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Lu Tian Chen’s sudden arrival did not affect the audition schedule. The first one to step on stage and kiss Gino would be Ge Chen, according to schedule. Immediately after the director yelled “action,” the two men embraced each other. With Ge Chen’s height and build, no matter how much strength he might possess, he only appeared to be a cute and helpless young master in front of the tall and strong Gino.

Moreover, Ge Chen’s sickly beauty and attitude did not speak of strength at all.

From a professional viewpoint, Ge Chen’s performance was actually not bad. Although he did not display any movement that indicated that he was pretending Gino was a woman, he was unexpectedly well-matched with the latter—an Easterner and a Westerner, one delicate and lovable, the other tall, handsome, and strong. Tang Feng sighed quietly. Seen through the camera lens, they truly were not a bad match.

Ge Chen’s English wasn’t good, but he could learn. His acting wasn’t good either, but sometimes that kind of bewildered and unrefined act was precisely what directors were looking for.

Even if Tang Feng was the emperor of movies, even if he was an experienced actor who had won many awards, it did not mean that he could let down his guard. As he intently observed Ge Chen and Gino’s kiss, he failed to notice that Lu Tian Chen, who had been watching only Ge Chen at the start, had been watching him almost the whole time afterwards.

Earnest and serious, it was a side of Tang Feng that Lu Tian Chen had never seen before.

“Very good. That was very good.”

At the end of the performance, Director Li Wei gave out high praise to the two. Tang Feng unconsciously pursed his lips together. It was his first time facing the cameras after his rebirth, and he had to face the truth. Right now, he was not the emperor of movies, just a forgotten smalltime star. He became slightly nervous.

And Gino, who was facing him, could see it.

“You’re nervous. Is it because you have to kiss me? Our performance is going to be recorded on camera. If this is your first time kissing a man, then you should just leave it to me. If kissing me would make you uncomfortable, you can close your eyes.” Putting both hands on Tang Feng’s waist, Gino smiled at him. Like their previous conversation, they didn’t have to worry about not understanding each other.

At Gino’s words, Tang Feng’s anxiety vanished completely. He could not resist saying, “I hope you won’t act like a woman in your performance later.”

Tang Feng was currently standing opposite of Gino; the latter truly had a refined and handsome face. There was never a lack of handsome and dashing actors in show business. Gino’s looks, however, were of the type that was hard to forget after seeing them once.

His bright, slightly downturned eyes with beautiful, pale blue irises were clear and sparkling like crystals. In addition, his clear-cut double eyelids made him look like an European aristocrat. His high, straight nose bridge along with his dark, golden brown hair added even more to his appearance as a whole. His sophisticated facial features made him appear like a statue, like a work of art.

Handsome, young, full of vitality, and with a faint air of nobility—he was a sexy man.

Tang Feng knew Gino was handsome, but when he looked at the other from up close, he couldn’t help but sigh at Gino’s handsomeness which could make others jealous. No wonder that bastard was able to keep the title of World’s Sexiest Man for years.

“If your preparations are done, then please begin.” Standing behind the camera, the director was recording each and every move the two men made. At that moment, the director had none of the kindness and casualness he had before. Instead, he was completely engrossed in his work, watching them with rapt attention.

“All right, Direc—” Tang Feng’s pupils suddenly dilated. He instinctively raised his arms to guard against the chest of the sudden, incoming man. He obviously had not finished speaking, yet Gino was already kissing him!

That vile and shameless bastard!

Not to be outdone, Tang Feng opened his mouth and willingly stuck his tongue out, intertwining it with Gino’s to try and regain control. He lifted his hand and grabbed the back of Gino’s head, kissing him with closed eyes. In his heart, he was thinking that he was kissing a woman right now, kissing a woman…

Then, Gino daringly put his claws on Tang Feng’s butt.

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