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Tang Feng’s performance in the second episode of True Star Training Class was just as good as his performance in the first. Whether it be singing or horseback riding skills, he was well above the other trainees. This time, however, he wasn’t at the center of the recent popular news. To talk about this matter, we would have to rewind to the horseback riding lesson a few days ago.

The episodes of the training class would only be broadcast a week after its filming finished. For the first part of this week, Tang Feng, Ge Chen, and the other trainees participated in music lessons. They learned to play a wide variety of fun instruments and worked through several vocal techniques under Sting’s guidance. Naturally, Tang Feng was gifted at music. It was also worth mentioning that Tang Tian Tian was rather good at singing; her voice was sweet and adorable, just like her personality. It seemed her agency already had plans to create an album for her.

Today was the highly anticipated horse-riding lesson. Tang Feng knew how to ride a horse, but he didn’t especially like horse-riding. Robert Downey Jr. had described it correctly in the movie Sherlock Homles: A Game of Shadows when he had said, “Horses are dangerous at both ends and crafty in the middle. Why would I want anything with a mind of its own bobbing about between my legs?” Despite that, this wasn’t the main reason why Tang Feng disliked horses.

Due to his ailing body, he had been prohibited from riding horses when he was Fiennes. In the past, there had been several celebrities who had been startled while riding and died from the sudden onset of a past illness due to the shock. This meant that there were people who would go into horse-riding despite knowing the dangers involved. Tang Feng barely qualified as one of those people. He only “barely” qualified as the horses he had ridden were all ponies with mild temperaments that only measured one meter at the withers.

At the start, Tang Feng rather enjoyed horse-riding. A one-meter tall pony still counted as a horse after all, right?

The reason he started disliking horse-riding was because he had once come across Gino at the riding fields by chance. That bastard had been riding a two-meter tall black horse and had leisurely trotted up to him from behind. After seeing Tang Feng on his pony, Gino burst into a guffaw. He apparently found the situation so hilarious that he bent over with laughter and was even wiping tears from his eyes.

Was it really that funny? Tang Feng hated Gino with a passion back then. Ever since that encounter, he never went to the riding fields again.

In any case, with his current healthy body, he was finally able to ride the big horses.

Quite a few of the trainees came from good family backgrounds, so they more or less knew the basics of horseback riding. Additionally, there was a riding instructor for every trainee. This time, they were undergoing one-on-one training.

Tang Feng’s instructor was an old jockey who was around forty to fifty years old. The two of them got along quite well. Under his instructor’s guidance, Tang Feng quickly remastered the techniques of horse-riding. It was his first time riding such a big horse, but the thrill and carefree sensation of being on a horse quickly suppressed his initial fear.

Along with the other trainees, Tang Feng took a slow trot around the riding field. The instructors, staff members, and cameramen followed behind them in cars. He was the fifth person to finish circling the riding field. Tang Tian Tian had managed to come in first.

When Tang Feng dismounted from his horse, he noticed that someone new had appeared among the spectators outside the riding field. After taking a closer look, he saw that it was Su Qi Cheng, someone he hadn’t seen in quite a while. Was Su Qi Cheng here to visit Ge Chen? It was rare for a wealthy, single, and handsome boss like Su Qi Cheng to love a celebrity that dearly. As the filming on Tang Feng’s side was finished for the day, he was allowed to leave. To be polite, Tang Feng waved at Su Qi Cheng in greetings as he left the riding field.

“President Su, are you here to visit Ge Chen?” Tang Feng walked over with a smile.

Su Qi Chen smiled and returned Tang Feng’s wave. “I’m here with a client today. I came over to watch the filming as it was along the way. Is this your first time riding a horse? You seem very good at it.”

It actually wasn’t his first time, but Tang Feng merely smiled. “You can stop making fun of me. My skills are too mediocre to even talk about. I think Ge Chen will be finished with his lesson soon. We don’t have anything going on this afternoon at the training class. President Su, do you want to go in and wait for him?”

“No, I’m fine with just standing out here.” Seeing that Tang Feng was sweating due to the sun, Su Qi Cheng pulled out a towelette packet from his pockets and handed it to the actor. “Here, wipe the sweat off your face.”

“Thank you.” Tang Feng accepted the packet and turned around to lean against the wooden fence that encircled the riding field. His face was slightly red from the sun, the rosiness of his cheeks made them appear like ripened apples, tempting one to give them an impulsive bite.

“You’re welcome.” Su Qi Cheng pulled his eyes away from Tang Feng’s face. “I watched your dance on last week’s episode. Although I’ve already seen you dance with Lu Tian Chen at the party some time ago, it was still quite entertaining to watch. Oh right, why did Charles suddenly join Dream Lover? I was shocked when I saw him on TV.”

Tang Feng chuckled. “I was shocked when I saw him too. I never knew a guy like him would participate in dating shows like Dream Lover. I almost thought he would eliminate me in the first round.”

“Clearly, he joined because of you. Although I haven’t known Charles for long, I think you might be the first person, and perhaps also the last, capable of making him turn around and chase after a past lover.” Su Qi Cheng’s tone of voice made it seem as if he was merely joking, but Tang Feng could hear a hint of sincerity within the words themselves.

Tang Feng smiled wryly and lifted an eyebrow in response. If Su Qi Cheng was trying to praise him, then he’d rather not be praised for that sort of thing.

Both Su Qi Cheng and Tang Feng were enjoying their chat, but just then, chaos erupted inside the riding field. They heard someone shouting in distress, “Ge Chen fell off a horse! Ge Chen fell off a horse!”

Su Qi Cheng quickly leapt over the wooden fence and ran towards the voice, Tang Feng following right behind him.


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