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When they opened the door to the presidential suite, both Tang Feng and Lu Tian Chen froze and stared in shock. On the floor was a red heart made of flower petals. In addition, silver candlesticks holding brightly burning candles littered the tables, cabinets, and every other available surface. A faint smell of sweet perfume permeated the room. There was even a bottle of chilled champagne waiting inside.

“Present Lu, are you sure you booked the presidential suite and not the honeymoon suite?” Tang Feng walked inside and stepped over the heart made of petals. He finally understood why the receptionist had given them a second glance and gently said “I wish for your happiness” while they were getting their keys at the front desk.

They must have misunderstood something, right?

“It’s fine as long as it’s livable.” Although he didn’t know which step had gone wrong in the checking in process, Lu Tian Chen quickly recovered his usual calm after the initial surprise.

“All right…” Tang Feng put down his luggage and immediately headed for the bathroom. When he reached the bathroom, he found that the bathtub had already been filled with water that was kept at a constant warm temperature. The hotel’s staff truly was attentive to detail. They had probably worked out the time the guests would be arriving and especially prepared everything. Semitransparent and fragrant candles were placed alongside the square, marble bathtub while fresh rose petals floated in the bathwater.

Tang Feng didn’t have the habit of taking rose petal baths, however, since the hotel had already prepared it, wouldn’t it be wasteful if he didn’t at least enjoy it? God knows how much they had spent buying those fresh roses. Moreover, Lu Tian Chen was the one who had paid for the suite, Tang Feng couldn’t waste money like this.

Tang Feng took off his clothes and tested the water; it was just the right temperature.

The faint fragrance of the water was lovely, but what Tang Feng was the happiest about was the TV inside the bathroom. A remote had been installed beside the bathtub. He could recline back and watch TV and change channels whenever he wanted. A few minutes later, the door to the bathroom opened and Lu Tian Chen walked in wearing a bathrobe.

“President Lu, there’s a bathroom inside your bedroom,” Tang Feng kindly reminded the great president who was walking his way. There were two huge bedrooms in the presidential suite and each had its own private bathroom.

“I paid the bill.” Lu Tian Chen’s four-worded reply rendered Tang Feng speechless.

You paid the bill. So what if you paid the bill? I was rich once too. Of course, all of my money has been donated to charity by now.

Before Tang Feng could say anything, Lu Tian Chen pulled open his bathrobe, putting on a strip show right in front of the actor. Lu Tian Chen’s body wasn’t the slightest bit inferior to Charles’. From the toned muscles and the fine outline of Lu Tian Chen’s body, Tang Feng could tell that the other enjoyed exercising. Lu Tian Chen dropped his bathrobe onto the floor and climbed into the bathtub to sit opposite of Tang Feng.

Tang Feng covered his eyes with a hand and lightly sighed. “Although we are both men, I don’t have the habit of taking baths with another man and showing off our bodies to one another.”

“What are you worried about? Afraid that I’ll take you forcefully?” Lu Tian Chen asked with a serious expression. The disparity between his words and expression was strange enough to make Tang Feng want to laugh.

Tang Feng heard a splash near him and glanced through the cracks of his fingers to see Lu Tian Chen had moved to sit beside him. As the bathtub was rather large, they weren’t touching each other despite sitting close together. Also, Lu Tian Chen deliberately didn’t sit right against him.

“President Lu, this isn’t funny at all. Why do you think you’ll be the one forcefully taking me and not the other way around?” Tang Feng retaliated with a merciless remark. He couldn’t stand Lu Tian Chen making it out as if he were very weak.

Lu Tian Chen splashed his face with some water and smirked faintly. “I have a black belt in karate and a red belt in judo.” Lu Tian Chen leaned his head against the stone headrest on the bathtub. He glanced sideways at Tang Feng, a hint of a smile in his eyes. “Are you sure you can beat me?”

“I advocate for peace, not violence.” Lifting his hands, Tang Feng pulled himself up from the water. Stark naked, he strode out of the bathtub and grabbed a bathrobe on his way out to cover himself. Without turning around, he said, “Take your time and enjoy your bath, President Lu. Good night.”

Was he supposed to be impressed that Lu Tian Chen knew karate and judo? Tang Feng had a healthy body right now. He would definitely go learn some martial arts when his schedule opened up. It wasn’t set in stone who would be beating whom yet.

Looking at the other man’s retreating figure, Lu Tian Chen finally chuckled lightly. He closed his eyes and continued bathing.


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Translator: Nannyn
Proofreaders: Rose, dinoj

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  1. Yuka says:

    If you ask me, I think Tang Feng manager would suit him or Tang tian tian, but this is bl novel right? So I don’t really care about others but I wish Tang Feng happy ending because this novel was great. I also want to read Chinese language but I was to lazy….

