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Tang Feng was going to be absent on the third week of True Star Training Class. The public reason was that he had business he must take care of, but Tian Chen Entertainment did not clarify exactly what the business entailed. When the third week of the training class came around, people started to wonder whether Tang Feng chose to take a break because of the matter with Ge Chen or if he had something new planned.

Just as everyone was typing up their wild conjectures on the web, someone posted a photo of Tang Feng on Weibo. The actor’s smiling face in the photo was especially pleasing to the eyes. He appeared to be in a good mood and was chatting with his manager Xiao Yu. It seemed like he was telling her a funny joke as she was bent over laughing in the picture.

The description the blogger had given was: I saw the recently popular Tang Feng at the airport! Seems like he’s heading for America!

Numerous people immediately reblogged the photo. At least now, Tang Feng’s fans knew that the man they were in love with took a break from the training class to go to America. He obviously wouldn’t leave the country if not for a special reason. His fans didn’t believe that he was leaving because of Ge Chen. The police had already solved the matter of Ge Chen falling off his horse. Moreover, Tian Chen Entertainment’s harsh methods of dealing with the online mudslingers had put a stop to the rumors.

Quickly afterwards, other people started to post about them spotting Tang Feng at the airport, some even attached photos with their posts. One photo in particular caught the masses’ attention and was reblogged fervently.

It was a photo of two men standing together. The one dressed casually and lugging a suitcase was obviously Tang Feng. Another man was standing beside him. He was of similar height to the actor and was rather expressionless. The man’s appearance, however, was no less inferior to that of famous actors. The two men had their heads bent close and were discussing something; their simple postures frozen in time by the camera. Perhaps it was the angle the photo was taken at, but the men appeared somewhat intimate with each other.

Upon seeing that photo, the online discussions turned up a notch as Charles’ fans gradually joined in. Was the other man in the picture Charles? That obviously wasn’t the case after people examined the picture closely. Charles was half-Chinese, but the man in the photo was full Chinese. Then who was he? Why was he together with Tang Feng?

The power of netizens was simply astonishing. In just a short while, they discovered the other man’s identity. He wasn’t Tang Feng’s boyfriend or some secret lover, he was the president of the Tian Chen Group, the normally low-profiled billionaire.

Someone with contacts in the industry revealed that the president’s name was Lu Tian Chen. He was in his late twenties and was a rather legendary character in the business world. He was an extraordinarily capable man who usually never personally managed the affairs of the numerous talents under his company. However, he had shown up at the airport with Tang Feng today. The masses online had a hard time imagining just what kind of business it was to make the company president tag along.

As usual, gossipy netizens never missed the chance to gossip. People quickly began to flood the internet with their opinions on the issue. Like the , all sorts of comments started appearing on the web.

【I heard Lu Tian Chen likes men. He must have caught Tang Feng in his wicked scheme!】

【They’re actually a couple, right? They are a couple, right? Right? What is Charles going to do?】

【I heard from a reliable source that President Lu had an intimate relationship with Ge Chen before. Now we’re adding Tang Feng into the mix. Wow, how complicated!】

【Hey, what about those of the entertainment industry? If I were the president, I would want to enforce those unspoken rules on Tang Feng. Blush~(@^_^@)~】

【What are they going to America for? Registering their marriage?】

Sitting in the first class cabin of the airplane, the previously good-humored and energetic Tang Feng pulled on his sleep mask and dozed off. It was an old habit of his that didn’t change even after his rebirth.

In the past, he had to travel frequently to film for his various movies or to attend promotional events and shows. In an environment where he barely slept, he made sure to catch up on precious sleep at any free moment.

Lu Tian Chen was sitting beside Tang Feng. He had already sent Xiao Yu and the other assistant to sit in a different row. He turned his head sideways and glanced at the already asleep Tang Feng. Lu Tian Chen smiled faintly and thought to himself, how can he sleep so much?

He pulled out his phone and took a picture of Tang Feng. After making sure the picture was saved properly, he turned off his phone. Lu Tian Chen turned back to his laptop and continued looking at the various comments that had suddenly turned up on the net.

【If they are getting married, they would go to Europe.】

Lu Tian Chen typed out a random reply after reading through the comments. After realizing what he had written, he smiled wryly to himself. Marriage? Why was he thinking about that?


Marriage huh…


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Translator: Nannyn
Proofreaders: Xiao Seiran, dinoj

An idiom meaning numerous things emerging in rapid succession.
The unspoken rules mentioned here refers to actors/actresses exchanging sex for roles in TV dramas and movies.

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  1. He’s even thinking about marriage now?! WwwwWWww

  2. Pandabread says:

    I’m sure it is mentioned, that you can get married even in China. That’s why these love dating show has the theme gay couple, (because gay marriage was allowed in China and so it’s a hot topic) .
    So why saying they fly to America to get married?
    Did I miss something?

    Oh and my fav is Charles, I have read way too much indifferent CEO ML story’s, so Charles is like a new breeze.
    But we all know, it will not be him^^
    Just hoping for a harem.
    Oh best for MC would be MC X his job lol

    • QueenTang says:

      Damnn the bloodbath that is to come will be huge.

      Lu vs Charles vs Albert Vs Gino Vs etc vs etc Harem war

      Tang just want to act and yall are going after his ass ‘literally’

  3. Mineji says:

    Look how cute lu is. I liked how he is the president, the ceo and he does browsing through articles and gossip , he even had commented that was so cute. This is how Lu filed lawsuits to every tang feng bashers haha. I think Lu is the kind of person who treasures even the smallest thing in his heart.

    Btw, Tang Feng easily swiped the big fishes tails doing basically nothing. He’s driving them insane with elegance hoho.

  4. chen11 says:

    I like lu tian chen from the beginning but even more now haha how lovely. I vote for them. Haha but this chapter was hilarious. The pace of the story in every chapter was really enjoyable. Ayie. Awesome.

    Thank you fro translating this!

  5. Samantha Heart says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Damn Lu, your really falling hard for him to even think about marriage, LOL! ^^ Well, now you gotta make Tang fall in love with u bro. ^^ I’m slowly starting to like Lu a bit more. Just a little though lol. ^^ God this is my favorite book ever. Probably gonna stay that way until I die lol. ^^ Thank you so much for translating this. I’d cry if I couldn’t read all of this lol. ^^

  6. Jostena says:

    Omg I love the pace this story is going through and I love the change that happens to each character especially Charles and Lu Tian Chen X3

  7. Eva says:

    Lu’s cute side is surprising but adorable. He reminds me of the male leads in kdramas who changes from super cold to adorably in love once they warm up to the main girl.

  8. Lint says:

    Lu Tian Chen is gone, gone, gone…there’s no going back after falling in love with Tang Feng.

  9. littlestar says:

    Thank you for translating this novel! Loveee it!

  10. KT says:

    Marriage? My god, you move fast, Lu!

  11. Reader says:

    Thx for updating! I just found this series the other day and really enjoyed it~

  12. Byolomon says:

    Thank you so much for updating!!! I’ve been waiting for a long time Q3Q
    Now I just can’t wait for the reverse harem to go on~~~
    Thank you so much translator and proofreaders *bows head* I sincerely thank you.

  13. libraryrocker says:

    Tang Feng… ladykiller!!!

    Except, you know, men XD

    Thanks so much for all your hard work!!!

  14. re says:

    Lol, he still posts on those gossip sites!

  15. Ashia says:


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