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Tang Feng’s role in the movie was officially finalized after the meeting with Director Li Wei. All he had to do was sign a few contracts afterwards. The film, although not an erotic one by any means, included a few sex scenes. These scenes wouldn’t be too long and would mostly consist of blurry shots. For some parts, they could even use doubles and props.

Of course, the contracts declared the terms concerning those scenes in clear words. After Lu Tian Chen looked over everything, Tang Feng was allowed to put his name on the numerous contracts.

Filming would officially begin in three months. When that time comes, Tang Feng would fly to the United States again and enter the cast for the first important film of his rebirth. This film probably wouldn’t have an outstanding box office, but it would provide him a great opportunity to showcase his talent to the public.

Tang Feng was very satisfied with his role after reading over the script. The complexity of it would give him many chances to bring out his various skills, despite it being the more “womanly” role of the two male leads.

After staying in the United States for five days, Tang Feng and Lu Tian Chen flew back to S City. Tang Feng still had to film Dream Lover and True Star Training Class. Three months was exactly the right amount of time for him to wrap up his current projects. Lu Tian Chen had already rejected any future jobs for him except for a few magazine shoots.

Halfway through the return flight, Tang Feng broke his habit of sleeping through the flight and pulled off his eye mask. He turned sideways and started chatting with Lu Tian Chen, who looked energetic and completely unaffected by jet lag. Tang Feng had some misgivings he wanted the president to answer.

“I’d thought you would raise some concerns over the script and ask them to make changes,” Tang Feng said.

“The script is very daring. The director also has his own style. It may draw some criticisms, but it’ll give way to many more discussions. Rather than letting you go with the norm and work like a horse every day, this’ll be a faster way for you to get your name out there.” Lu Tian Chen had his head down and was looking through documents on his laptop. Even while speaking, he did not look at Tang Feng. His fingers tapped out a regular rhythm on the keyboard, his speed completely unaffected by his speaking.

Tang Feng agreed with Lu Tian Chen on this point. In the end, what was acting?

The average audience would have a hard time telling whether someone’s acting was good or bad. Most of the time, the audience would only become familiar with the actor through roles he might have taken before. This was a fact Tang Feng couldn’t deny.

No matter how good your acting might be, if you never come across a suitable role, you might stay at a standstill for your entire life.

Of course, gold always glittered in the sunlight. However, if it remained buried under dust, it would stay dull and grimy no matter how many carats of gold it was. If an actor’s talent was discovered by the public after he was already past his prime, only regrets would remain for both sides.

Unlike others, Tang Feng didn’t see being a greatly respected actor and a top-grossing popular actor as two different things. He wanted to succeed at the box office, but he was also going to become a respected actor who would go down in history.

Tang Feng’d thought Charles would be the first person he sees after returning to S City. He’d never expected Chen Ming Xu to come looking for him first.

Tang Feng encountered Chen Ming Xu after attending a meeting at the company along with other staff members. The meeting barely had anything to do with him., His name had only been mentioned when Lu Tian Chen clarified that the news of him accepting a role in Director Li Wei’s film was to be kept secret along with the fact that he would be flying to the United States again in three months.

After the meeting, Tang Feng decided to get some fresh air on the balcony. Lu Tian Chen had said he would drive him back to the training class dorm after work was over. Luckily, Tang Feng didn’t have to stay in Lu Tian Chen’s office and space out for the rest of the day.

So while he was holding a cup of coffee and spacing out on the balcony, Chen Ming Xu appeared. The popular TV host was wearing a simple, casual outfit. If Tang Feng ignored the incomprehensible hostility Chen Ming Xu had towards him, then the latter would definitely be considered as a good person―a good TV host who left a good impression on others.

“Why haven’t you been appearing on my show?” Chen Ming Xu asked straightforwardly, without even a word of greeting.

Tang Feng looked at him strangely. Was this something Chen Ming Xu needed to personally come and ask him?

“Why do I need to appear on a show that deliberately picks on me?” Tang Feng retorted without hesitation. He saw a surprised expression appear on Chen Ming Xu’s face; unexpectedly, he could also see anger mixed in there.

What was Chen Ming Xu angry about? Tang Feng didn’t understand, perhaps today he would finally get an answer.


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