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After sleeping comfortably at Lu Tian Chen’s house for the night, Tang Feng woke up extra early. It wouldn’t be good if he’d slept in too late and Lu Tian Chen thought that he was trying to “seduce” him again. Although Lu Tian Chen was good looking and an eligible bachelor, he wasn’t the only one in the world. Likewise, there were men who were even more outstanding than Lu Tian Chen in the world.

Tang Feng did not have a habit of torturing himself, nor did he have a habit of allowing others to take advantage of him.

After quickly washing up, Tang Feng went downstairs to the living room. Lu Tian Chen seemed to have just woken up. He was currently sitting at the dining table looking through a stack of newspapers and magazines.

Lu Tian Chen glanced up when Tang Feng entered and graced him with a single word: “Sit.”

“President Lu, when are we going to the dorm?” Tang Feng looked at the bodyguards outside the window. “If you give me the key and tell me the address, I can go there by myself.”

Lu Tian Chen did not respond. He tapped the white dining table with a finger, signaling Tang Feng to sit down.

A servant quickly brought out two sets of breakfast. The coffee smelled especially fragrant. Since the boss was treating him to breakfast, then as the employee, he might as well enjoy it. Tang Feng picked up a magazine and started flipping through it, quietly enjoying his breakfast.

After he finished eating, Lu Tian Chen patted his mouth clean with a napkin. A servant came up and cleared away the dishes.

“Let’s go.” Lu Tian Chen stood up.

“Then I’ll go get my suitcases.”

“No need.” Lu Tian Chen turned around and walked toward the front door. “We’re heading to the company first to deal with business.”

What business? Tang Feng frowned and looked left and right, but still ended up following after Lu Tian Chen. He stared at the man walking in front of him, a desire to kick that guy’s butt welling up.

At the moment, all he could do was think about how he would deal with Lu Tian Chen. However, it was his goal to make sure that his methods would be put to use in the future.

Tang Feng and Lu Tian Chen drove together to the Tian Chen Group. Tang Feng didn’t plan on walking separately with Lu Tian Chen and entering the company at different times. It was normal for an employee to walk together with their boss. Purposely separating would in fact make others misunderstand. Tang Feng was an upstanding man; there was nothing for him to hide.

Even then, during the walk from the lobby to the elevator especially used by high-level executives, people couldn’t help but give them curious glances.

Ever since they’d left the mansion, the two of them had not exchanged a single word with each other. As they didn’t have any common interests to talk about, neither felt the need to start a conversation. If they had, they both would probably have ended up feeling awkward and uncomfortable.

The elevator stopped and Lu Tian Chen walked out first, Tang Feng following right behind. It wasn’t the first time he had come to the Tian Chen Group; he had been here a few times before with Charles. But the only place he had visited during those times was Charles’ office; he hadn’t had the “privilege” of entering Lu Tian Chen’s office before.

It was his first time stepping into the president’s office.

The layout of Lu Tian Chen’s office was somewhat similar to Charles’, except the arrangement was much simpler. The floor to ceiling windows behind the desk offered a wide, expansive view of the city. The office in whole was relaxing and comfortable, yet also luxurious and grand.

“Sit.” Lu Tian Chen walked straight to his chair and sat down. Tang Feng went over and sat opposite of him.

Lu Tian Chen pulled a folder out of a drawer and passed it over to Tang Feng. “This is your upcoming work schedule.Take a look at it.” Lu Tian Chen then turned and spoke into the phone, “Mary, bring in two cups of coffee.”

Tang Feng looked through the files in the folder. His schedule for the upcoming weeks was quite easy. He had mainly two jobs to do. One was to participate in the recordings of “Dream Lover,” the other was joining the program Charles had helped him get into: “True Star Training Class.” Besides those two, he also had some photo shoots for a few magazines.

“President Lu, are there any news for Director Li Wei’s movie?” It was what Tang Feng was most concerned about at the moment.

Lu Tian Chen’s secretary opened the door and brought in two cups of coffee. Lu Tian Chen took a sip from his cup. “We are still negotiating with the director. Rest assured, I won’t bring personal feelings into my job. All you have to do is succeed at your work.”

Tang Feng nodded his head. He had no complaints to that.

“Since you have nothing to do today, just stay here.” Lu Tian Chen pointed to the bookshelf in the room. “Books, computer, you can use whatever you want.”

“President Lu, what about the dorm…” He wasn’t going to make Tang Feng sit there the whole day, right?

Lu Tian Chen looked down at the files in front of him. “Don’t bother me.”

Under the table, Tang Feng silently flipped Lu Tian Chen the bird.


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    ‘Under the table, Tang Feng silently flipped LTC the bird’ just love this story, th-th-thank you!!!!

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    Kyaah acted so arrogant but so sweet in heart ❤❤❤
    Many loves for pres Lu~~

  4. TJay says:

    Charlie’s got it bad.Too bad so sad because your prince is in President Lu’s castle now. XD Also I agree with no3b on this one polygamy would just screw up the ending. it would be like flipping the readers the bird……….. oh and also YAAY UPDATE!!<3 U<)/

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    When the next update?
    i am feeling really regret because can’t follow this great novel till the end.
    My time is running out.
    Hopefully Tang Feng will ending with a great lover.

  6. xena nais says:

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  7. Devil says:

    Haha. “flipped ..the bird” :D

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    Is’t only me or it’s Dejavu…
    Hahaha Thank you for your hard work!

  9. blackitty says:

    I want a spoiler!!! please!!! does anyone know who tang feng ends up with?

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    Not know if loving Tian Lu Chen or not, is hilarious to see how he treats Tang Feng. Thanks for the chapters.

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    hmmm, Lu Tian Chen, what are you up to? Why aren’t you telling the address of the dorm to Tang Feng? Or was there no arrangement for him to live in the dorm at all and the plan was to keep him in your home? Are you trying to learn about Tang Feng or are you trying to do something similar to the month-long deal between him and Charles?

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    Thank you for translating and sharing!
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    I just love this story. Thank you so much for these chapters.

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