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Tang Feng took in the luxurious room that was arranged in the Victorian style. He sat on the soft bed and once again felt that being rich was indeed good. From Charles’ villa to Lu Tian Chen’s mansion, should he be glad that he was quite lucky after his rebirth? Aside from the beginning where he had to stay at the hospital, he had always gotten to live in mansions afterwards.

“Let’s go bathe first.” Tang Feng opened the bathroom door and stared in awe. “Wow, this is why I say that being rich is good! My dear big bathtub, here I come.”

The bathtub had automatic water release and temperature control settings. Tang Feng was very satisfied with the bathroom, but it was a pity that it didn’t have a TV hanging on the wall like at Charles’ place. On the bright side, his room had a laptop. Tang Feng boldly brought it into the bathroom. Just then, the bathtub had also finished filling up. He stripped off his clothes, got in the bathtub, and started watching a movie.

In his moment of indulgence, he totally forgot about Lu Tian Chen.

Lu Tian Chen called out Tang Feng’s name for the nth time that day. Whether this counted as a breakthrough in their relationship was another case however.

“Tang Feng!” Lu Tian Chen walked into the room, but didn’t see the man he was looking for. He saw the suitcases sitting on the floor and…clothes? His eyes followed the trail of clothes, finally stopping beside the half-closed bathroom door. As he neared the bathroom, he heard a voice coming from inside.

Lu Tian Chen’s eyes lowered to the doorknob, after pausing for a moment, he pushed open the door. He was faced with the sight of Tang Feng lying comfortably in the bathtub, his feet sticking out of the water. Opposite him, a laptop was sitting on the bathtub caddy playing a movie.

“President Lu?” Tang Feng turned to face the man and smiled. “Is there something you need?” Tang Feng was treating this place like it was his own room; then again, it was his room at the moment, at least temporarily.

“Come out and eat something.” Lu Tian Chen glanced at Tang Feng’s pale chest that was exposed above the water. He walked over and shut the laptop. When he turned around, he came face to face with Tang Feng. He glanced over the faint love bites that marked Tang Feng’s chest. Lu Tian Chen narrowed his eyes slightly, and added in a cool voice,” Quickly.”

Turning on his heels abruptly, Lu Tian Chen strode out of the bathroom.

Tang Feng looked at Lu Tian Chen’s retreating back. He gently shook his head and let out a chuckle, his boss truly had a fickle personality.

Tang Feng put on a robe and came out of the bathroom. A hot meal had already been placed on the antique wooden table in his bedroom. Suddenly, he felt very hungry.

“President Lu, want to eat together?” Tang Feng sat down at the table. Lu Tian Chen was sitting opposite of him, a glass of whiskey on the rocks in his hand.

“No.” Despite the sudden change in Lu Tian Chen’s personality, his words were still easy to understand. Since the boss had already said “no,” then Tang Feng would eat by himself. In the weird atmosphere, Tang Feng lowered his head and slowly ate his dinner. Lu Tian Chen drank his whiskey, shooting occasional glances at the other man.

When Tang Feng was almost done with his food, Lu Tian Chen sat down his glass and said abruptly, “Take off your clothes.”

“Cough—” It hadn’t even being a day since Tang Feng left Charles’ wolf den. Lu Tian Chen’s sudden words truly gave him a scare.

Lu Tian Chen expressionlessly passed over a tissue. “Xiao Yu called me today. You don’t have to worry about what happened at the set. Just be more careful next time.”

Did this mean he shouldn’t pursue the matter? Tang Feng smiled faintly; he had also thought that nothing would come out of an investigation. Even if he knew who was pulling the strings in the shadows, what could he do? At most, he could distance himself from that person. He couldn’t fight fire with fire.

The best way to deal with people who were envious of one’s self would be to never let them catch up to one. With no way to overcome their envy, they could only wallow in their miserable situation until death.

“I’ll help you treat the injury on your back.” Lu Tian Chen stood up, and pointed at the bed. “Go lie down.”

Tang Feng stood up indifferently and laughed. ”President Lu knows how to treat injuries?”

“I even know how to take a bullet out.”

That deadpan joke wasn’t funny at all.


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