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Tang Feng would only go to the filming location when he had scenes to shoot. A few days ago, he had shot his first scene since his rebirth. His first role was that of a musician, and he had also had his first meeting with the female lead. After his initial appearance, bit by bit, they gradually shot his remaining scenes. It was going better than he’d expected, as his scenes usually passed within three takes.

The filming of a TV drama was definitely a rougher process than the filming for a movie. For a world-class actor like him, a small role like this was easy as pie.

But whether it was a TV series or a movie, Tang Feng enjoyed the feeling of being in front of a camera. The scene he was going to film today was also his last scene in the drama; acting as the musician, he would sacrifice himself to save the heroine. It was a tragic scene, but tragic scenes often found considerable favor with the audience.

The producer of the drama especially came over and greeted Tang Feng, lauding him on his outstanding performance. While they exchanged contact information, the producer expressed his desire to work with Tang Feng on future jobs if the opportunity appeared.

Tang Feng smiled and said he would treasure the opportunity if it came up. He wasn’t simply being courteous when he said those words. When he had been in the United States, he had mostly filmed movies. It wasn’t that TV dramas weren’t good; he had just liked the more refined feel a movie gave off. Plus, he had liked how much more the depth and details of a story could be explored in a movie.

There was also another reason for why he liked movies better. American TV series were usually produced by separate TV stations. Series that were popular could keep filming season after season for years. Could you imagine the feeling of having to play the same role for ten years? Actors who wanted to prove and challenge themselves wanted to be able to act in all sorts of roles. They wanted to explore the extent of their skill through different scripts, and search for another side of themselves under different directors.

But TV dramas worked differently in China. Most of the time, there would be only one season to a drama series. Even if a sequel was made, it wouldn’t necessarily have the same cast. In Tang Feng’s opinion, an occasional guest appearance in that sort of drama would be quite interesting.

Anyways, the reason he was reborn was so that he could lead a better life. He would go with his whims and do the things he wanted.

After greeting the producer, Tang Feng sat in the dressing room and read over the script while the stylist fixed his hair and make-up.

“Tang Feng, do you remember the photo I took with you a few weeks ago?” The stylist took the opportunity and started chatting with the actor. She was afraid that Tang Feng wouldn’t remember and even took out her phone. The screensaver was in fact the photo she had taken last time.

“Yes, I do.” Tang Feng nodded in response.

“I posted the photo on Weibo last time. When I went home and checked that night, my god, it was in the top three for both Popular Photos and Popular Discussions! Many people were asking who you were, saying that you were like a classical male beauty that had walked straight out of a painting.” The stylist raised her chin in pride and gazed at the reflection of the man in the mirror. He was indeed the definition of beauty. “Tang Feng, even though this episode hasn’t been broadcast yet, you’ve already become a hot topic among people.”

Tang Feng raised his lips in a casual smile. “Of course that’s all due to your effort, making me appear that good-looking.”

“Right? That’s what I think too. Hahaha…” The stylist covered her mouth and laughed in embarrassment. Although she had only worked with Tang Feng a few times, she found that the latter’s easy-going attitude was vastly different from that of most celebrities. There were many small time stars who tried to win the staff’s favor by flattery, but most of their acts ended up feeling fake and deliberate.

Although people liked to hear words of praise, they liked sincerity even better. This fact held true both inside and outside the entertainment world.

“What’s there to be proud of for a has-been star?” Someone in the dressing room snorted.

“You’re only playing a supporting role, what’s impressive about that? Born to support others, that’s all you’re meant for,” another person immediately echoed. Cruel laughter quickly followed their insults.

The stylist glared at them through the mirror. She bent down and said beside Tang Feng’s ear, “Don’t bother yourself with them. Besides gossiping and arguing, they can’t do anything else.”

Tang Feng gave an indifferent smile. If someone wanted to enter the entertainment world, then they should be prepared to hear rumors and slanders. If they didn’t even have that little bit of tolerance, why bother entering this complicated world in the first place?


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