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“You’re the first man who has ever dared to step on me.” Charles narrowed his eyes, the corners of his mouth turning up in an animalistic grin. Just when Charles finished his words, Tang Feng raised his foot again and stepped on the former’s shoulder. One of Tang Feng’s legs was on the bed, while the other was stepping on Charles. His loose bathrobe only half-covered his body. From where Charles was laying, it was an utterly glorious scene.

“You arrogant man.” Tang Feng’s stern words were softened by his indulgent tone. Charles held his foot and moved to kiss its instep. Tang Feng deliberately rubbed his foot against Charles’ palms; the latter felt as if he was about to be lit on fire. What reason? What control? All of it could just go to hell.

As Tang Feng had noted before, Charles was a seasoned partner in bed. He was full of techniques and built to please. Charles kissed Tang Feng’s body, picking out all the sensitive areas. He kissed the soles of Tang Feng’s feet, his legs, his inner thighs, his lower abdomen, his Adam’s apple… He was gentle yet forceful; his techniques no less intense for anyone on the receiving end.

Thankfully, Tang Feng was only staying with Charles for a month. Else, he’d worry that he might die from pleasure right in Charles’ bed.

“Listen, darling. I don’t have a virgin complex, so I don’t mind your past with Lu Tian Chen.” Charles lightly ran his tongue over Tang Feng’s ears, holding the smooth lobes in his mouth, biting and licking. His voice sounded strangely low from the excitement.

Gripping Tang Feng’s waist tight and cupping his butt with one hand, Charles moved in between Tang Feng’s legs and lifted the man to sit on top of him. It was the first time they had chosen this position. The excessive intimacy made them look like a couple deeply in love.

“I don’t have one either, so I don’t mind how many people you’ve slept with in the past, as long as you don’t have any illnesses and your body is healthy.” Tang Feng folded his arms around Charles’ neck and leaned down to place a kiss on the latter’s forehead. He heard Charles give a sigh in pleasure.

“I like it when you kiss me.” Charles held Tang Feng’s waist and back firmly, greedily kissing the other’s chin and soft lips.

“Today… You look like the main character of a movie who’s deeply in love.” Tang Feng trembled slightly. Oddly, this gangster had prepared him like how a proper gentleman would this time. The gentleness that was coming from his hind-side was a little unbearable.

“That sounds beautiful. Then you’re the other main character in the movie.” Feeling Tang Feng was about ready, Charles lightly lifted the man’s body and then forcefully pulled it back down. The collision of their bodies was like an erupting volcano, with sparks and lava flying everywhere. Tang Feng groaned quietly, wrapping both arms around Charles’ back.

“I change my mind… Nnn, you aren’t some main character deeply in love… You’re… Ahh… You’re just a wild animal!” Tang Feng sucked in a deep breath. It was too deep, so deep that it was going to take this old life of his.

Charles caressed Tang Feng’s arms and waist, allowing him to slowly adjust to the invasion. He grinned and said, “Then let’s star in Beauty and the Beast, darling.”

Their bodies were pressed firmly together, chest to chest. They had never before felt each other’s heartbeats as closely as they did now.

Outside the window, the sun was slowly setting. Gorgeous, thick curtains blocked out the sun’s glare. Inside, the only sounds were occasional curses, along with breaths broken into pieces amid a wild night of quivering indulgence.

Afterwards, an incredibly tired Tang Feng was left with only enough energy to close his eyes. Yet, living up to his title as a “beast,” Charles continued to stroke his trembling body.

“Charles.” Once he had caught his breath, Tang Feng called out to the man who was currently kissing his fingers.

“Yes, darling, what do you need?” Charles looked up, his hand still holding onto Tang Feng’s, nuzzling the latter’s knuckles.

“You didn’t fall in love with me, did you?” Tang Feng asked, gazing at the man dispassionately.


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Translator: Nuddles
Proofreaders: KN, PiKairi

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  1. xena nais says:

    i dont know why I dont like charles but I want tang feng to end with Lu tian chen
    …thank you for update

