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“It’s definitely that guy who’s jealous of your good acting skills.” On the way back, Xiao Yu’s tears flowed uncontrollably. She suddenly felt powerless and weak. In the entertainment circle, it was common for bullying to take place. It was also normal for people to deviate from the script and change the intended storyline just because they disliked someone.

But when these things actually happened to the people one was close to, how many would be able to accept it silently?

Xiao Yu and Tang Feng didn’t come from the necessary background, nor did they have the necessary status. They didn’t even have the right to speak or protest.

So what could they do? China didn’t have an organization made for the purpose of protecting actors and actresses. No matter how angry they became, they could only suffer in their anger alone. If they rose up against their opponent right now, the only ones who’d get hurt would be themselves.

The two actors who had played as the punishers left without receiving their pay, so there was no way of knowing who was ordering them around in the background. The filming crew wouldn’t drop all of their work to help them investigate something this small. The most they got for now were some comforting words from the producer of the drama.

“Just think of it as an act of self-sacrifice for the show.” Tang Feng smiled and placated Xiao Yu. Sometimes, injuries were inevitable while filming. But for something like this, there was still a difference between getting hurt for the sake of filming and being intentionally set up by someone.

Exactly who was it that wanted to make things difficult for him? After the incident, Xiao Yu had especially asked around, but she had received nothing more than a rhetorical question.

Who told you to provoke a big shot?

A big shot? Tang Feng couldn’t remember provoking any big shots, much less aggravating them enough to make them resort to those sorts of dirty tricks to deal with him.

After consoling Xiao Yu, Tang Feng returned to Charles’ mansion. Today was his last day there. When he returned to his room, he found that his luggage had already been organized. Charles truly was a thorough “one month lover,” at the end of their business deal, he’d even packed his luggage for him.

Lu Tian Chen had said that he would pick him up tonight. Since that was the case, Tang Feng didn’t need to walk around carrying his suitcases. Besides, he didn’t even have a place to go at the moment.

Charles wasn’t home. Maybe it was better to say that Tang Feng hadn’t seen the man since the morning. He didn’t know whether it was because Charles had lost interest in him, or if it was something else, but Tang Feng was quite happy with the result. The thing he disliked the most was awkward partings. In the past when he had to say goodbye to his friends, he’d refused to let them come to the airport and send him off. So the kind of goodbye where they didn’t have to see each other at all was great.

There wasn’t anything he couldn’t let go of, and there wasn’t anything he couldn’t take away.

After coming back from the film set, Tang Feng felt a bit tired. He shoved Xiao Yu’s warning of going to the hospital for a check up to the back of his mind. He had merely been hit by two wooden staffs, and though it hurt, it wasn’t a heavy injury. All he had to do was put some salve on it later. Lying on the bed, Tang Feng soon fell asleep.

He had a dream. In it, his heart suddenly acted up, sending an intense pain through his body. Staggering, he fell to the ground. The crowd that surrounded him let out an alarmed cry. Someone was rushing around, attending to him, but he didn’t know who. There were people talking on their phones, taking pictures of him, and yelling out his name.

“Tang Feng… Tang Feng… Wake up…” The fuzzy voice gradually became clearer, drifting from the dream to beside his ear. Tang Feng woke up from his dream. He opened his eyes and made out a vague shadow looming above him in the dark.

“Charles?” He called out of habit. As only Charles and he lived here, he didn’t think of the possibility of the shadow being someone else.

“Pa—” With the soft click of the light switch, the room instantly flooded with light. The sudden brightness hard on his eyes, Tang Feng shielded them with his hand. As he had just woken up, his tone of voice was quite ill-humored. “Charles, you idiot! Couldn’t you just turn on the bedside lamp instead?”

“I see you have quite a short fuse, though you hide it pretty well normally.” This sort of banter like dialogue was definitely something Charles wouldn’t say.

Tang Feng removed his hand from his eyes. Standing under the light was a man dressed in a suit, his back straight and his face stern. Lu Tian Chen put his hands in his pockets and bent down, his eyes bright and piercing. “Finally awake?”

“Haha, President Lu.” Tang Feng looked at the other, and then pointed to the suitcases on the floor. “Mind giving me a hand?”

Lu Tian Chen’s eyes seemingly twitched and he gave Tang Feng a stare. He then picked up the suitcases and walked out the door.


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