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America, America, he was back!

Despite not being his homeland, America was the place where Tang Feng had grown up, lived, struggled, and rose to fame.

After sitting for over ten hours on an airplane, he finally left the faraway East and landed in the West. After getting off the airplane, Tang Feng breathed in deeply. The bright sunlight lit up the sky beautifully and the cool breeze was simply delightful. Besides feeling a sense of familiarity for the land, Tang Feng could also feel the exhaustion that came along with jetlag deeply in his bones.

“All I want to do right now is to go to the hotel, have a warm bath, and take a nap to recover my energy. Please don’t tell me that I have to go meet with Director Li Wei in an hour. I’m afraid my sloppy appearance will scare him.” Hauling his suitcase behind him, Tang Feng walked out of the airport with a smile on his face.

Lu Tian Chen walked over and accepted the suitcase from Tang Feng’s hand. The president appeared rather refreshed and energetic and didn’t seem to be suffering from jetlag at all. Tang Feng was quite jealous of that.

“We’ve arranged to meet with Director Li Wei the day after tomorrow. You can use today and tomorrow to adjust your sleeping schedule. Relax and don’t be nervous.” Lu Tian Chen walked to the side of the street and two black cars quickly drove over to where they stood. A couple of bodyguards dressed in black came out and helped them lift their luggage into the cars. Xiao Yu and the other assistant took the first car while Lu Tian Chen and Tang Feng got in the one behind theirs.

Tang Feng pulled open the car door and took his seat. While doing so, he said with a smile, “The least you have to worry about is me becoming nervous.”

“Are you being arrogant or conceited?” Lu Tian Chen got in from the other side. There was a black divider between the front and back compartments of the car. They could speak and move at ease without the driver or the bodyguard hearing and seeing them.

The back compartment of the car was especially roomy. There was a small TV and a small fridge filled with alcohol. Lu Tian Chen opened the fridge and took out a bottle. He asked Tang Feng, “Do you want any?”

Tang Feng shook his head. He didn’t like drinking while sitting inside a car; it made him feel sick. “It’s neither conceit nor arrogance, but confidence. President Lu, you should learn to believe in your employees.”

“I’ve always believed in you.” Lu Tian Chen leaned on the back of his seat with a glass of iced whisky in his hand. He tilted his head back and downed half the glass in one swig. The corner of Tang Feng’s eye twitched as he watched the scene.

“You’ll develop stomach problems if you drink like that.” The health-oriented Tang Feng kindly reminded the other.

“I already have stomach problems,” Lu Tian Chen replied simply, but he placed the glass aside and left the remaining half of the whisky untouched.

“If you don’t know how to control yourself, then you should find someone who can.”

Lu Tian Chen tilted his head toward Tang Feng, the corner of his mouth lifting up. “Can you control me?”

“I would like to live for a few more years. You should leave an arduous job like that to your future wife.” Tang Feng leaned his head back and closed his eyes to sleep. Lu Tian Chen smiled but said nothing in response.

After an hour or so, the car came to a stop. Tang Feng was then… kissed awake by Lu Tian Chen.

The good thing about a high-class car like the one they were sitting in was that it was very quiet and steady. It was easy to fall asleep in a car like this. In his dream, Tang Feng felt as if he had suddenly fallen into the ocean. Water rushed to swallow him from all sides. He couldn’t breathe. The lack of fresh air in his lungs was starting to become uncomfortable. He couldn’t help but open his mouth in an attempt to breathe, but something soft immediately seized the chance to invade his mouth.

Tang Feng bit down mercilessly and subsequently heard a grunt of pain from beside him.

He abruptly woke up from his dream to find Lu Tian Chen sitting beside him with a hand over his mouth.

“You bit me.” Hard enough to draw blood.

Tang Feng didn’t feel the least bit guilty about having bitten Lu Tian Chen. He touched his own lips and said sincerely, “I thought a scary sea animal had swam into my mouth.”

Was Lu Tian Chen going crazy lately? Was he sexually deprived? Lonely? Or simply feeling bored?

Lu Tian Chen lifted his head to look at Tang Feng, who was somewhat enjoying the situation. Lu Tian Chen closed his eyes forcefully and tried to ignore the searing pain coming from his tongue. “I was only trying to wake you up. We’ve arrived at the hotel.”

“President Lu sure has a unique way of waking people up. I’m suddenly worried for the new talents in our company. Oh, I forgot to say, if you do that again, I’ll probably bite your tongue off.” After leaving behind a warning, Tang Feng bit back his laughter and left the car. When he saw the five-star luxurious hotel whose tall and rigid silhouette rose up into the skies before him, he couldn’t resist giving an impressed whistle.

“President Lu, is the company paying for our trip this time? If you plan on deducting the cost from my salary, then I think we should go stay at a cheaper hotel instead.”

Without caring for their surroundings, Lu Tian Chen walked up, grabbed Tang Feng’s hand, and pull him toward the hotel. “Actually, to cut down on our spending, I only booked one presidential suite.”

Tang Feng expressed that he didn’t care. In any case, there were more than one bedroom and bathroom in the presidential suite.


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Translator: Nannyn
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