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“You’re awake?” Lu Tian Chen opened his eyes. Tang Feng’s slight movement had woken him; his disposition towards vigilance had no exception, even in bed.

“Yeah,” Tang Feng replied with half-closed eyes. He had so much to drink last night that his entire person was listless; it was to the point that even his response lacked energy.

“Heavens, I still have class.” Tang Feng slapped his head forcefully and inadvertently caught a glimpse of the clock hanging on the wall. The clock indicated that it was nine-fifteen in the morning, and his class started at nine-thirty. Tang Feng immediately struggled to get out of bed.

“I called in absent for you last night.” Lu Tian Chen stretched out a hand and pull him back to bed. Caught off guard, Tang Feng collapsed onto the soft pillow, his head becoming even dizzier with the movement.

“I feel like 100 elephants had stomped all over my head. Either that, or someone had been dancing on top of my head last night.” Pinching his brows, Tang Feng took a deep breath and turned to look at the furnace behind him. Charles was still sound asleep with no signs of waking up any time soon.

“That guy really sleeps like the dead.” Chuckling, Lu Tian Chen reached over to massage Tang Feng’s forehead. “Lie down for a bit more, I’ll have someone come up with soup for the hangover.”

Tang Feng waved him off, saying, “No, just give me a glass of water and let me sleep until lunch. I’m fine, only a little hung-over.”

“Either lie down or I’ll have you right now.” Lu Tian Chen calmly spouted a shocking line.

Tang Feng looked humorously at the man sitting up beside him to get dressed. “President Lu, you sure have a special way of taking care of others, but… thank you.”

“I don’t need words of gratitude. As a businessman, what I want are tangible actions.” Standing up to pull on his pants, Lu Tian Chen leaned over and lowered his head to place a kiss on Tang Feng’s eye. “This is enough.”

“I understand.” Tang Feng nodded while smiling.

Lu Tian Chen asked curiously, “What do you understand?”

“How you and Charles differ from each other.” Tang Feng sat up and leaned against his pillow. He inclined his head to gaze at Charles. Tang Feng had kicked him away earlier but the man was now back hugging Tang Feng’s thigh while snoring.

“Oh? How do I differ from him?” Lu Tian Chen chuckled lightly. He walked over to the bar in the room and poured a glass of water, but then reconsidered for a moment and exchanged it for a glass of juice.

Tang Feng spread out his hands and shrugged. “Just like that.”

Lu Tian Chen walked back with a smile and handed the juice to Tang Feng. “You truly have guts. Weren’t you afraid that Charles and I would do something to you while you were drunk?”

“Oh, if you’re here then nothing would happen.” A muffled voice came from the cup as Tang Feng spoke while drinking the fresh, cold juice.

A light flashed through Lu Tian Chen’s narrowed eyes as he stood off to the side. Wearing a smile, he asked, “What basis do you have for that thought?”

Tang Feng shot a glance at the god of sleep, Charles, before turning to fix his stare on Lu Tian Chen. “Because you are Lu Tian Chen and not Charles.

“Moreover, I believe I haven’t said anything wrong.” Tang Feng looked around the room. The three of them had safely spent the night on the same bed without anything unpleasant happening.

Lu Tian Chen was silent for a while. He stared intently at the man who was drinking from the glass in his hands. When Tang Feng finished all of the juice, Lu Tian Chen reached out and took the glass from the actor. While he was turning around, Lu Tian Chen said softly, “I’m not rational at all times. I may be a businessman, but remember that I am also a man.”

Lu Tian Chen left the room. Tang Feng pushed away the still asleep Charles and went to the bathroom. Of course he knew that Lu Tian Chen was a man, but the latter acted as a businessman for far greater the time.

Half of what he had said to Lu Tian Chen was true, while the other half was intentional.

Because Lu Tian Chen was a man in the end, Tang Feng thought his words would have an effect on the president by pointing out the difference between him and Charles. If he could increase his own protection, even a little scheming was allowed, right?


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    Thank you for the new chapters ^__^
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