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Lu Tian Chen looked down at the files on his table. It had been two whole hours, yet he’d only made it through three pages. Half an hour ago, he was on page three. Now, half an hour later, he was still on page three.

He really wanted to know how Charles managed to focus on his job when he’d brought Tang Feng to work.

For the thirty-sixth time, Lu Tian Chen turned his head slightly to peek at the man not far away. Tang Feng certainly wasn’t making any noises and disturbing him, but the man really seemed to enjoy walking around the office. To refrain from making noise, he’d taken his shoes off. The sunlight shot through the windows and reflected off of the pair of pale, bare feet, creating a blinding effect.

Bored of reading, Tang Feng stood by the window, looking down at the endless hustle of people and cars below. But he couldn’t stand still. One of his feet kept on shifting from being on tiptoes to being flat on the ground. He couldn’t watch steadily either; after looking for a while, he would start moving around. He’d turn his neck around like a pendulum, twist his waist back and forth, and then stretch his back.

The restless man soon found a dumbbell in the office. He sat back down on the couch and started doing exercises.

Tang Feng certainly wasn’t making any noise, but he kept shuffling around endlessly. A few times Lu Tian Chen truly wanted to speak out and tell the other man to stop, but in the end, lunchtime came around and he still hadn’t said anything.

“Meals should be eaten on a regular schedule, or you’ll develop stomach problems.” Tang Feng put his hands on Lu Tian Chen’s desk. He wasn’t going to tell the detestable man that he had been moving around all morning deliberately.

Lu Tian Chen looked up and eyed Tang Feng. “Cafeteria.”

“Sure.” He was fine with anywhere.

Tang Feng followed Lu Tian Chen to the company-exclusive cafeteria. Along the way, many employees shot secret glances at him. He had experienced the same thing with Charles, so he wasn’t the least bit shy or distressed at it.

Speaking of the devil, the man whom he had lived with for a month unexpectedly showed up. Charles was sitting in the exact same place, in the exact same spot as when they had ate together here last time.

In the à la carte area, Charles was currently drinking wine and smoking a cigarette. His face was the same as usual, like a yuppie. Except this time, the one sitting across from him wasn’t Tang Feng. It was another rather good-looking young man.

Seeing Charles again, Tang Feng had only one thought in mind: This playboy will probably develop kidney problems one day.

Other than that, he didn’t think much of Charles being with another person. The same way he expected Charles to feel nothing when seeing him together with Lu Tian Chen. After all, Charles was the one who had said they would meet and part on a good note.

“Hey, what a coincidence. Why don’t we eat together?” Charles waved his hand the minute he saw Tang Feng and Lu Tian Chen. At the same time, he pulled the young man over to the seat next to his own. His hand rested affectionately on the youth’s shoulders, his smile particularly bright.

Lu Tian Chen smiled as he walked over. “Alright.”

Lu Tian Chen sat across from Charles, making Tang Feng take the last seat. Tang Feng leisurely sat down. He then easily greeted Charles, and nodded at the young man.


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    Is the new guy going to be important or just sit there for a for chapters?
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