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Soft candlelight shone through intricately made paper lanterns and illuminated the area. Amidst the green grass and fragrant flowers sat two men facing each other, an arrangement of refined dishes placed between them.

Tang Feng barely spoke; his head was lowered and he was slowly savoring the taste of the food. The few times he did lift his head, instead of looking at the handsome Charles sitting across from him, he turned in the direction of the man-made lake. A few white swans were gathered at the shore, angling their necks to peck at the tender leaves on the trees scattered about.

“Tang! When you’re eating with me don’t go looking at stupid birds! Or are you implying that I’m not as attractive as those stupid birds in your eyes?” Charles suddenly exclaimed, revealing his dissatisfaction.

Tang Feng slowly withdrew his eyes from the lake. Instead of looking at Charles, he lowered his head again to take a sip of soup with his silver spoon. “Charles, if you want to be jealous of a few stupid birds, then I don’t mind.”

“Jealous? Hahaha! My dear Tang, you must be joking. It’s only polite to maintain eye contact with the person you’re having dinner with. This doesn’t have anything to do with jealousy.” Charles discovered that he suddenly had an appetite for swan meat.

“All right, I must be feeling too self-important today.” Tang Feng shrugged nonchalantly. He put down his spoon and picked up a glass of juice and turned to sit sideways to face the lake directly. He closed his eyes, pleasure apparent on his face. The breeze, soft and gentle like a mother’s hand, lightly brushed over his face.

Tang Feng had never met his biological mother. He also didn’t know why his parents had left him at the orphanage, but he thought that they most likely had their reasons and did not have a choice on the decision. He had always thought this way.

“Do you know? I’ve always been proud of myself and confident in my abilities.” Tang Feng smiled and leaned into the chair while crossing his legs. He looked at ease yet elegant.

Charles contemplated the other man’s delicate side profile that was as sharp as cut gems. He nodded and responded, “I can see that, but you deserve to act like this. After all, how can the man that I, Charles, took a liking to, not be as outstanding as you are?”

Charles’ words sounded like he was praising himself. Tang Feng’s lips twitched, his eyes falling once again on the swans that were now in the water. “Charles, you’re an arrogant pervert.”

“I have the wealth to be arrogant and being a pervert is just my nature. Just admit it my dear Tang, in truth, you actually like my type of pervert. You seem relaxed and at ease on the surface, but you can be overly serious at times. During those moments, you don’t seem like you’re twenty, but a senior citizen of forty years.” Charles lowered his voice and said quietly beside Tang Feng’s ear, “Only a pervert like me would be excited by something like that. Going back to something I’ve already mentioned, I think we make an extraordinary match.”

Tang Feng chuckled and titled his head to glance at Charles. He narrowed his eyes and spoke as if merely joking, “How do you know I’m not a forty-year-old senior citizen? Look, the past Tang Feng is completely different from the current me. That’s because he’d moved on when he fell into the ocean.”

“Haha, then what are you supposed to be right now? A deep-sea monster?” Charles burst into laughter.

Tang Feng nodded and replied, “Yup, that’s right. I’m a deep-sea monster that has taken over this man’s body to live in the human world. That’s why it’s best if you don’t get any closer to me, or I’ll suck all the vitality out of you. Moreover, I’m not actually forty, but four hundred years old. I was originally an old and ugly sea monster. Icky green moss covered my skin and I dripped slime everywhere.”

While speaking, Tang Feng morphed his expression into a sinister one. As an unparalleled actor, his acting skills were truly extraordinary. As his expression and the mood about him became increasingly wicked, it seemed like he really had been taken over by a monster. At that moment, he appeared very different from his normal indifferent self.

Charles was somewhat stunned at the sight. Just a moment before, Tang Feng had been relaxed and self-assured. However, in a split second, he had turned into an imposing, sinister man. But why did Charles find Tang Feng utterly handsome instead of being afraid or finding the act ridiculous?

“Today… I saw another side of you.” Charles furrowed his brows, looking a bit dejected. The man opposite of him had already returned to his normal state, holding a wine glass in his hand and appearing relaxed and comfortable.

“I feel utterly terrible right now!” Charles exclaimed and slapped himself on the leg.

“Remember to not select me for the next date.” Tang Feng nodded. He didn’t believe that the load of nonsense he had just told Charles would hold the man off. Of course, it would be best if it could hold him off.

“Do you know? I’ve lived with you for a month, but besides knowing how you are in bed and that you like watching movies while taking a bath, I didn’t even know that you had a side like this! I’m totally dismayed by this!” Charles’ reply wasn’t anything Tang Feng wanted to hear. The man then continued solemnly, “My dear Tang, what should I do? I think I like you even more now!”

“Remember to line up…” Tang Feng smiled and raised an eyebrow.


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  1. BLANK says:

    Well, since charles was the first person to fall for tang feng after his possession, then charles is technically first in line.

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    I want Lu tian chen not Charles
    thank you for translate

  3. ai says:

    this novel is amazing. i just found this novel a few days ago n read it in a day. and after I read the whole chapter i have a feeling that Tang Feng will end up with Gino. why? because i like Gino the most. actually i like all character except Ge Chen (obviously), it just Charles and Lu Tian are almost the same, at first they treat Tang Feng as a ‘thing’ that can be sold and buy. even though now they became more likable but still . . at then president Su, he look like a good person but he chooses Ge Chen. he definitely has a bad taste so he is not suitable for Tang Feng. then Albert has an impression of a stalker and serial killer, definitely not a good choice for Tang Feng. an the last Gino, it seems he fall in love with the past Tang Feng (Tang Fiennes) that’s why he alwys teased him like an elementary school boy who has a crush. isn’t that adorable? and he is the only person who make Tang Feng lost his composure. so i’ll board Gino x Tang Feng. : )
    oh thank you for the translation, i’m really appreciate it.
    (sorry my english is bad)

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    You messed up Tang Feng!! Let’s go back to Tsundere President and Hot Rival…

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