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On the way back, Charles tried to comfort Tang Feng, saying that the words back at the restaurant were merely jokes, and not  to be taken seriously.

Only ignorant 16 and 17 year olds would believe that. Outwardly, Tang Feng nodded and smiled, showing that he didn’t take any of the jokes to heart. But when they returned to Charles’ home, Tang Feng immediately went to the computer and used everything in his power to find information on Albert. It truly wasn’t easy to be an actor like him, to the point where he even had to resort to methods like these, and act like some sort of secret service agent. Fortunately for him, there was some information about Albert on the web. Although it wasn’t much, he still gleaned one or two things from the newspaper articles.

Albert Downey was a young business man, originally from Denmark. He made a name for himself in Europe and was very successful. The text hinted that Albert had some connections to the criminal world, but did not dare to reveal it blatantly.

The other articles mainly consisted of gossip, such as how he hooked up with this actress one day, and the next day he messed around with this actor, or that male model. It seemed like Albert was an expert skirt chaser.

Tang Feng mulled over the information for a bit, and then decided to enter the names of the actresses, actors, and models into the search engine. He looked over each of them one by one; although they had all slept with Albert at one point or another, they were all still alive, which was fortunate. The only thing was that, amongst them, there were a few who were alcoholics or drug addicts. God knows whether it was Albert who introduced them to those things.

After reading the articles for a bit, Tang Feng found that all these men and women had one similarity: when they first debuted, they all had a delicate and beautiful public image. They were all described to be “angelic”, “sincere”, “kind-hearted”, and so on.

Tang Feng could understand why people who lived their entire lives in darkness would yearn for beautiful things. He had previously known some filthy rich people who especially liked to sleep with nuns. Some sought their own redemption from the purity of the nuns. As for the others, they purely enjoyed the pleasure of desecration and the power that came with it.

Other than what he already had, Tang Feng couldn’t find any more relevant information. It wasn’t like he was an actual secret service agent.

Tang Feng took a deep breath. It didn’t matter if the bits of information he had were useful or not, it was best to be prepared. The feeling Albert gave him was horrible.

Besides looking up information on Albert, Tang Feng also read up on some news on Lu Tian Chen and Charles. Most of the articles were nothing new; they all mentioned that the two were rich, handsome businessmen, but also playboys.

The news on Lu Tian Chen was slightly better, as he had a label of being an “honest and devoted lover.” Who knows how many girls had fallen for those words. That was why most public opinions were false. If a girl really were to date Lu Tian Chen for a while, Tang Feng would guarantee that her opinion of Lu Tian Chen would completely change afterwards.

Without the description “honest”, “handsome”, and “rich”, Lu Tian Chen was clearly an arrogant, indifferent, and selfish businessman. The reason you like those sorts of people is because you don’t know them personally. If they were by your side constantly, the only way you would like them is if you were a masochist.

As for Charles, he truly was a playboy. The number of men and women he had played with were countless. Like before, Tang Feng looked up information on the people caught in scandals with Charles. Unfortunately, it seemed like Charles was an omnivore, and all sorts of men and women were suitable to be his prey.

Tang Feng couldn’t find any similarity between them.

No, there was one similarity. All of the men and women were young, handsome, and beautiful.

However, judging from the half a month of knowing Charles and the additional bedroom experiences, Tang Feng could say that Charles was quite an open-minded man. He wouldn’t get angry with someone over a harmless joke. At times, he especially liked to play the hero or gentleman, although in reality, he was just a perverted bastard.

Whatever, different situations call for different measures. He had even already died once, so what was there for him to fear?



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  1. Someone says:

    Tang Feng: “So what was there for him to fear?”

    Me: Albert

    Seriously, Albert reminds me of a guy that you would immediately look at and call the police if not to get a restraining order on or to report that he was about to kidnap you. Even though I understand Albert a little bit now I still can’t help but think he is creepy as shit lol. Honestly speaking, I wish Gino was a shoe in for the love interest because he’s a loveable asshole, didn’t rape anyone, and isn’t dealing with people like Albert. That’s a plus in my book. If not, I’d honestly just go for Lu Tian Chen. At least Lu Tian Chen is JUST an ASSHOLE and that’s it. He’s looking pretty good compared to the other guys beside Gino.

  2. TUKer says:

    Actually. It now seems like Albert is pretty pitiful, if he was purposefully looking for some sort of light in his life, by going after the innocent beautiful type. But I won’t fully support him, until he shows up a bit more, maybe he really is scary and might end up hurting Tang Feng.

  3. Zoey says:

    Still routing for gino

  4. s3ri says:

    Thank you!

  5. mizukami says:

    Great, now we get some actual confirmation on the characters personalities. I’m wondering when or if there will be a female love interest and if Charles will crush her.

  6. Zen says:

    Tang Feng is still awesome as ever! Thank you for the chapter!

  7. Devil says:

    Yay, a new chapter. Ah hope things work out well for him. D:

  8. Jennifer says:

    Thanks for translating !!
    \(•_•)/. I’m like (+.+) for new chapters!

  9. Midnight says:

    Whaa!!! Thanks for the new update!!! Can’t wait to know what will be his next step after looking for information about the three guys. Hope someone will save him >.<,,,

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  11. teckie says:

    i’m glad that Albert’s previous lovers are still alive xD Thank you, Giraffes!! :D (now to attack Ti shen~ :3)

  12. Kil says:

    haha so that actually means Charles is actually one of the “best” picks in the litter.
    *sigh* though reading that just went by too fast.. 3 minutes? 5 minutes?.. huhu
    thanks by the way!

  13. Nobody says:

    Woooow thank you! *stalker power mode on*
    Albert, definitly not a good guy

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