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Tang Feng woke up early in the morning. When he had no work planned, he usually preferred to sleep in and laze around. If he had work though, he was more dedicated than anyone.

Shoving the arm around his waist aside, Tang Feng just managed to sit up before Charles pressed him down again into a big bear hug.

“Where are you going so early?” Charles asked drowsily. With his eyes closed, his hands and lips started roaming all over Tang Feng’s body.

“Work. The TV series begin filming in two days, and I need to meet with the crew. I might be back a bit late.” Tang Feng replied, hurriedly pushing away the hand fondling his butt. He had told Charles all this earlier, but the bear most likely hadn’t listened.

“Ah, damned TV shows! I need to find someone to bomb them,” Charles muttered. His hand was pushed away, but Charles relentlessly reached for the completely exposed man beneath him, and began wildly caressing the other. “Darling, my darling Tang, what am I going to do if you leave? My empty, lonely soul won’t have anyone to fill it up.”

Before the other man could respond, Charles kissed Tang Feng’s lips, sealing his words. The big bear had now woken up completely and slid himself between Tang Feng’s legs, ready for some energetic action.

“I’m going to be late…” Tang Feng groaned, clamping his hands tightly around Charles’ strong arms as he sucked in a breath of cold air. He scolded, “Springtime is long over! Charles, you’re a bear in heat!”

“I like that name… bear in heat. It means I’m as powerful as a bear, right?” Charles smiled and passionately began working up a sweat.

It was still the early morning, yet the room was covered in a rosy haze.

Anyone would be left wide awake after an experience like that. After taking his shower, Tang Feng really wanted to yell at someone out of sheer aggravation. In half an hour, he would be late for his first meeting with the crew of the TV series.

“Give me the address. I’ll drive you there.” Charles offered, satiated and ready to go. The culprit crawled out of bed and grinned at Tang Feng, who had on a slightly grumpy expression. The two headed toward the garage.

There was no point in complaining now. Sitting in the car, Tang Feng glared at Charles and said, “You better drive fast.”

“I don’t mind getting a ticket for you, darling.” Charles winked and pressed the button to open the garage door. The sports car roared, like it couldn’t wait to head out and run.

“Are your seatbelts on?”

“Yes,” Tang Feng replied.

“Then let’s go.” Charles stepped on the gas and they sped out. The red sports car flew onto the straight road in front of the villa. Its speed was so fast that it almost sent Tang Feng crashing into the windows. It was a good thing the seatbelt was tight.

In his previous life, as a patient with heart disease, many things had been off limits to him. He couldn’t skydive, sprint, or do any vigorous exercise. Naturally, car racing was forbidden too.

When watching the car races on TV, he had wondered more than once if there would be a day when he too could sit in a racecar and enjoy the same rocket-like speed and excitement.

They zoomed past car after car, like a ghost drifting through the morning city streets. Tang Feng couldn’t help but laugh, “Wow, you even know how to drive fast.”

“I probably haven’t told you, but I have a professional certification for car racing.” Charles was in a good mood. He turned on the music, the rhythmic beat pounding their hearts as they drove.

This was what it felt like to be alive.

Tang Feng slowly pressed his palm on the window to feel the vibrations of the car. Acting in movies was very pleasurable, but now, reality was just as colorful as the movies.

He liked being alive.

With Charles driving at breakneck speed, Tang Feng successfully reached the shooting location on time. The rampant red sports car continued to roar, kicking up a swirl of dust behind it.

Tang Feng’s heart was still pounding when the car came to a full stop. He unbuckled his seatbelt, and turned to give Charles a big kiss on the cheek. He generously praised the other, “You’re very charming when you drive.” He then got out of the car and walked away.

Charles touched the spot Tang Feng had kissed. This was probably one of his best mornings.

“Did I contract some kind of heart disease?” Charles smiled as he took out a smoke. They had been together in bed for so many times already, yet the peck on the cheek was more unique than all of those times. It gave him an inexplicable feeling.

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    I’m liking where this is going, but if these two’s relationship is going to go further/longer, Charles needs to suffer a bit and Tang Feng needs to be able to be free without being held back by the month-long-trial-period agreement he had with Charles. And we can’t forget all the other people who will get in their way.
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