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As everyone knew, someone had injected Ge Chen’s horse with a stimulant which caused the actor to fall from his horse. This counted as a crime of deliberate assault. The news reported that the police had started an investigation and invited a few of the trainees and staff members from the training class to the police station to have a chat with the officers over a cup of tea as witnesses. Speaking of which, it was Tang Feng’s first time having tea in a police station.

Tang Feng had been under the impression that the police would regard him as a prime suspect after all the noise and speculation the media was making over the case. Unexpectedly, when he walked into the station, someone poured him a cup of tea and everyone treated him rather well. Tang Feng sat there drinking his tea while waiting for someone to call him. He waited but to his surprise the police let him walk out of the station not five minutes later.

“Mr. Officer, are we really finished here?” Tang Feng hadn’t spoken a single word since he stepped foot inside the station.

“Yes, we have nothing else planned for you. Thank you for your cooperation. Take care.” The officer politely showed him the way out.

Tang Feng didn’t understand what was going on at all. The next day, the police made a public announcement declaring that they had apprehended the criminal who’d injected Ge Chen’s horse with the stimulant. It wasn’t Tang Feng, nor was it any of the other trainees. Reportedly, the criminal was a die-hard fan of Ge Chen’s who used to adore him, but wanted him dead for various incomprehensible reasons, such as thinking that Ge Chen would be theirs after death.

Tian Chen Entertainment filed a lawsuit against all those who’d said Tang Feng was the one pulling the strings online. In any case, Lu Tian Chen had a surplus of money and numerous talented people working under him, he could and would sue anyone who dared to slander Tang Feng’s name. He didn’t let any members of the Water Army—people paid by newspapers and magazines to post malicious comments—escape. The lawsuits weren’t publicized but rumors of Lu Tian Chen’s ruthless actions had spread within the entertainment industry itself.

From this point on, nobody believed that Tang Feng was simply a disposable small-time star employed under the Tian Chen Group. But as they were dealing with Lu Tian Chen, no one dared to add anything else to the rumors that would make the president lose face.

Just like that, the raucous online gossip of “Tang Feng being jealous of Ge Chen” had its fire extinguished. The Tian Chen Group’s PR department also expertly diverted the public’s attention from the scandal by releasing news of the die-hard fan trying to kill Ge Chen immediately after the incident.

As a result, Tang Feng gradually faded from the filthy world of scandals.

“That Ge Chen sure is crafty. From what I see, he deliberately fell off the horse himself. Now there’s news about his injury everywhere. How wonderful. Paired with that pitiful, pale face of his, it’s as if he’s . But Lin Dai Yu is a woman, does a man like him really have to act like this?” As Tang Feng’s manager, Xiao Yu was in on the knowledge that Ge Chen had orchestrated the whole fiasco himself.

Most rumors had calmed down by now, but this situation was like hammering a nail onto a wooden slab. Even if the nail was pulled off, the hole would remain. No matter how they tried to cover it up or fill it in, they would never be able to remove the scar. Despite not knowing the truth of things, some of the public would definitely remember this incident and keep it in mind.

Tang Feng looked down at the newspaper filled with articles about Ge Chen’s injury. He still felt something was off. Falling off a horse wasn’t something to joke about. It would be a small thing if Ge Chen only fell and injured a limb, but if the horse had stepped on him, he could’ve died. No matter how bold Ge Chen was, he wasn’t stupid enough to fool around with his own life.

“It doesn’t matter what happened. It’s all in the past anyways.” Tang Feng folded the newspaper and put it away, but he couldn’t help but ponder over the incident in his head.

Xiao Yu sighed and complained, “I think Ge Chen is simply jealous of your outstanding performance in the training class. He’s already a famous celebrity, so it would be pretty shameful if he couldn’t even beat you. Because of that, he thought of an underhanded tactic and pretended to fall from his horse. Not only does he get a big news coverage, he would be expected to withdraw from the training class due to his injury. All according to plan.”

“According to plan… It really is according to plan.” Holding his chin in his hand, Tang Feng chuckled. He felt this whole matter wasn’t as simple as Xiao Yu described. It was simply too according to plan. It seemed like people became suspicious of him because they thought he was after Ge Chen’s success. But the more perfect a plan turned out, the more questionable it was.

Tang Feng shook his head. Forget it, it was in the past. No matter how much he thought over it, he wouldn’t be able to come up with a plausible reason. What if Ge Chen really was willing to risk his life for everything?

Perhaps he was thinking too much.


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Translator: Nannyn
Proofreaders: Rose, Jinny

A main character from the classic novel Dream of the Red Chamber written by Cao Xueqing in the middle of the 18th century. Lin Daiyu is a sickly girl with a weak constitution, but regarded as beautiful in an unconventional way.

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    Thanks for translating btw! ^^

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    Look at Liu Tian Chen bringing down the hammer on anyone who messes with the rep of his precious Tang Feng. You know he’s in love! Don’t get in the path of Tang Feng because he’s got two powerful lovers who would do anything for him!

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