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The new season of Dream Lover managed to garner good ratings with its first episode. In addition, it elicited a great amount of discussion from the public. Naturally, the topic of interest that was most discussed was Charles and Tang Feng’s relationship. No matter what happened with the training class, Tang Feng had won himself many fans after the first episode of Dream Lover. When rumors saying that he had deliberately planned to hurt Ge Chen spread on the internet, numerous fans surfaced to defend him. Fortunately, the police’s statement and the Tian Chen Group’s relentless attack against the rumors let Tang Feng’s fans know that they didn’t fall in love with the wrong person.

In the past, Tang Feng had never disappointed the people who loved and believed in him. It would be the same in the future.

A high-quality show that had guaranteed high ratings like Dream Lover did not lack support from many sponsors. The first episode was shot at the Hanging Gardens Hotel; naturally, the hotel had sponsored the episode. Filming for the second episode still took place in S City, however, instead of a hotel, the location had changed to a well-known, privately owned clubhouse.

This private clubhouse had never welcomed the media beyond its doors before, but due to Charles’ influence, cameramen were allowed inside for the first time. The insides of the clubhouse were definitely going to be one of the highlights in this episode.

In the previous episode, Charles had selected nine celebrities based on first impressions and a subsequent dinner. Today, he would be getting to know the remaining celebrities a bit more.

The plan was simple: Charles would be having afternoon tea with the celebrities individually with ten minutes allocated to each. Charles would then pour tea into the cups of eight celebrities and the one with an empty cup would have to leave the clubhouse.

Did you think that was the end? To add excitement and challenge to the episode, the production team had added a prize segment. At the end of the episode, Charles could select one of the remaining eight celebrities to have dinner with him. The other seven would have to sit by themselves at a separate table.

The chosen celebrity would also receive a brand name watch especially selected by Charles as a gift. The watch in question was the exact same model as the one Charles was wearing himself.

All nine celebrities got into the limo the production team had dispatched to drive them to the renowned clubhouse. Although their statuses as “celebrities” were impressive and well-regarded, to these celebrities who had yet to become household names, the high society was still a completely different world from theirs. Because of this, it didn’t matter if they weren’t the last remaining celebrity on the show. At least during filming, they could see and experience things they normally wouldn’t be able to.

Even some of the country’s most distinguished celebrities had never stepped foot inside this clubhouse, but they would be having dinner at this exact clubhouse today. They couldn’t be more excited at the thought.

The clubhouse didn’t have a nameplate or anything else that served as an identifier. The door to the clubhouse was also extremely small and unremarkable. If someone familiar with the clubhouse hadn’t brought them along, they wouldn’t be able to find the place at all. When the celebrities stepped inside the door, however, the only descriptions they could give were that it was a completely different world made up of wonder and beauty.

The first thing they saw when they walked through the door was a beautiful, man-made lake. Hints of blue could be seen faintly in the glittering surface of the lake; the color as mesmerizing as a gem’s. In an urban city where a tiny block of land was worth a fortune in gold, a man-made lake was beyond an excessive display of wealth.

The cobblestone path that led to the lake was lined with all sorts of flowers. The old-fashioned decoration pieces scattered around unexpectedly held traits of modern art and gave the clubhouse a sense of simple and unadorned beauty. In a pavilion beside the lake, Charles, dressed in a casual outfit and looking especially handsome, was smiling and waiting for their arrival.

Last time, the celebrities had lined up in order and Charles had greeted them each individually. This time, they were going the opposite way. Charles sat in his chair unmoving while the celebrities waited for their turn in their own chairs. They would go over to Charles’ table in reciprocal order to have tea and chat with him.

With his cheery disposition, Charles could chat up a storm with anyone. It was also normal for him to burst out into an open laugh while in conversation.

Tang Feng rather liked this private clubhouse. A cold breeze blew over the lake and onto the shore. Sitting quietly in the pavilion and enjoying a moment of peace while drinking a cup of fragrant tea was a good way of passing a lazy afternoon.

Sounds of laughter frequently drifted over from Charles’ corner. It seemed like he was having rather enjoyable conversations with the various celebrities. As they were going in reciprocal order, it soon became Tang Feng’s turn. Tang Feng stood from his table and walked over to sit down at Charles’.

Their conversation this time wasn’t being recorded. They only needed to turn and speak to the camera once it was over. Because of this, Tang Feng could say what he wanted.

“We already understand each other very well, don’t we?” Tang Fang smiled. He couldn’t think of anything to ask Charles. Put in another way, he simply wasn’t interested in knowing more about Charles.

Charles, however, was extremely interested to learn more about the man he had lived with for a month.

Charles put his hands flat on the table and leaned forward to ask his first question, “Tang, are you satisfied with my performance in bed?”

No matter how calm and collected Tang Feng was, he almost choked when he heard Charles’ question. He thought for a moment and nodded after a long while. “Yes, I’m satisfied.”


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