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The training class consisted of at most two lessons every day. The rest of the day was free time for the students. Today, Tang Feng was at the TV station to film his last appearance on Chen Ming Xu’s show.

The guests took their seats onstage and the recording started. The audience cheered loudly when Chen Ming Xu greeted them, demonstrating his immense popularity as one of the most talented hosts in the country.

“Incredible, Xiao Wan. You actually managed to contact her!”

The recording was going very smoothly. The host was keeping up a good-paced conversation with the guests on stage. Xiao Yu, however, was feeling quite anxious as she watched the recording offstage. In a moment, it would be Tang Feng’s turn to call an industry big-shot.

The person they had planned to call, Zhang Rui Cheng, was indeed a rising star from their company, but it would be a stretch to call him well-known or a big-shot. This was because there were simply too many newcomers in the industry. Even if these newcomers were as dazzling as shooting stars across the inky sky, their fame might turn out to be just as short-lived as those shooting stars. Celebrities who could remain shining in the sky were always few in number.

“Vvzz—” Xiao Yu’s phone suddenly vibrated.

She took it out and glanced at the screen. Upon seeing the number, she hurriedly left the broadcasting studio to take the call.


“Huh? Ah? You’re Mr. Gino’s manager? Yes! That’s right! Tang Feng is currently recording…”

“Really? Is that alright? Yes! I understand. Thank you! Mr. Li, truly, thank you very much!” The minute she hung up, Xiao Yu rushed back into the studio.

Meanwhile, several staff members in the control room were chatting while watching the various screens in front of them.

“Does Ming Xu have a grudge against that guy called Tang Feng? Every time he comes here to record, I feel like Ming Xu especially makes sure to pick on him.” The show’s editor cut to a different camera, pulling up a close up image of Tang Feng. Onstage, Chen Ming Xu was telling the man that it was his turn. Before he could even pick up the phone and dial the number, however, Tang Feng was already being teased by the other guests on stage.

The editor glanced at the director sitting next to him and grunted, “Director, don’t smoke in here.”

The director ignored him and took another drag on his cigarette, leisurely blowing out a ring of smoke afterwards. He gazed at the gentle and handsome man on the screen. He finally replied, “These things are always complicated, so who knows.”

“That’s strange. If Ming Xu dislikes Tang Feng, then he could just ignore him,” another staff member added doubtfully.

“Hey Director Zhang, hasn’t Tang Feng appeared on Ming Xu’s show before? Back then, Tang Feng was still in the same idol group as Ge Chen and was extremely popular. Could it be that some sort of conflict had occurred between them back then?”

Director Zhang pulled on his cigarette and chided, “We’re working. Stop the idle gossip.”

The group in the control room was speechless. Director Zhang had obviously participated in the idle gossip earlier as well.

“The call is connecting,” Chen Ming Xu said onstage. Sounds of dial up noises drifted out of the screens. Someone suddenly added, “I heard from Tang Feng’s manager that they plan on calling a newcomer from their company. Ming Xu definitely won’t miss this opportunity to mock Tang Feng for it.”

Despite the commentary in the control room, Chen Ming Xu wasn’t actually stupid enough to start attacking Tang Feng directly during the show. He merely said, “Now then, could the person Tang Feng is trying to call be the popular Ge Chen?”

“Tang Feng, you aren’t trying to fool us by calling a smalltime star instead, right? Haha…” All the shameless attacks and jeers were left to two guests, or rather kiss-ups, sitting nearby. There was no need for Chen Ming Xu to dirty his own hands.

Immediately after the guest had spoken, the call finally connected. The studio fell silent in anticipation. Tang Feng waited quietly as well. Just when everybody was expecting Tang Feng to make a fool out of himself, a young man’s voice came on the other end of the line.


This voice, why did it sound somewhat familiar?

It wasn’t only Tang Feng who felt that way. The audience, the guests on stage, and the staff members all felt they had also heard the voice before.

According to the show’s plan, Tang Feng was to ask a request of the person he had called. The guests before him had asked the big-shots they’d called to eat out together or to borrow money. Though honestly, most of the celebrities who had been called truly couldn’t be considered as big-shots in the industry.

“Eh?” This voice didn’t belong to Zhang Rui Cheng. Even Tang Feng was surprised at this turn of events. Had they dialed the wrong number? Or was it Rui Cheng’s friend who had picked up the call?

“Oh, so it’s Tang Feng! Did you need me for something?” The voice spoke in an awkward and horrid mixture of Chinese and English. When he heard the terrible accent, Tang Feng immediately knew who was at the other end.

“Gino?” Tang Feng was stunned. The rest of the studio still hadn’t reacted. Gino? Which Gino?


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