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As expected, nothing of importance had been resolved even after the meal ended. It was to the extent that what had barely been concluded left Tang Feng rather unsatisfied.

“Albert won’t cause any trouble right now, so I don’t think it’s necessary for the three of us to start acting as an affectionate group of lovers immediately,” Tang Feng protested. Be it in movies or in real life, this type of threesome would be unbelievable.

“Albert is extremely volatile. None of us can guarantee that his words are true. Even if he did speak the truth, he might not continue to act on his words. He’s an unpredictable man who’s prone to changing his mind at any moment.” Lu Tian Chen’s speech clearly indicated his stance on the matter.

Tang Feng looked toward Charles. This plan had originally been proposed by Lu Tian Chen, so his approval did not shock Tang Feng.

“I agree with Lu Tian Chen. Isn’t there a Chinese saying of ‘taking preventive measures before an event occurs?’ Right now, we are ‘taking preventive measures.’ My dear Tang, this plan won’t bring you any trouble.” The gleeful expression on Charles’ face made Tang Feng think that it would definitely bring him a lot of trouble.

“You two won’t change your minds despite my opinions, am I right?” Tang Feng looked left at Lu Tian Chen and right at Charles.

Lu Tian Chen only smiled slightly without speaking.

“Don’t say it like that, darling. The world is dangerous and people are corrupt, we are only protecting you,” Charles said naturally.

“All right then, I will agree to it.” As any further dispute on his part would not change the outcome, Tang Feng was better off facing the unavoidable reality rather than trying to argue. In any case, the only people he could rely on at the moment were Lu Tian Chen and Charles.

He didn’t know what kind of thoughts these two men harbored towards him, but he guessed that Charles only wanted to sleep with him. Lu Tian Chen was slightly better; even though he had those kind of thoughts as well, it seemed the president also saw him as an actor with the potential to be cultivated into a true star. As a businessman, Lu Tian Chen would definitely prioritize things that were to his benefit.

Beside, Lu Tian Chen’s attitude ensured that Charles would not make a move on him easily. Their collaboration would also prevent Albert from making contact with him, resulting in everyone being suspended in a delicate state of equilibrium.

For now, it didn’t matter how long this balance would last, Tang Feng needed both Charles and Lu Tian Chen. As long as nothing touched upon his principles or pushed him to his limits, there were many things that had the leeway to be discussed or compromised on. As people aged, they would become less stubborn than their younger selves, no longer wanting to rely on their own youth and strength to oppose society.

In unflattering terms it could be called evasion, in more flattering terms however, it could be called maturity. In essence, it was the self-protection method of the “weaker animal” among a pack of beasts. Tang Feng wasn’t a newborn calf, in a situation where no one would be harmed, it didn’t hurt to live with a little more wisdom and shrewdness.

“Excellent, now when will you be moving in with me? How about after that True Star Training Class ends? To be honest, the rule that all students must live in the apartments is stupid.” Charles wore an extremely eager expression, the fire in his eyes leaping about animatedly.

Charles might be incomparably handsome, but to Tang Feng, he was just a playboy whose sperm had flooded his brain. He had an urge to go up and give Charles a smack.

“Isn’t moving from here and there too bothersome?” Instead of rejecting Charles directly, Tang Feng took a turn and pulled Lu Tian Chen into the mire.

“Where else will you be moving into?” Charles wasn’t an idiot; he was able to pick up on the hidden meaning in Tang Feng’s words.

The actor looked at Lu Tian Chen with a smile. “Since we are a threesome, I can’t stay with you alone. I have to live with Lu Tian Chen as well. However, running here and there every day is too tiring. I want to have a home instead of constantly rushing about and tiring myself out.”

“Let us hear your thoughts.” Lu Tian Chen smiled faintly. He could understand if a person changed their way of thinking, living habits, and hobbies. But would their IQ and EQ change as well?

Charles stared at Tang Feng curiously. The actor reached out to grab Lu Tian Chen with his left hand and Charles with his right. Gripping both their hands, he said, “Since we’re a threesome, then it’s obvious that the three of us should live together.”

Whether he was dealing with Lu Tian Chen or Charles, individual contact with them felt dangerous to Tang Feng. A threesome was for the best, their relationship would be steady and mutually restrictive. No one could take advantage of the other. If there was nothing to do, they even had enough people to play .


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Translator: Helen
Proofreaders: Channie, CC Britannia

A popular Chinese card game that usually consist of three players. Players are divided up into the landlord and two farmers. The landlord is usually determined by a series of bids or by whoever possesses the three of hearts. The goal of the game is to play all your cards in valid combinations before the other team does. The joker is the highest ranked card while three is the lowest. Suits are irrelevant in this game.

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