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Charles had absolutely no intention of returning home. After dinner, he had scurried over to Tang Feng’s room to shower, change into pajamas, and slip on some white slippers. He then hurried downstairs to where Tang Feng was sitting and playing with a tablet. He leaned over Tang Feng’s shoulder and stretched his neck to see the tablet’s screen.

“‘How to get along with your horse?’” Charles read out the words displayed on the tablet.

It was evening. The sun had set and the room had air conditioning. Even if the two of them were squeezed together, it wouldn’t be too hot. When Tang Feng was still Fiennes, it was natural for him to be intimate with his friends. Therefore, Tang Feng did not reject Charles’ skinship.

“Yes, there will be a comprehensive exam at the end of the training class. I don’t have a lot of prior experience in horse riding.” Tang Feng scratched his head and sighed. The difference between riding a large, robust horse and a small, mild-tempered pony was like that of driving a race car and a toy car.

Tang Feng had nothing to worry about in the other classes such as acting, music, dance, and etiquette. The only area he was unqualified in was horse riding. He would even go so far as to say that he was a whole level behind the other trainees.

“Darling, you were right to look for me. I have a riding field back in England where I keep many beautiful horses. Moreover, I even have the qualifications to be a jockey.” Charles arrogantly confiscated the tablet in Tang Feng’s hands and rested his head on the actor’s shoulder and kissed the smooth skin there. He continued softly, “Instead of reading these boring articles, why not practice with the real deal and have me as your coach.”

Lu Tian Chen walked over from the bar with two glasses of iced whiskey in his hands. “There’s no need for private lessons. Kai had consulted with me on what they can add to Dream Lover a few days earlier. Considering that Tang Feng has to attend both the training class and the show, I recommended Kai to change the content of the next episode of Dream Lover to a horseback riding lesson.”

“That’s not a bad idea. I’ll bring the whole production crew to England,” Charles said with a smile. He and Tang Feng could ride together on the same horse. He’d then ride into the woods and ditch the rest of the crew, allowing him and Tang Feng to do whatever they wanted in the woods alone.

Handing a cup of whiskey to Tang Feng, Lu Tian Chen took a seat on the actor’s other side and smirked. “No, it would be a waste of time going to England as it’s too far. I’ve already invited Kai to film at my riding field. I’ll also be acting as the coach and will instruct the remaining celebrities.”

“Nobody informed me about this!” Charles protested, “This isn’t fair!”

“Good idea, I don’t like flying all over the place within the short timeframe we have,” Tang Feng said in approval after taking a drink of the whiskey. After staying in England for a few days, they’d have to return to China. He despised taking trips like this; his head would be swimming after so many flights.

Since Tang Feng approved, there wasn’t a point for Charles to continue arguing. He looked suspiciously at the glasses of whisky in Tang Feng and Lu Tian Chen’s hands. “Why isn’t there a glass for me?”

“I only have two hands.” Lu Tian Chen raised his glass, implying that the other should go and pour his own.

“You’re so biased!” Leaving behind those angry words, Charles ran off to get a drink.

Tang Feng raised an eyebrow. Fortunately, Charles and Lu Tian Chen were good friends who were quite comfortable with each other.

“You guys aren’t going out tonight?” He recalled that both Charles and Lu Tian Chen weren’t the type to house-sit. They were more of the type to return home after nine in the evening every day.

“Staying home isn’t bad,” Lu Tian Chen replied simply, his expression inscrutable.

Since Charles had already changed into his pajamas, he obviously wasn’t planning on going out. Three adult men like themselves couldn’t just sit on the sofa together and watch primetime dramas, so Tang Feng suggested playing cards. Recently, he had gotten into “Fight the Landlord.” The other two didn’t object to his suggestion.

The three of them sat together playing cards while drinking and smoking. Lu Tian Chen and Charles clearly didn’t know how to play Fight the Landlord. As the farmers in the game, they were miserably crushed under the harsh dealings of Landlord Tang. Within a few hours, Landlord Tang had obtained quite a horde of winnings. The money he earned from the card game was even more than the pay he received for his cameo appearance in the drama a while ago. Even better, he didn’t need to fork out a part of the money to his agency.

! Haha, I win again!” Tang Feng laughed unrestrainedly as he raised his right hand to take a drink and his left hand to leisurely collect the bets.

“What time is it?” Tang Feng finished collecting his winnings unhurriedly. He was dizzy from drinking too much alcohol, but that didn’t prevent him from storing away his hard-won earnings. He felt especially good as he was able to “beat” Lu Tian Chen and Charles into such miserable states.

“It’s almost twelve thirty. You should sleep as you still have the training class tomorrow,” Lu Tian Chen said as he tossed his cards aside. He stood and helped the flushed Tang Feng to his feet.

