng his bad traits seem to outshine his good…Anyways thank you for the hard work and translation. (=^3^=)

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    Is it just me or does Charles from previous chapter sounded ‘tired’. Like he’s about to give up. I wonder what reactions he’ll have when he hears about this news. I ship Boss Lu and TF but i like Charles too. :3

  6. phat008 says:

    Boss Lu seems to be enjoying the fight in Tang Feng; Boss Lu is calm, but inside Tang Feng’s “counter-attack” got him all interested. Thank you so much for the updated chpaters….really looking forward to see how this media smear campaign is cleared up.

  7. Dragon says:

    Thank you for the update :)

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    … have you fully considered this….

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    Smh I read 112 chapters in one day…well within 8-9 hours

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    thank you so much for the translation! <33

    may i know how many chapter in volume 1 though??

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      128 chapters.

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    Maybe I’m just weird but …. wouldn’t the media just assume that they are close friends? Not go straight to ‘in a relationship’, they r men after all.

    • Junki Yard says:

      Because the past TF who died is infamous for all sorts of rumors. And Dream Lover show is innovative project marketing BL as their selling point. So viewers speculating relationship between Charles and TF is not strange. LTC is also rumored to be going out with Ge chen. So accusing infamous TF on having affair with CMX and TF counterattacking by using LTC as romantic interest is believable.

  16. intan says:

    Thank u for ur hardwork. Can’t wait for the next chapter. I want to see reaction Charles if he knew TF have intime relationship with LTC hohohohoho

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    Also, I really wanna see the sexy ‘just got off working out’ Tang Feng, with his hair slicked back. I need it for… research purposes. For the betterment of mankind. Studying, uh male anatomy and physiology. Shush, it’s super secret stuff.

    I feel like I deviated too much from the original point of the comment, which was supposed to thank you guys for pushing out these awesome chapters! Keep it up~

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