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When the two grown men both attempted to treat the other as a female and take control of a kiss, these kinds of circumstances occurred. Both of them were unwilling to be treated as a female by the other, and they were even more unwilling for the other to force them into the role of the female.

Perhaps this was what the director wanted—to see which of them was “a real man.”

Tang Feng firmly believed this. No matter how much he hated kissing Gino, he would still open his mouth and thrust his tongue into the other’s mouth in an attempt to gain the upper hand.

It was just that sometimes age and acting experience didn’t directly translate to better kissing techniques.

Gino’s intense manner of kissing quickly became difficult for Tang Feng to endure. Gino was obviously experienced in the field of love. He had a good grasp of how to stir up another person’s passions and break through their defenses.

Tang Feng wanted to concentrate and deal with that bastard, but the inside of his mouth was being repeatedly assaulted by Gino. That pervert was even continuously massaging his backside roughly with his claws. Tang Feng didn’t know how much more intense their kiss was compared to Gino’s earlier one with Ge Chen. He felt slightly weak and soft at the knees, and also seemed to have difficulty breathing. The hand that was holding Gino’s head had also unconsciously dropped onto the man’s shoulder.

They were like enemies, fighting in a war, except they were also tangled up in an ambiguity that onlookers couldn’t quite pinpoint. Through the camera lens, the entirety of the two men’s passionate kissing was recorded by Li Wei…

Some people’s kisses appeared dull no matter how passionate they were.

And some people’s kisses were enough to make others’ hearts beat faster even if it was just a gentle brush of lips.

But as for these two men, who had clearly just met for the first time, that kind of intense and fiery kiss was enough to make the onlookers feel as if the temperature in the room was shooting up.

That kind of unadorned kiss was full to the brim with complex feelings. The impactful scene was displayed before the audience’s eyes without any reservation.

The one who surrendered first was Tang Feng; the man gasped mouthfuls after mouthfuls of air. All the energy in his body seemed to have drained away, and he almost collapsed limply onto the floor. His face was as red as the color of roses. Although he felt extremely flustered, his eyes still strove to maintain consciousness.

Gino’s condition was much better. There was laughter deep in his eyes. His two hands seemed to have no intention of moving from the other man’s body; in contrast, he held Tang Feng tighter.

Tang Feng fixed Gino with a stare. The latter’s eyes, which possessed such destructive power, actually seemed charming when moist like that. Smiling faintly, Gino raised his eyebrows. He looked like he wanted to say something, but Tang Feng immediately pushed him away and opened a bottle of water. Tang Feng tilted his head back and gulped it down, his body unbearably hot.

Director Li Wei didn’t announce their audition results right then and there. Instead, he told them to return and wait for the notice by phone.

Ge Chen and Lu Tian Chen left walking together. Tang Feng didn’t know what they were saying to each other, but in order to avoid the awkwardness of taking the elevator together with those two, Tang Feng went straight for the stairs.

“Damn it!” Taking a deep breath, he thought about how he’d just actually lost his confrontation with Gino and made a complete mess of things. Tang Feng immediately felt a surge of defeat.

If he failed the first round of auditions, there was definitely no hope left for him. He was given a rare chance when Director Li Wei was recruiting actors within the country, but he’d botched things up himself.

That wouldn’t do. No matter the results of the audition, he’d definitely put more effort into practicing his kissing techniques. Being kissed until his head spun by someone of the same gender was truly a complete disaster!

It didn’t take long for him to walk from the 16th floor down to the first floor. It was still pouring rain outside, and it showed no signs of letting up.

“Where’s Xiao Yu?” Tang Feng stood at the doorway and looked about for a while but couldn’t see her figure anywhere. He had no idea where the car went either. When he was about to call Xiao Yu, a matte, black sports car stopped in front of him.

The car window slowly slid down. Lu Tian Chen gazed at him indifferently from within the car. “Get in.”

“I won’t inconvenience President Lu. Xiao Yu will drive me back.” Why hadn’t Lu Tian Chen left together with Ge Chen? Because of his dislike of Lu Tian Chen, Tang Feng instinctively refused.

“I told her go back. You can stay here and wait for a taxi, or you can get in.” Surprisingly, his tone of voice was somewhat impatient.

I didn’t ask you to pick me up. And who gave you the right to tell Xiao Yu to leave?

Tang Feng glanced outside. Right now, the rain was so heavy that, even though taxis came and went, most of them already had people inside. Trying to flag down a taxi in this kind of weather would really be quite difficult.

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