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As dinner was still quite some time away, Tang Feng decided to take a nap as he had nothing to do. He had stayed at Lu Tian Chen’s house before for a few days, when he opened the door to the guest bedroom, he was somewhat surprised to discover that it still looked the same.

“I thought you’d have at least changed the sheets or something.” Tang Feng walked in and opened the closet; even the clothes he had left behind were still hanging inside.

Lu Tian Chen leaned against the door and replied with a simple “Have a good rest, I’ll call you when it’s dinnertime,” before leaving and closing the door behind him.

Tang Feng took the familiar path to the bathroom and took a shower. He then burrowed into the blankets completely naked, rolling himself into a spring roll. He still preferred sleeping naked and enjoying the sensation of every pore of his body being free to breathe.

With the afternoon sunlight that shot through the curtains as company, Tang Feng quickly fell into a sweet sleep. He was easily pulled into the depth of dreams whenever he took a nap and often dreamt of both his lives as Fiennes and as Tang Feng. The dreams were like spider webs, weaving around him and binding him tightly.

He dreamt of the time when he won the Best Actor award at an A-list film festival. When the announcer called out his name, he felt his heart rapidly beating inside his chest and the slight ache that accompanied each heartbeat. At that time, he had repeated to himself: “Don’t have an attack. Don’t faint no matter what. This is a live broadcast. If you faint right now, you’ll become a laughingstock. That would be too humiliating.”

Tang Feng had long forgotten how he managed to walk on stage and accept the award. He also couldn’t remember the speech he gave. The only memorable moment that still stuck with him was when he walked off stage and made an excuse about going to the bathroom to go outside and take two pills for his heart.

The wind that night had been chilly. The ballroom behind him was colorfully lit and lively. Tang Feng stood alone outside taking deep breaths to calm himself. He raised his head to gaze at the starry sky, knowing that he had at last stepped on his chosen path.

“Tang Feng, darling…”

Still deep within the throes of sleep, Tang Feng faintly felt someone’s warm breath beside his ear. He suddenly remembered the cat and dog he once had. The cat liked to cuddle inside his arms while the dog liked coming over to lick his face in the morning; exactly like right now, tracing over his forehead, nose, cheeks, and lips with a warm tongue.

“Charles, stop fooling around. What time is it?” Tang Feng cracked his eyes open slightly and reached out a hand to block Charles’ face, pushing the other away from him.

Tang Feng rolled over and burrowed deeper into the blankets, his half-lidded eyes the telltale sign that he was still half-asleep. His long, dark eyelashes were like two fans that cast exaggerated shadows over his cheekbones.

Charles’ line of sight rested on Tang Feng’s exposed shoulder. Judging from the clothes draped beside the bed, Charles guessed that the actor was completely naked under the blankets. He suddenly felt his desire rise to an unbearable level. He’d never felt such intense desire for someone before and the strong thirst he felt now startled him greatly. Was he such an insatiable man?

“Darling, it’s already six-thirty. Wake up and come eat dinner, be good.” Charles spoke as if he were coaxing a child. He took advantage of the moment and lowered his head to kiss Tang Feng’s smooth shoulder.

“Six-thirty?” Tang Feng massaged his forehead. That meant he had slept for a whole two hours and a half, yet why did he feel so lightheaded? He must have slept too long.

“Mhm.” Charles nodded in answer while kissing his way down Tang Feng’s shoulder.

Tang Feng’s skin was extremely fragrant. Charles assumed his Tang Tang had taken a shower before sleeping. Ah, he really wanted to lick Tang Feng all over.

“Charles, do you plan to eat me?” His head finally starting to clear up, Tang Feng propped up his head with a hand and humorously looked at the man licking his arm. At that moment, Charles appeared like a puppy.

“I want to gobble you up right now!” As expected, the just-wakened Tang Feng was the sexiest. Looking at the actor’s sensuous posture and dreamy gaze, Charles swallowed and lasciviously placed a hand on Tang Feng’s waist.

Damn it, isn’t this blanket a little too thick?

“Unfortunately, I’m no longer something you can eat.” A certain malicious individual blinked innocently at Charles. His eyes then moved past Charles to rest upon Lu Tian Chen, who was standing in the doorway.

“Boss, please take this unidentified organism out.”

Suffering a deep blow, Charles cried out, “Darling, you are so mean!”


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    Beyond not cool, Charles. Also, THANK YOU GC STAFF!!!

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