    So can’t wait for more chapters to came and make me more excited about it…

  2. DMag says:

    Gosh… Every chap got me smiling.
    Many thanks for translating and all ❤

  3. DMag says:

    Gosh… Every chap got me smiling.
    Many thanks for translating and all ❤

  4. Samantha Heart says:

    To be honest even though I’m starting to like Lu I’m still apprehensive. Firstly he let Tang drown in the ocean, not caring if he died. Secondly he sold him to charles, not giving to fucks about the boy. And lastly, he told Charles in one chapter if Albert wanted him he would get Tang, which proves he still doesn’t care. But, now that he’s changed, he’s suddenly all nicer to him? Like seriously? Firstly Tang Feng is way to good for any of the men in the book. He really is. Though I will give him props for not forcing Tang to “sleep” with him. However, if he uses any force what so ever I will instantly toss any good judgement of him out the window. That is why I don’t like Charles. He freaking drugged him and then rapped him. That is not normal to do in any circumstance and proves that he isn’t a very good person. Then theres Albert whos probably worse than Charles.

    No one is worth Tangs time. He isn’t the type to be swayed by artifical words and the like. He’s very intelligent knows how bend around the words and play with others only by using his words. To think he’s anything less wil probably be in for a nast surprise. I’d bet if you push him to far he will reveal his claws. However I don’t think their going to leave him alone because of just how egnigmatic he is. For that, I truly feel sorry for Tang. Hopefully they start treating him the respect he deserves. If they don’t their gonna be sorry sooner than later.

  5. Koala Htet says:

    I never shipped Tang Feng with either Charles or President. I feel like both characters are lacking something significant in Lover department or our darling actor is just too good for anyone.
    I still feel that way till now.
    But after reading later chapters concerning the president, I feel that I must revise my opinion of him a bit. It seems like he can be sweet if he decides to. I may not ship him with Tang feng but my impression of him became more than just a cold blooded guy who sold the previous Tang Feng to Charles for a month and didn’t even give a shit about him drowning in the ocean.
    For Charles’ case, he saw through that forty-year-old old man inside young Tang Feng’s body so I gave him more points for that haha. He was never a bad guy but he was just your typical perverted high-class gentleman and corrupt businessman. (oh wait, he raped Tang Feng on their first night.)
    For Tang Feng, he seems to be rather keen on building his career further and living his life leisurely without any romantic dramas. he is definitely not your typical uke and he can’t be wooed using stereotypical methods. I honestly feel like a cute girl with quiet personality will suit him way more than these high profile rich bastards who play love games. But with Tang Feng oozing out pheromones left and right, no man is gonna leave him undisturbed. He’s just too dazzling and charming for playboys who are used to being kissed up and having countless lovers at their beck and call.

    • Koala Htet says:

      And I get weird vibes about the president dwelling upon the “Marriage” topic.
      Is he seriously thinking about trapping Tang Feng using another contract?
      I’ll have to see how it goes because my opinion of him is improving a little and I don’t want to see him using force (of any kind) on Tang Feng.

  6. xena says:

    I love LTC. He always my favorite from the begining

    • Littlelier says:

      Mine too, just love him to death. I hope he didn’t do anything stupid in the end(he did sell him so) and I hope he would end up with Mr.MC.

  7. Porchesama says:

    Thanks for traslate this story. I like this story so much,so please keep continue the story. fighting!! :3

  8. phat008 says:

    Thank you…Lu is definitely warming up to Tang…sharing a bathtub: check…..ohh what’s next?!

  9. AnAn says:

    If I am Lu tian chen,I want to bath with Tang feng too!

  10. Xin says:

    Ow ow. :D I’m grinning from ear to ear. Way to go LTC. Hehehe. I’m rooting for you despite your past behavior. :)

  11. InezNessie says:

    Lu tian chen attitudes always surprised me from chapter to chapter .. Ohooo likes the teasing act!! Keep it up. Thanks for your hard work

  12. intan says:

    i can’t read chapter 90 :(, but thank u for new update.

    • Nannyn says:

      Hint: Look at the front page or the FAQ.

    • InezNessie says:

      Click at tab Faq.. There is a question lists. And i found the password. Its “pie”. But the chapter being protected because it’s not fully edited. Yeaah may contain typos or grammar mistakes

  13. Marishi says:

    I was half expecting Charles to pop out from the bathroom saying “surprise darling!” Lol

  14. Piggy says:

    Thanks for the double chapter. \(^3^)/<3

  15. Sakura Lee Ho says:

    love this chapter … thanks for the translation

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