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“I’ve only been hit a few times by a wooden staff. It’s nothing big. When I was young, I’d gotten into a fight with someone at a bar and even got smashed on the head with a bottle. I’ll be fine after two days of rest.” Tang Feng had slept away the entire afternoon. After eating, he was now fully satisfied and clearheaded. He lay on the bed and pulled his bathrobe down to his waist. Under the warm yellow light, his young and healthy body glowed like shimmery silk. The bruise marks across his back brought with them an unexpected tyrannical sense of beauty.

Lu Tian Chen narrowed his eyes slightly. He walked to the bed and sat down. Pulling the bedside table’s drawer open, he took out a tube of ointment.

“When you were young?”

“Yup.” He had accidently talked about the things that had happened in his previous life. But when Tang Feng noticed, he wasn’t the least bit panicked. He rested his head on his arm and smiled as he said, “Who doesn’t have a past? A stupid, hot-blooded, crazy, and indulgent past.”

There wasn’t a single law prohibiting a heart disease patient from drinking, smoking, and traveling all over the place. When he was young, he definitely had done some stupid things. He had hotheadedly gotten into fights. One time, he had almost gone on a joyride with some people. Every single time, he had been dragged back by his manager and severely scolded. Several times, his heart had acted up and he almost died. After , he finally settled down.

People always said that charming people exuded charm, but where did that charm come from?

It would be hard for people to mature without experiencing the ups and downs of life. Pain and suffering could ruin, but also make a person. That was the reason why a forty-year old person would have different views than when he was twenty years old.

Some people’s eyes were like clear springs. Just by looking into their eyes, one would know that those people were full of stories and experiences. All good actors had eyes filled with stories. One only needed a black and white photograph of them to watch and experience an unforgettable movie.

A twenty-year old body and almost forty years of experience. That was his asset.

“Your words sound like something my uncle would say.” Lu Tian Chen squeezed a bit of the ointment onto his hand, warming it up. He then rubbed it between his hands and smeared it onto the bruise marks on Tang Feng’s back. The latter lightly called out, “President Lu, be gentler. It hurts.”

“So you know what pain is?” Lu Tian Chen glanced over the love bites on Tang Feng’s nape and back. His hands became even more forceful.

“President Lu, do you want to kill me?” Tang Feng frowned slightly and turned his head to give the man a stare. His eyes were covered with a film of tears, as if he was about to cry. But it was only because his bruises were hurting.

The corners of Lu Tian Chen’s mouth curled up in a smile. “Even if you die, you won’t die in my house.”

“Much thanks to President Lu’s great mercy.” Tang Feng immediately shot back with a sarcastic remark.

“Alright, you can pull up your robe.” Lu Tian Chen slapped Tang Feng’s butt, which was soft and springy. He gave a small smile and put the tube of ointment back in the drawer. “The ointment is in here. Use it whenever you need to.”

Tang Feng sat up and unhurriedly pulled his robe up. He didn’t bother pulling the robe tight and ended up exposing a patch of chest.

“Does this count as you trying to seduce me?” Lu Tian Chen stood beside the bed with his hands in his pockets. He looked at the man with the disheveled clothing sitting on the bed.

“No, I don’t believe I have the assets capable of seducing President Lu. Or are you actually being seduced by me right now?” Tang Feng deliberately pulled at the collar of his bathrobe, a joking expression on his face. He raised his head and looked at the other. “If that is true, then I have to congratulate you. President Lu, your taste is improving.”

“My taste had always been good.” Lu Tian Chen pointed at the kiss mark on Tang Feng’s chest. “Was it pleasant living with Charles?”

“He’s a pretty good lover,” Tang Feng said matter-of-factly, without reading more into the question. As for Lu Tian Chen’s peculiar tone of voice, he automatically filtered it out.

Lu Tian Chen looked at him. “I thought you would hate me.”

“I made the choice myself. I would never blame someone else.” Tang Feng lowered his head and smiled lightly. His profound eyes had an elegant and open look about them.

“If your appearance hadn’t stayed the same, I would think you are someone else.” Lu Tian Chen lifted his lips in a smile. “But no matter who you are, right now you’re Tang Feng, my employee.”

“Then is the boss willing to stick out for the employee and help him be successful?”

“That depends on your performance.” Lu Tian Chen turned around to leave. Before he closed the door, he lifted his hand in a goodbye. “Have a good rest.”

Tang Feng rolled his eyes at him. Fortunately, he could leave tomorrow. If he had to deal with Lu Tian Chen every day, he was afraid he wouldn’t be able to resist from punching the man.


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Translator: Nannyn
Proofreaders: Poisonwords, PiKairi

Expression meaning near-death experience. Or going to hell and back.

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