Shaking his head carelessly, Tang Feng leaned his whole weight against Lu Tian Chen. “Nnn… I don’t think I can get up tomorrow…”

“Hey! Do you two plan on leaving me behind? That’s not allowed!” Charles hadn’t drunk any less than Tang Feng. Obviously intoxicated, he came over and wrapped both arms around the actor’s waist. He pouted and asked, “Darling, give me a kiss.”

Tang Feng raised a hand and pushed away Charles’ face. “I’m a little dizzy.”

“You drank too much.” Lu Tian Chen kept an arm around Tang Feng’s waist and helped him upstairs. Charles followed behind them, refusing to let go of the hand Tang Feng had used to push him away.

The three slogged jerkily towards Tang Feng’s room. As soon as he saw the soft, large bed waiting for him inside, Tang Feng impatiently crashed onto the mattress and buried his head into a pillow with no intention of moving again.

“Darling…” Charles mumbled. He spread his arms and pressed his body down onto the actor. Feeling uncomfortably squashed, Tang Feng tried to turn and push away the giant bear that was laying on top of him. Lu Tian Chen kindly gave him a hand and shoved Charles aside forcefully.

Unfortunately, Charles was like a koala. Even though he had been pushed aside, the next second, both of his arms and feet were locked around Tang Feng once more. And he’d only latch on again if he was pried off.

“Charles! Let go of Tang Feng! If you’re hugging him, how can I take off his clothes?” Lu Tian Chen felt a headache coming on as he rubbed his forehead. Why was he the one having to take care of these two drunken fellows?

“Take off clothes… Right, take off clothes…” Those three words jolted Charles’ nerves and he tugged forcefully at Tang Feng’s clothes. The shirt that had cost hundreds of dollars was easily ripped apart by the unruly bear. Its white shell buttons scattered and rattled onto the floor. The dizzy and feverish Tang Feng slid out of his shirt cooperatively. While pushing away the oven-like Charles, Tang Feng reached down to remove his pants.

With some difficulty, he managed to unbutton his pants. Just as he was fumbling around for the zipper, a cool hand reached over and clasped his fingers. The hand helped him pull down the zipper and conveniently pulled off his pants in one smooth motion. Lu Tian Chen tossed the actor’s pants aside onto the floor.

Charles kissed Tang Feng’s back and quickly fell asleep amidst kisses. Who said people were prone to drunken sex after consuming great amounts of alcohol? Whenever they got wasted, all they wanted to do was bury their heads into a pillow and sleep. Who even had the energy to pet and fondle and engage in that sort of exercise?

As the sole sober man in the room, Lu Tian Chen went to take a shower. Afterwards, he came out with a wet towel to wipe off Tang Feng’s sweat. As for Charles, he’d already showered anyways. Lu Tian Chen did not welcome the idea of wiping down his friend’s body. It made him feel strangely disgusted.

Lu Tian Chen was tired. It was almost one thirty in the morning after he finished his various tasks. He decided right then and there to take half the day off tomorrow.

He decided not to return to his room. He didn’t know if the bear-like Charles would wake up in the middle of the night. Just thinking about what Charles might do to Tang Feng made him sleepless. He might as well sleep here. As they were a threesome, they should act like one.

Laying down on the bed, Lu Tian Chen turned to face Tang Feng who was sleeping in the middle. The actor was already in a deep sleep, his mouth slightly open as he breathed softly. Occasionally, Tang Feng would twist uncomfortably in Charles’ embrace and try to kick the man off. However, Charles was unusually tenacious in clinging onto Tang Feng.

Lu Tian Chen tried sleeping by himself on the bed for a while. Around half an hour passed before he discovered that he was perturbed and unable to sleep even though he had shut his eyes. He opened his eyes to the darkness and propped himself up to face the sleeping Tang Feng beside him. The whole time he had been laying there, Tang Feng’s gentle breath had been beside his ear.

Lu Tian Chen fell onto the bed once again, only this time he chose a spot right next to Tang Feng. He reached out and pulled the actor into his arms.

Tang Feng subconsciously scooted closer to Lu Tian Chen’s cool body. He picked a comfortable spot inside the other’s arms and snuggled in, mumbling incoherently before continuing to sleep.

Lu Tian Chen felt much better. He leaned his head to kiss Tang Feng’s brow. He was always one who lived by his own wishes.

That night, Tang Feng had a terrible dream. Two wild beasts surrounded him and tore irritatingly at his arms and clothes. It was stifling hot all around him. He almost couldn’t breathe.

The next day, Tang Feng woke up to uncomfortable heat.

It wasn’t a good feeling to find himself sandwiched between two naked men early in the morning. The corner of Tang Feng’s eye twitched as he examined his body. Thankfully, nothing terrible had happened last night. Although he was open-minded, it wasn’t to the extent that he would mess around with two men at the same time.


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Translator: squinty
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Consists of four cards of the same rank. (i.e. 2-2-2-2) A bomb is capable of beating any combination of cards except for Rocket (two jokers) and bombs of lower ranks.

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