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Tang Feng had a pitiably small amount of parts in the show. He was an extra that wasn’t even in line for being third male. His character didn’t show up for more than a couple episodes before getting killed off. Naturally, the tragic life of the character was also part of his charm.

Truthfully, Tang Feng had never acted in any T.V. shows before. At most, he had done cameos for some popular series, but, whether it be television or the movies, it really all came down to acting. He just had to do his job.

He had already read through the script long before ago. There wasn’t much to shoot today, just one scene. He was a musician in the Imperial Palace, called . As he and other musicians performed for a banquet, a palace maid, as performed by the main female, liked his song. They exchange one glance with each other, and that was it.

Standard cannon fodder.

Out of basic etiquette, Tang Feng and Xiao Yu greeted the director and the other staff members together. The crowd plainly responded back. Although Tang Feng was an outdated starlet, a person who had proper manners was still better than those that didn’t even understand the simplest social etiquette.

Tang Feng had personally greeted the main cast of the show, but the young and currently popular celebrities only casually glanced at him a couple times, mainly ignoring him.

“I can’t believe these newcomers. They just debuted and got some fame, and now they think they’re all that. Which of the real celebrities aren’t approachable and friendly? Unlike those people, thinking they’re some kind of higher being. When they’re in front of the director and producer, they can’t be anymore obedient, but in front of the others, they just give dirty looks and put on airs.” On the way to the makeup room, Xiao Yu couldn’t help but bad-mouth the popular newcomers.

In this age and time, if there weren’t five or six newcomers who became popular from a drama series, then there were seven or eight of them. They each earn popularity from the younger fans. If spoken out straight and clear, it meant their popularity was an inflated fad. The audience could like one actor because of one T.V. show, but their love ended with that one character.

By the time the next T.V. show airs, the audience would have fallen for a new actor.

“If you’ve recognized that they’re only children, then there’s no need to take them so seriously.” Tang Feng patted Xiao Yu.

Xiao Yu sighed. “Tang Feng, you sound like you’re already a senior in the industry or something.”

“Is this a round a bout way of calling me old?” Tang Feng laughed, “At least I debuted in an idol group back then as well, and even got a popularity award. Xiao Yu, those living in the clouds wouldn’t know what it feels like to be in a pit, but a talentless star could never climb out of the pit and reach the top again.”

He’d been battling in the industry for so long already, what kind of celebrity had he not already seen?

The newcomers hadn’t matured yet, so the sudden surge of popularity had caused blood to rush to their heads. This was a time to test their intelligence and handling of emotions. Honestly, the entertainment industry is a field of business as well. Other than personal talents and a strong backing, the most important aspect still involved networking, and relied heavily on one’s social skills.

There aren’t that many natural-born celebrities in the world. Countless handsome men and beautiful women pour into this industry like river fish. There were tens of thousands of people fighting to steal your spot and become the next famous celebrity. If there was no talent or result coming from you, what right do you have to stand at the top?

Those who are aloof but possess profound talent could become artists. Those who are talented and can understand human relationships would become the star standing far above the pyramids.


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