  2. Acacha says:

    thank you for the translation XD

  3. Noori says:

    Fiftieth chapter – eat you (three)
    “You’re not in love with me?” Tang Feng faint looking man.
    Charles laughed together, it looks like this year to hear the most
    Good joke, he lifted up her head and laughed: “My dear, we are now
    What is in his play? ”
    “Truth and lies, right.” Tang Feng indifferent smile, he propped the body
    Sit up straight, withdrew was Charles has been holding hands, shoving the amount falls
    After the head of the broken-morning lifted.
    “The day will count less than one week, and I just opened it casual
    Joke, you do not take it seriously, then I will not come to the end of the transaction
    You will not bother you, rest assured, I do not make people hate leather
    Sugar. “Charles smile on his face and patted the shoulder, Tang Feng turned
    Took a shirt draped casually, got out of bed to go in the direction of the bathroom
    To go.
    “Charles, you’re a good man.” Tang Feng, hidden in the latter half of the sentence
    The stomach – is limited to the bed.
    Opened the bathroom door, a man’s figure disappeared in Charles’s vision
    Smile a little bit of solidification disappear, Charles casual sitting up in bed
    His hands and rubbed his cheek, less than one week, the exact terms are
    Remaining four days and five nights.
    Four days and five nights, four days and five nights? !
    If not, Tang Feng reminded that he almost forgot month deadline approaching
    , And how will ever so fast? God, time must be ready to lose weight
    Will run so fast, blink a wink on to the end of day trading
    [I will not come to you, but will not bother you]
    The sound of water coming from the bathroom bursts, Charles’s head echoed Tang Feng Gang
    Just say to him, if it is in the past he would secretly pleased, Oh, really
    Well, do not be pestering these small stars, he would have been tired.
    He likes Tang Feng smart and conscious, so this month he did not refer
    Italian wholeheartedly to enjoy everything this man, people obsessed with body
    Body, like pit-like black eyes full of wisdom and depth, as well as this
    A man of humor and calm.
    Tang Feng is like the clouds floating freely, you see, you can be caught
    Not into his hand.
    But now is how is it? This somehow accelerated heartbeat, which no
    Clue of the chest, this elusive in the doldrums, the investigation did not like him
    Wales chic style.
    Maybe he was just a temporary infatuation Tang Feng?
    Now what beautiful young guy did not, looks more beautiful than Tang Feng
    Handsome lot better than just a figure of Tang Feng, grab a handful!
    Tang Feng smarter than knowledgeable ……
    Tang Feng is more humorous than calm ……
    Tang Feng, more so than he likes ……
    Well, temporarily can not remember, but he need is a warm bed
    People, but not what soul mates.
    Well, of course, the dual physical and spiritual enjoyment is always better.
    “Yes, perhaps every few days will forget about him, and what love, Oh,
    Ridiculous, how could I fall in love with a small star. “Charles double
    Hand pillow behind his head self laugh a lot, just laughed some reluctance.
    Bathroom sound of water has stopped, according to Tang Feng estimated habit again
    To taking a dip in one hour in the bathtub way to see the film, which used to really let the investigation
    Wales like no one invited him previously how watching in the bathtub
    After four days and five nights, he would have to soak in the bathtub of a person watching a movie.
    No, he can still find a nice little model or a small star.
    Charles thought, grabbed the phone, sending a message: Kay, I Examination
    Worry about.
    He jumped out of bed and ran into the bathroom small: “Honey, look at what power
    Shadow it? Something to drink, I go to people to get up. ”
    Two men, in the end who is eating who?

  4. libraryrocker says:

    Ooooooo, dying for the next chapter!!

  5. Aoi says:

    Ahh, poor Charles. Tang Feng is seriously too pro.

  6. Asushi says:

    Saw that coming! Our very own, Teng Feng– the ultimate professional.

  7. Hope says:

    Oh dear lovely chapter, why are you so short? D’:

  8. kiumi says:

    Thank you for the new chapter^^b

  9. Teckie says:

    Mai gosh, this was the best chapter ever… XD

    Thanks, gc! Here, have some carrots
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    <つ<彡 <つ<彡 <つ<彡

    Cause giraffes eat carrots, right? Or did the old man at the zoo lie to me? XD

    Sigh… I kind of like Charles the best among the candidates for tan feng's love interests, but I do believe they won't end up together, sadly ;n; fight Charles, fight!

  10. s3ri says:

    ohoh. Thank you!

  11. PCheshire says:

    damn… this is awesome~!! waiting has never been so hard…
    poor Charles… I hope he gets what he wants…

  12. Oniisama says:

    Wahlao how to be patient with all these cliffhangers they are killing me T^T
    Thank you for the hard work in translating this! Always look forward to them! ^.^

  13. kei says:

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  14. Rayakashi says:

    “You didn’t fall in love with me, did you?” Tang Feng asked gazing at the man dispassionately.
    Oh Shit!

  15. kuro says:

    im curious as to what type tang feng would be attracted to or if he’s ever fell in love before because he seems mildly disinterested in the leads, or at least not enough to imagine an ending with.

    • kezi says:

      He did have a serious relationship that ended badly(We meet them next volume) no love lost between them anymore. If you’ve noticed Tang Feng is pretty nonchalant lol He’d rather be pursued than pursue, he thinks that life is too short to always chase after someone that won’t accept you( and he definitely knows just how short life is). He does believe in true love but he’s not taking Charles and etc. seriously because he’s not in the mood for love games in this life.

  16. LL says:

    Lol Tang Feng sure doesn’t waste time with that direct answer.uwah and now I’m kinda briefly feeling sorry bout Charles. But I don’t think he’ll let Tang Feng go so easily so now I’m more worried about Feng’s future -_-

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    Poor Charles.. lol xD cant wait for the next update.

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