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Gorgeous lights bloom and decorate the city’s night scene, their resplendence surpassing that of the sparse stars dotting the inky sky above. In the end, where does true heaven exist? In the sky or on the earth?

Rows of luxurious cars park side by side. It isn’t a motor show, but the impressive parking lot of a well-known nightclub in S City. The entrance to the nightclub in the parking lot leads to a long corridor. The club doesn’t require any membership card, but even if one possesses assets over 100 million, it will still be impossible for one to set foot in the club.

After passing through the corridor, the crystal elevator takes the chosen few to the 9th floor. The music on the floor is deafening, its force piercing the eardrum. The air is permeated with the scent of extravagant, brand name perfumes. Beautiful girls in high-heels flip their hair as they strut on the dance floor, displaying their youthful charms; their sweet-smelling perspiration trickling down as they dance. Lights flash on and off in the shadowy room, refracting off of the crystal glasses carrying wine and champagne, transforming into bewitching colors.

To the side of the luxurious dance floor are stairs leading up another floor. A row of bodyguards dressed in black currently stood beside the stairs. All the bodyguards were tall and strong, indicating that the people on the floor were of great affluence.

The nightclub’s manager personally led a group of handsome men and beautiful women past the bodyguards and up the stairs. An attractive man was sitting on a wide, wine-colored couch. The buttons of his dark blue, hand-tailored suit were open, baring the well-muscled chest underneath. A half-burnt cigar was in his left hand, a glass of red wine in his right.

“Mr. Charles, these are all our newcomers. I assure you that they are the best of the bunch.” The manager led the group up to the floor. The group of men and women stood in a row, waiting to be selected.

Charles took a puff on his cigar and blew out a cloud of smoke. He then took a sip from his wine glass as his gaze drifted from left to right, looking at the row of people before him. Women… He didn’t want any at the moment. As for men… That one was too effeminate. That one was too thin and short. There was one left, the man’s clean, handsome looks were at least pleasing to the eyes.

Charles narrowed his eyes and gestured with a finger at the subordinate by his side. The subordinate immediately pulled out a roll of bills and tossed it to the nightclub’s manager.

“Today… I’m not going home until I’m drunk. I’m going to play to my heart’s content.” Charles stood up unsteadily. He walked towards the young man with clean, handsome looks. He narrowed his eyes and used a finger to lift up the young man’s chin. Blowing out a mouthful of smoke, he asked, “What’s your name?”

“Boss, my name is Li Quan,” the young man replied quietly.

Charles smiled, pulled Li Quan into his arms, and kissed him. “Li Quan, very good. Ah… Your name is very nice. It sounds pretty similar to Tang Feng. Do you want to be with me?”

“Yes, I want to be with Boss,” answered the young man, unable to hide his excitement. Everyone knew Charles was rich. Plus, the man didn’t have any strange hobbies, and he was handsome and dashing.

Charles only frowned slightly. Li Quan’s answer was too quick and didn’t possess an ounce of that man’s sense of humor.

Forget it. At least he was young and had a good figure. His appearance was also quite pleasing; using him to warm the bed would be fine.

He would forget Tang Feng, Charles assured himself. After all, Tang Feng was only a forgotten small-time star, merely a man he’d had a one month deal with. He, Charles, was a man who never looked back on past lovers.

He hadn’t before as he wouldn’t now, nor would he in the future.

Charles gave a laugh and walked downstairs with an arm around the young man. “Come home with me!”

By now, Tang Feng should have already left his house. He would have fun with his new lover in Tang Feng’s room tonight! He would remove every lingering scent of that man’s from the room. Every little bit, not leaving any behind.

Two hours later, Charles kicked the young man out of his house. His subordinate drove the young man, who hadn’t even been in the room for ten minutes, back to the club.

“Damn it…” Charles collapsed miserably onto the bed in the empty room. He stuffed his head inside the blankets, which still contained some traces of that man’s scent. He rolled the blankets up and held them in his arms, muttering all the while. Finally, he went to sleep.


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  1. BloomBlood says:

    Charles, admit it. You’re totally smitten with Tang Feng. Now quit moping around and pursue the guy!

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    hahaha, poor Charles XD

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    Haha. Yay an update, thank you so much.
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    (dies) back to life, to give thanks for the translation.

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    Thank you so much for translating this! OHH! My heart breaks for charles…the beast has been tamed,ladies and gentlemen! I love/hate this chpter! I can’t wait for the time when he’s gonna realize the feels…haha if you know what I mean :)

  7. nico klein langer says:

    Oh, poor Charles is in denial.
    He already miss tang feng,so cute, lol.

  8. Aoi says:

    …pfft. This chapter is hilarious. A fail for Charles.

  9. Tangy_Citrus says:

    it’s great that we get to see what Charles was doing on the last day of Tang Feng’s stay with him and how he was attempting to deal with the feelings that grew for him. Too bad it didn’t work because now he’s got some angsting to do. I wonder how long it’s going to take before he can’t handle Tang Feng’s absence any longer?

    thank you for translating and sharing!
    take care and have fun!

  10. kitty says:

    thank you for the chapter

    Charles is being so damn cute, wanna hug him

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