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Tang Feng finally understood what “” meant. If someone saw you as a thorn in their sides and wanted to smear your image, they’d fabricate all sorts of lies to do it.

A Classical Male Beauty Whose Fame Exploded Overnight—Had He Intentionally Pushed Ge Chen into the Sea?

Only two days had passed since Tang Feng left the TV station, yet a click-baiting lead story like this had already popped up on an online news site. He clicked on the link leading to the article which contained a detailed description of his past. From debuting in the same idol group as Ge Chen, to his rapid decline in fame after he went solo, and his bad behaviour that caused his management to ignore him. Most importantly, the article focused on how he had resentfully pushed Ge Chen into the sea while filming.

None of the photos in the article were good shots of him. The author had deliberately chosen pictures from Tang Feng’s younger, foolish days. When comparing the current Tang Feng to the one in the pictures, the difference was staggering.

This article was being read avidly by a million eyes across the nation, and Charles was one of them.

With his legs propped up on his desk, Charles enlarged the picture of Tang Feng on his tablet. Between sips of whisky from his glass he scrutinized the picture as closely as if he were examining the authenticity of an antique. Afterwards, he immediately broke into quiet laugher. “The current Tang Feng is completely different from the past one. They have the exact same face, yet they feel like two completely different persons. Why? Why are they so different? Oh! Maybe his charm rocketed after being together with me. But our deal is already over. Damn it!”

“Say, why is it like this?” Charles directed a fierce glare at the black-clad bodyguard standing statue-like nearby. Whenever Charles was in a bad mood, there would always be a human punching bag in his office.

When the black-clad punching bag heard his boss yelling at him, he immediately straightened in fright. “Boss, this means that you were the one who unearthed Tang Feng’s charm. Boss, you’re awesome!”

“That’s what I was thinking too.” Charles leaned back in his leather chair and tossed the tablet onto his desk. “Then tell me this! Why do I keep thinking about him even though I’ve already had my fill of him?”

“Uh… Maybe Boss hasn’t had enough?” The punching bag secretly rubbed his nose.

Charles’ relaxed expression immediately hardened, his eyes gleaming like lasers. He laughed and said, “That’s impossible. I’ve never missed any of my one month lovers after the deals ended.”

“But right now, Boss, aren’t you…?” Charles glared daggers at the bodyguard, freezing him in his tracks. The punching bag immediately shut his mouth, but even though he hadn’t finished his words, Charles understood what he was going to say.

“You’re right, I do miss him.” It was a realization that was both astonishing and difficult to comprehend. Ever since Tang Feng had moved out, Charles hadn’t found anyone who appealed to him. All his choices seemed as bland as boiled-water when compared to Tang Feng. The ones who were better-looking than Tang Feng weren’t as smart as him. The ones who were smarter than Tang Feng were old enough to be his grandpa. At the moment, he hadn’t found anyone who could surpass Tang Feng in both looks and intelligence.

“His current charm is something I unearthed. It’s like how a sour, unripe apple would ripen and turn sweet after a while. Why should I give such a delicious fruit to someone else?” Charles slapped his desk, then picked up his phone and dialled a number.

“Kai, I’ll join your show, but it’ll be up to me how the show will develop!”

After hanging up, Charles immediately felt his mind and body lighten. He was curious to see how Lu Tian Chen would deal with all the newspaper and web articles about Tang Feng. As for Tang Feng himself, he was certain that the man wouldn’t be hurt so easily by something like this.

As for the people who were messing things up in the background…

Did they want to crush Tang Feng? Sorry, but he was preparing to spend some time with Tang Feng and figure out his feelings. Flies that were looking to stir things up could just get lost.


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Translator: Nannyn
Proofreaders: KN, Natas

This is an idiom meaning the world will change whether you want it or not.

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