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Just as Tang Feng’s lips were about to touch Lu Tian Chen’s cheek, the latter turned his head, meeting Tang Feng lip to lip. Lu Tian Chen threaded a hand behind the young actor’s head and crushed their lips together. The other man’s sudden force made Tang Feng nick his own lip. Although it didn’t draw any blood, it still hurt.

If Lu Tian Chen wanted to kiss him, Tang Feng would rather this almighty president say it straightforwardly instead of resorting to these kinds of sneak attacks.

Lu Tian Chen’s tongue licked Tang Feng’s lips lightly; his mouth exuding a slight taste of cool peppermint. The taste of peppermint made Tang Feng want to go on the counterattack. He was never one to play the passive role in any case. Since Lu Tian Chen wanted to kiss him, Tang Feng wasn’t going to let him out of this. Rather than being submissive, he might as well give the man a passionate kiss as a symbol of their friendship.

Tang Feng wrapped his arms around Lu Tian Chen’s shoulders and parted his lips slightly. It was only a small opening, yet Lu Tian Chen took advantage of it like a wild beast that had caught a whiff of fresh blood. He plundered Tang Feng’s mouth without holding back, catching and sucking lightly on the other’s upper lip―a move only an experienced kisser would know.

Lu Tian Chen sucked on Tang Feng’s lip while simultaneously kissing him, skilled enough to work his tongue into Tang Feng’s mouth amidst all that.

Tang Feng mulled over that thought, then wondered why he was analyzing Lu Tian Chen’s kissing skills while kissing the man himself. Probably noticing that he was lost in thought, Lu Tian Chen’s hands moved down a few inches from his waist to gently squeeze his butt.

“President Lu, doesn’t this count as sexual harassment?” Taking advantage of a short moment of separation, Tang Feng reached behind him and pulled Lu Tian Chen’s hands away.

“It doesn’t.” If the butt was off-limits, Lu Tian Chen would just hug Tang Feng’s waist. After his careless two-worded reply, Lu Tian Chen immediately captured Tang Feng’s lips again. His excellent techniques made it another enjoyable kiss. Tang Feng had never imagined that an iceberg like Lu Tian Chen would be on par with Charles in the “passionate kissing department.”

Upon thinking of Charles, Tang Feng deliberately put a downer on this bewildering and increasingly intimate situation. After all, he didn’t want to sleep with his own boss.

“You’re exactly like Charles. When you kiss me, I feel as if you are staging an invasion, as if you’ve been starved for days and want to swallow me whole.”

He had mentioned another man while kissing Lu Tian Chen. As a man himself, Tang Feng knew exactly what to say to make the other release him.

Nobody liked being compared to someone else; even more so for a successful business man.

As expected, Lu Tian Chen released Tang Feng, whose lips were red and tender from the kiss. Even though his cheeks were flushed from kissing, not a single hint of panic or loss of reason could be seen in Tang Feng’s eyes.They were limpid, the rationality and composure evident in his gaze.

“Even if I am friends with Charles, I don’t like it when you bring up his name while we are kissing.” Lu Tian Chen stepped forward and pecked Tang Feng’s cheek.

Lu Tian Chen’s puzzling action confused Tang Feng. He glanced suspiciously at his boss. “President Lu, I have to make something clear here. If you’re interested in sleeping with me because Charles is still interested in me after we lived together for a month, then I’ll have to say no.”

“Why?” Lu Tian Chen asked straightforwardly. As usual, he was rather expressionless, as though nothing had occurred between them a moment before. “You aren’t opposed to sleeping with men. Plus, you liked me in the past. I believe my circumstances are much better than the majority of men out there.”

“Why does that matter? There is no term in my contract that states I am obligated to sleep with my boss.” Tang Feng’s sarcastic reply showed that he found the one-month deal with Charles ridiculous.

“Also, I don’t have the habit of sleeping with my boss.”

Tang Feng added to himself scornfully, why do we have to stand here and discuss this sort of thing seriously?

“It’s not a habit we’re talking about, but your own principles. Principles are made to be broken.” Lu Tian Chen looked at Tang Feng and added, “You’re right. I do want to sleep with you.”

“No, you’re merely curious.” If Lu Tian Chen actually wanted to sleep with him, then he should’ve already slept with the past Tang Feng.

Lu Tian Chen took in Tang Feng’s confident expression. He then said, “Let’s go eat.”

Lu Tian Chen turned and left the office.

Tang Feng couldn’t resist a chuckle. Exactly what was going on? He followed after Lu Tian Chen. His earnings were still quite low at the moment, so he’d be troubling President Lu to pay the bill this time.


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  1. Ah, this man has already fallen for MC. There’s no helping him now. Still don’t know why Lu Tian Chen is still clinging onto Ge Chen though. Also, I couldn’t help but laugh when I read this, “He might as well give the man a passionate kiss as a symbol of their friendship.” Like seriously?? hahahahaha

  2. Ice Princess says:

    Who the hell kisses a man just for a sign of friendship?….well tang feng is surely the first.

    Hi! i just read this today, great novel don’t drop this. :) :)

  3. Samantha Heart says:

    Pffft! You go, Tang! Lol, he is the queen and he can bring any man down to his knees lol. ^^ I love how Tang gets the upper hand in this shit. It’s jut so funny and impressive to watch. There trying to get him and he’s just like, “oh”, at it all, it’s so funny I laugh every time it happens. To be honest, it’s like there in the palm of his hand. And this is why he’s the queen lol. ^^ Gosh, I love him, and I wonder who he’s gonna fall in love with. Makes me curious. ^^ Welp, I got to keep reading. ^^

  4. +_NekoMimizZ_+ says:

    Charles = a bear = a gentleman pervert
    Albert = a beast = a sick pervert
    Lu Tian Chen = an iceberg = a silent pervert ? XD


  5. Lint says:

    That’s right Tang Feng, bring him to his knees! Tang Feng is king of his harem and will have them all paying homage to him.

    p.s. As much as I like Charles, Liu Tian Chan remains my favorite.

  6. 314 says:

    Thanks for the update. ^^

  7. Andrea says:

    Love when Tang Feng compared Lu Tian Chen to Charles, it was hilarious! xD I’m still unsure about the whole Lu Tian Chen x Tang Feng thing. Tian Chen is just so sus and he sounds like bad news… What exactly is he — as well as Ge Chen — planning with Tang Feng? I need to know!

    Thanks for the 2 new chapter updates! Always looking forward to the 1st and the 15th of every month.

  8. Marishi says:

    LTC makes a move!! Such a steamy kiss ><

    Thanks for the release!

  9. drealicious says:

    thank you for the chapter!

  10. rem says:

    So…. Does this mean Gino is actually the best kisser?

    Gino > Charles = Lu Tian Chen

  11. Devil says:

    Thank you. Thank you so much for the releases. I always look forward to any of the ‘unspotted’ releases.
    This chapter was the best. xD

  12. mimi-dono says:

    He is falling for our Tang Feng!

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