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Although it had been announced in the newspapers that Ge Chen would be joining the training class, at the moment, he was busy filming for a movie and hadn’t had time to attend the class yet. The movie in question was the one where the incident between Ge Chen and Tang Feng had occurred.

The film had been especially made and written for Ge Chen, as an attempt by Su Qi Cheng to raise the actor’s popularity. Tang Feng had only been given a small role in the film. A few days ago, he had asked for the script from Xiao Yu and read through it. The film was set in the criminal underworld and focused on two orphans who had been adopted and raised by a mafia boss. Ultimately, the two orphans ended up walking down two very different paths.

Out of the two orphans, Ge Chen played the angelic one, the child who had renounced his criminal upbringing and returned to the path of light. Tang Feng played the other orphan, the one who was bad to the bone. Although the synopsis claimed that the plot revolved around both of them, Ge Chen had many more scenes in the movie when compared to Tang Feng. The latter’s dark role only made more of an appearance towards the end of the movie when he and Ge Chen had their final showdown on a yacht. Eventually, Ge Chen pulled the trigger, firing the fatal bullet and sending Tang Feng into the ocean.

Tang Feng didn’t know if they had to reshoot the ending. Ultimately, the decision wasn’t his, but Lu Tian Chen’s.

After saying goodbye to Chen Ming Xu’s program, he would soon be reporting to the TV station again to film for Dream Lover. A show about men pursuing other men. He had to praise the producers for thinking of such an idea. It was both daring and novel. Besides causing a sensation among society, the show should also bring back good ratings. He had heard from Xiao Yu that the show’s copyrights had already been sold overseas. One of the buyers was a TV station from Western Europe. The open-minded Western Europe probably couldn’t believe that the old-fashioned China of their impressions could produce such a progressive show.

Dream Lover certainly sounded interesting. Tang Feng only hoped that he wouldn’t be eliminated after a single round. That would be embarrassing!

Usually, Tang Feng attended the training class during the day and went home to rest at night. However, that day Tang Feng stayed through the evening to help Tang Tian Tian improve her horrendous dancing. Being a gossipy and starry-eyed young woman, Tang Tian Tian didn’t waste any time before asking Tang Feng about his relationship with Gino. To her disappointment, Tang Feng brushed off her questions with a few words and then pulled her into a dance, not giving her the time nor the energy to ask further questions.

Around eight in the evening, Tang Tian Tian was so exhausted that she called for a break.

“I don’t care anymore. We can continue tomorrow. I…I’m so tired that I’m going to collapse!” After gasping out a few sentences, Tang Tian Tian waved her hand in hurried goodbye and left. Only Tang Feng remained behind in the large and empty dance studio.

The training class was using rooms in a mansion as its classrooms. After the dance lessons were over, one could take a break in the lounge or take a shower in the bathroom. There were cameras installed all around the lounge, only the bathroom was exempted from the constant scrutiny.

Tang Feng was sweaty from all the dancing. The melodious tango music still drifted through the studio that smelled faintly of sweat. He took off his shoes and walked barefooted to the window. Pulling it open, he let the cool breeze brush over him. It felt great on his skin. He closed his eyes and breathed deeply. He then spread his arms like a pair of wings, as if he was soaring freely through the endless night sky.

It was wonderful to be able to breathe. It was the taste of being alive.

The soft moonlight shot through the window and illuminated the floor, turning it into a silvery-white carpet. When Lu Tian Chen walked into the studio, he was met with the sight of Tang Feng with his face turned upwards to the moon as he welcomed the night breeze with open arms. The sight was slightly hazy, like a romantic scene in a movie or an oil-painting, but it made a beautiful and tranquil picture. Even though it was night, he could see the bright energy and hope that lived within Tang Feng’s body.

“You’re very good at tango. I think Pacino probably has nothing left to teach you,” Lu Tian Chen said as he walked into the studio.

Tang Feng didn’t turn around. He merely opened his eyes and rested his palms on the windowsill. “I rather enjoy dancing. I like expressing emotions by following the music and moving my body. It makes me feel as if both my heart and soul have been liberated. I can forget many things while I’m dancing, even my troubles.”


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