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“Darling, order whatever you want to eat. Don’t hold back,” Charles said with an attractive smile on his face and a caring expression in his bright, brown eyes. He was gentle and considerate, showing all the makings of a perfect lover.

The young man named Li Quan was deeply moved by Charles’ words. He didn’t understand why Charles had kicked him out after just a kiss last night, but he had been given a large sum of money as compensation in the end. He’d heard people say that the wealthy never treated people in his line of work very well. Some people had even become ruined by the awful treatment. The ones he had met before were never like this gentleman beside him: handsome, thoughtful, and gentle.

Meanwhile, Tang Feng had flipped through the menu and ordered a few slightly spicy dishes. He turned a blind eye to Charles and the young man. His deal with Charles had already ended; therefore, in his mind, so had their relationship. Now, whoever Charles wanted to sleep with had nothing to do with him, just like how Charles had nothing to do with who he dated.

“President Lu, can I move into the dorms this afternoon?” Tang Feng asked turning to Lu Tian Chen, his mind already moving on to different things. He didn’t want to move during the night. After moving his things into the dorm, he’d have to unpack and put them away. Spending the whole night arranging things would be bothersome.

Lu Tian Chen returned his menu to the waiter and cast a sideways glance at Tang Feng. “You have to discuss the terms of the training class with Xiao Yu this afternoon.”

Which meant that he wouldn’t be able to move into the dorm this afternoon. Then why had the discussion with Xiao Yu been pushed to the afternoon when they could’ve done it in the morning? Was Lu Tian Chen deliberately playing with him? It didn’t seem like he was though.

Tang Feng slightly raised an eyebrow and reached out for his water glass. Just as he was about to grasp it however, Charles grabbed it and handed it over to Li Quan.

“Have a drink, my dear.” Charles gave him a brilliant smile.

Not minding it in the least, Tang Feng nonchalantly reached to his left and took the glass on Lu Tian Chen’s side of the table. Charles had probably mistakenly grabbed the wrong glass. If they followed the current order, then the glass on Li Quan’s side would be Lu Tian Chen’s, and the one on Lu Tian Chen’s side would be his.

Charles’ eyes twitched at Tang Feng’s action. Lu Tian Chen lifted his eyes slightly and glanced at Tang Feng, who was currently drinking.

“What?” Tang Feng immediately noticed that Lu Tian Chen was staring at him.

“That’s my glass,” Lu Tian Chen said, looking at him through narrowed eyes.

Tang Feng smiled impudently in response. “I’m using this one. Yours is to your left.”

Lu Tian Chen raised his chin at the answer.

Tang Feng smirked as he put his glass down. He had already drunk from it, so how could Lu Tian Chen take it back?

Without dropping his gaze, Lu Tian Chen immediately picked up the glass Tang Feng had put down and took a drink from it. Tang Feng’s eyes widened slightly. Observing the interplay between the two, Charles’ smile became somewhat stiff.

“Darling, I’m thirsty too.” Breaking the moment, Charles grabbed the glass Li Quan had used and lifted it to his lips. He hesitated for a bit, an evasive expression in his eyes. Then, as if forcing down bitter medicine, he took the smallest sip possible. The most he had done was wet his lips.

Tang Feng turned around and waved at the waiter. “Can I get another glass of water?” What a bunch of senseless guys, he thought.

“Tang Feng…” Charles knocked on the table, managing to force out the man’s name after a long while.


With a small smile, Charles slung an arm across Li Quan’s shoulders. “This is my darling.”

Tang Feng nodded and smiled. “I know. We greeted each other earlier. Isn’t it Li Quan?” He directed a gentle smile at the young man across from him. Li Quan unexpectedly blushed and lowered his head.

Charles hollowly laughed and stared at the man beside him. What an embarrassing fellow.

The strange atmosphere around the table persisted throughout the meal. As they were about to finish, Lu Tian Chen glanced across at his old friend. He then said to Tang Feng, “Some problems came up and the dorm is full. I’ll have someone find an apartment for you. Meanwhile, you can live at my house. ”

“Alright.” Tang Feng was completely satisfied with the turn of events. An apartment was much better than a dorm. He could put up with Lu Tian Chen for a few days. In any case, Lu Tian Chen saw him as a hindrance; he’d probably find an apartment for him as soon as possible.

Hearing his easy assent, Charles suddenly choked on his wine.


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    • DLAngel says:

      Right? Poor Charles. To fall in love with such a person. But then again, its his fault for letting go so easily and trying to use such an outdated and useless method of ‘Making him jealous’. That never works. It either makes the situation worse or you makes you feel worse if theres no reaction.

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