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“This doesn’t have anything to do with our deal, President Lu.” A slight smile appeared on Albert’s face as he continued, “I accidentally came across Tang Feng and enjoyed a cup of coffee with him. You don’t need to be so tense. I haven’t touched a finger of his.”

Lu Tian Chen’s lips lifted in a wry smile. He looked straight at Albert and said, “Right, you just touched five fingers of his.”

“Hahaha, I didn’t know you were capable of telling jokes.”

“This isn’t a joke. He belongs to me; don’t get any ideas in your head.” Lu Tian Chen’s tone was light, but his words held something that made them hard to disregard.

Albert narrowed his eyes in response. He smiled and said, “That’s unexpected. If he truly belongs to you, then what about that little white kitten you gave me as a present last time?”

“That was only a business deal.”

As Tang Feng was sitting a bit far, he couldn’t hear what the two were talking about. He leaned back on his chair and yawned. Today, he had woken up extra early that despite having coffee just now, he still felt sluggish and tired. Jet lag always took a toll on his body; it was hard for him to feel clearheaded after a long flight.

Tang Feng picked up his cup and took another sip of coffee. He glanced again at Lu Tian Chen and Albert; the two of them were still discussing something. Going by appearances, Albert looked like an aristocrat who belonged in an ancient castle. Standing next to him, Lu Tian Chen wasn’t any less imposing. By looks alone, both men had their own unique personal charm.

Unfortunately, one was an abnormal theater fan who’d probably watched too many Shakespearean plays in his life. The other was an iceberg who’d repressed his emotions for so long that he was now a bit off in the head.

Although Tang Feng couldn’t hear their conversation, he’d guessed that they were discussing him. He’d caught both men looking over in his direction several times. Tang Feng hoped Lu Tian Chen wasn’t selling him off in a business deal again. Otherwise, he’d definitely give the ice-cold man a hard kick to the back.

Right, cell phone.

Tang Feng looked down at his phone’s screen. Strangely, it showed that he’d called an unknown number just a while ago. However, Tang Feng didn’t remember dialing this number.

Out of curiosity, Tang Feng called the number again. A few seconds later, Albert pulled his phone out of his pockets. Tang Feng immediately ended the call. When had Albert messed with his phone?

Smiling, Albert waved at Tang Feng.

Lu Tian Chen, on the other hand, glared at the actor. He called out, “Tang Feng, come over here.”

You tell me to come over and I come over. Am I a puppy? Despite his thoughts, Tang Feng stood up and walked over to the other two. As he couldn’t deal with a strange person like Albert alone, Lu Tian Chen served as a necessary shield for him.

When Tang Feng reached his side, Lu Tian Chen immediately caught the actor’s hand in a tight grip and wound his other arm around Tang Feng’s waist. Lu Tian Chen said to Albert, “Not only does he belong to me, he belongs to Charles as well. In other words, Tang Feng belongs to both of us.”

This… Exactly what is this? Tang Feng could feel all sorts of thoughts riling up inside him, but he kept a calm smile on the surface.

“Is this true? But I just witnessed you having a date with another man.” Albert looked at Tang Feng.

If they were putting on an act, then as a professional actor, Tang Feng was going to act until the end. With that, Tang Feng took a step closer towards Lu Tian Chen. They were of similar height, but Lu Tian Chen had a much stronger physique.

“Are you talking about Michael Gino? He’s my co-actor for my next film. We were just talking about the script.” Tang Feng chose a safe answer as he didn’t know what Lu Tian Chen had told Albert.

“Is that right? Haha. I had thought that President Lu and Charles kept a tight rein on their belongings. All right, if that’s the case, I suppose I shouldn’t keep vying for someone else’s beloved.” Smiling, Albert leveled a long glance at Tang Feng. He then turned and left the terrace. The fake waiters immediately followed after Albert.

A few minutes after Albert left, Lu Tian Chen finally released his grip on Tang Feng.

“What is going on here? Since when did I belong to you and Charles?” Tang Feng admired his own calm attitude. If it were someone else, they’d probably be yelling right now.

Pulling Tang Feng with him, Lu Tian Chen walked out of the coffee shop. “Albert’s interested in you. I only told him that you belonged to Charles and me to prevent him from making a move.”

“Ah?” He was this popular? Tang Feng found that he couldn’t tolerate this new discovery.

“We can go back and talk.”


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Translator: Nannyn
Proofreaders: Jinny, PiKairi

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  1. Poor Tang Feng, he really is always chases by sketchy, sly business guys, well except for Gino I guess. He was just kind off a tsundere.

  2. 梅花 says:

    Sir, you are popular in the worst kind of luck. Popular with rich but shady people everywhere… Gino seems okay though.

  3. Myu says:

    I don’t like Albert but I’ve got to admit that the scenes with him are the most interesting to me

  4. Ace says:

    Yes TF you are this much popular. So much that you can make your own harem of crazy men chasing you lol

  5. Samantha Heart says:

    You have no idea how popular you are Tang lol. ^^

  6. linnil says:

    Really!! Too popular!! LoL!!

  7. Miyazaki says:

    I fall in love with this story, l love Tang Feng…can wait another chapter….

  8. yoonlay says:

    Thank u for such a beautiful and romantic story. I will be waiting ur next chapter.

  9. Raissa says:

    Thank you so much for the translations. I am truly enjoying the story so far. I started yesterday and now I am caught up. I wonder what’s gonna happen next oh Tang Feng you are too popular now. Lol

  10. Eve says:

    LTC only likes TF because he looks set to become a super star. Gino only likes TF because he reminds him of his real crush, Tang-Fiennes. Albert only likes TF because Charles likes him, and now LTC does too, and he feels competitive with them. Charles is the only guy who spent quality time with TF and really liked him for himself even when he was a nobody. He didn’t care whether he was a successful actor although if that was what TF wanted he was supportive. Even though he was the seme in the relationship, he wasn’t rude and didn’t belittle him. TF should use his leverage with Charles to get him to share being top and to give up his illegal businesses, and then he should settle down with him.

    • imma says:

      I totally agree with you, as of now Charles’s love is definitely the most sincere. I actually like all the potential love interests, although all are douchey in one way or another and Charles is obviously no exception. Also I think that Albert first takes notice of Tang Fengs because of the calmness and tranquility he exudes, when he’s in a situation most people would be drenched in cold sweat. Without doubt his interest increases as he witnesses Charles & LTC being all over Tang Feng though.

  11. Yato says:

    Eh..? That was a cliffhanger! Not fair… Oh well! Please update soon and keep up the great work!!

  12. Nannyn says:

    In case you guys haven’t figured it out, “little white kitten” is referring to Ge Chen. Lu Tian Chen didn’t actually gift Albert a cat. That would make one seriously odd image. XD

  13. KT says:

    Yes, you’re very popular, Tang!

  14. ivo says:

    I can’t even put in words how much I love Tang! His likable personality and numerous talents totally justify him having his own personal harem. :,D
    Also I can’t wait for more scenes of Gino (I feel for now he’s represents the smallest evil among the other potential love interests) and Albert. I really want to know what exactly Albert’s kink is, fu fu.

    • joyce says:

      yah, i do agree.. i’m shipping Gino now.. he seems like the only guy right now who’s not related to any type of illegal mafia type activity right now.

      i love Tang!! thank you for translating!

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