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Probably due to embarrassment, Chen Ming Xu immediately ran off after crying his fill on Tang Feng. In the end, Tang Feng still wasn’t any wiser about what had happened between Chen Ming Xu and the past version of himself. Nevertheless, they’d blown the lid off the matter, even if there weren’t any results, there would still be a process. Tang Feng believed Chen Ming Xu would come looking for him again. Even if he didn’t, Tang Feng could seek the TV host out during his free time and have a chat with him.

As the current owner of his body, he had the obligation to settle his “former debts.”

On the other hand of business, Tang Feng returned to China just in time to catch the broadcast of the drama series he had acted in a few weeks earlier. The drama had been slated for broadcast two months from now, but perhaps out of consideration for Tang Feng’s recent popularity, the TV station decided to move the broadcast forward.

The results turned out much like how the TV station had predicted: on some level, Tang Feng’s performance overshadowed that of the main actor’s. The drama was the type of senseless idol drama that was usually panned by mainstream media. Unexpectedly however, some film critics started publishing reviews praising Tang Feng for his acting skills, giving him extremely favourable evaluations saying: “Numerous people crowded the scene, yet we were captivated by a musician who didn’t speak a single word.”

Although the fans of the lead actors were greatly dissatisfied at the fact that a supporting actor had snatched away the spotlight from the main cast and were actively disputing this on major forums, the general public was rather happy to focus their attention on an outstanding young actor.

Perhaps the whole root of the problem wasn’t that the lead actors’ acting were lackluster, but rather that the supporting actor beside them was simply too exceptional.

Even Tang Feng himself felt a little bit embarrassed at the results; a “well-established old timer” like him ended up fighting for screen time with his juniors. The whole matter was like an internet game. There might be players who paid big money for in-game benefits roaming around, but they still wouldn’t match up to a player like Tang Feng who was cheating the system.

“Amazing! Absolutely amazing!” Xiao Yu clearly was having difficulty controlling her excitement. If it weren’t for her four inch heels, she probably would have started jumping up and down.

“Tang Feng, you don’t know how much my friends and relatives like you! Your performance was so fantastic that now everyone is talking about you. Those who claimed that you slept your way up the ladder can now shut their mouths!” While scrolling through a webpage, Xiao Yu dragged Tang Feng over to read the comments. This time the netizens’ picky reviews were nearly all one-sided praise.

In actuality, this kind of outcome was easily predictable. If seasoned actors were to appear in a show together, it would take the general public a while to distinguish which actors were more skilled. However, the situation now was like sticking a lion in a herd of sheep. Upon first glance, people would notice the grandeur of the lion immediately. They’d never spend time trying to decide which sheep looked prettier after glancing upon the lion, nor would they bother comparing the sheep to the lion.

The difference between them was so distinct that there wasn’t any room for debate.

“Do you see now? This is like what I told you. The best way to shut up your opponents is to let your work speak for itself.” Tang Feng smilingly patted Xiao Yu’s shoulder. Having experienced a much more dazzling life, this level of popularity had no effect on Tang Feng. By producing high-quality work, things like popularity, fame, and fortune would all come in time. That was the real deal.

Those who had weathered tempests would never be frightened by the occasional drizzle.

The drama was a hit. Dream Lover and True Star Training Class also continued to prove their popularity. Due to this, quite a few talk shows and variety programs decided to ignore Tang Feng’s past behavior and extended olive branches towards the actor in the hope that he would appear on their show. Tang Feng didn’t mind appearing on the programs, but taking into consideration his high level of public exposure lately, Lu Tian Chen tactfully turned down the invitations.

Like how Lu Tian Chen’d promised, he finally started acting like a president of an entertainment company. Besides turning down the invitations from TV stations, he had also contacted a few high-end magazines and set up photoshoots for Tang Feng.

“I’d thought you would want me to have more public exposure.” Tang Feng was reclining on a wooden lounge chair overlooking the swimming pool in Lu Tian Chen’s mansion. People from the magazine publisher would be coming today to interview and feature him in a photoshoot. The location for the shoot had generously been provided by the great President Lu.

“Maintaining a certain air of mystery for a celebrity is a type of appeal.” Lu Tian Chen clearly had his own opinions on the matter.

“Then what do you think of my current level of mysteriousness?” Tang Feng smilingly tilted his head to look at Lu Tian Chen.

Lu Tian Chen didn’t need to answer the question. He looked back at Tang Feng. The actor had been shrouded in mystery ever since he woke up from diving into the ocean. Lu Tian Chen enjoyed the mystery; he had no desire to investigate why Tang Feng had changed. Compared to the process, he much more valued the results.


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  1. acmangalover says:

    Hmm… I like President Lu, but…. isn’t be doing Xiao Yu’s job? He’s turning down jobs, and setting up photo shoots. I never really imagined that a president would do that for one of his employees- I thought that was the manager’s job. …..On second thought, what does a company prez DO? Hm…? I have no idea.

    • Udon Princess says:

      This is what I’ve been thinking the entire time LOL like what is Xiao yu or whatever her name is even for?? Personal cheerleader??

  2. Anna Tong says:

    this series seriously need more love >.<
    not only just for BL, but the awesomeness of the MC
    as always thank you for the amazing chapter :3
    ah if only i can understand Chinese, the first i'll read would be true star!

  3. PrincessMiiko says:

    Thank you so much for the update. Please take your time while translating it. It’s okay to take it slowly but please don’t give up. I love this novel so much.

  4. InezNessie says:

    Thanks a lot

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    I like the way he thinks~ Lu Tian Chen I cheer for you and Tang’s future friendship. I don’t see the romance happening which is pretty sad, I see Charles as a role for the seme. Thank you translators and please keep up the good work xD

  6. phat008 says:

    If TF only seeks Chen Ming Xu to settle “a former debt”, then maybe he won’t be added to the harem….gotta wait to see how that develops. Thank you for the new chapters

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