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“Very good.” Seeing that both Ge Chen and Tang Feng had expressed their consent, the director happily clapped once. He then told the two men, “In that case, I’ll ask the two of you to come with me and meet Mr. Gino.”


Whoa whoa whoa. Wait a second, could Director Li Wei be talking about that Michael Gino from the United States?

“Director, could it be Michael Gino? The Michael Gino who starred in the highest grossing movie series in all history?” Although the reason for his surprise was different, Ge Chen had asked the question that Tang Feng most wanted to ask at that moment.

It couldn’t really be that bastard, that son of a bitch, right?

“That’s right. Not only is Mr. Gino a popular celebrity in Hollywood, he is also an experienced, diligent, and serious actor at the same time. This time, it doesn’t matter if you pass the audition or not―talking to him will help you greatly with your future jobs.” Director Li Wei gave the two men an encouraging and warm look.

Ge Chen could barely hide his excitement; as for Tang Feng, his heart was perturbed. He had expected to see the Hollywood stars he had formally known in Director Li Wei’s new movie; he had even thought that he would take advantage of this opportunity to have a chat with them. However, even in his wildest imaginings, he hadn’t thought that he would run into that guy, Michael Gino!

Tang Feng personally thought that he himself wasn’t a person that was hard to get along with. Although he had had heart disease, he had never used it as a conversation topic to promote himself or to win the sympathy of others. Even though it couldn’t be said that he was well-loved or welcomed enough that cars would explode when he walked past them, in the movie circle, he was still a well-received man.

To all except Michael Gino that is, that wretched, repulsive, son of a bitch plus bastard. He did not know how he had previously offended Gino, but every time they met, that well-groomed man would come over and deliberately utter some insulting words:

Hey Fiennes. Why are you called Fiennes anyways, do you know? I’ve learnt Chinese before; I think you should be called instead.

Yo, Tang, you’ve dressed up really stunningly today. How much do you want for one night?

Whenever there were people around, Tang Feng often responded to Gino with a smile before turning around and leaving without paying him any attention.

When there were no people around, Tang Feng would not hesitate to punch Gino. However, what happened next annoyed Tang Feng the most. Gino’s sturdy body had what he did not: the power and muscles of an American man. Every time, Gino would easily catch Tang Feng’s fist and then tease the latter.

Tang Feng’s path was always the artistic and literary one, in which he often won awards. Gino’s path was in mainstream movies, in which he was greatly loved. The two clearly were actors who belonged to very different fields, but even until now, Tang Feng still couldn’t figure out how he had angered Gino and why he had let that guy continuously harass him like a vengeful ghost.

Moreover, this time Director Li Wei’s new movie was also artistic. Did Gino change his ways? Or was it that, after earning enough money, he had decided to go fishing for an award?

No matter what, Tang Feng was feeling slightly disturbed. Even after his rebirth, the fact that he disliked Gino was not going to change.

Under the director’s lead, not long after, they met Michael Gino. He did not differ very much from Tang Feng’s impression of him. He was still dressed in a fashionable and dashing way. No matter where he went, he would attract a crowd of screaming women. That was Gino; even though Tang Feng disliked the man, he could not help but admit it. It made total sense for magazines to consider Gino as the world’s number one sexiest man.

However, there were still many good-looking guys among the commoners, such as Charles and that Lu Tian Chen.

“You guys can chat for moment.” The director quickly left.

Ge Chen was slightly intimidated as he greeted Gino. The first thing out of his mouth was, “Hello, I’m Ge Chen. Welcome to China. I love your movies. I’ve watched every single one of them,” social greetings along those lines. Gino shook Ge Chen’s hand in a friendly way, looking like a good-natured person from all sides.

Tang Feng inwardly spit out a few words: .

Compared to the enthusiastic Ge Chen, Tang Feng, who was standing by the side with only a faint smile on his face, stood out greatly. Gino quickly took notice of him.

“What about you? Do you also like to watch my movies?” Gino’s pale blue eyes fell on Tang Feng.

“I’m sorry. I haven’t seen a single one.”

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Translator: Nannyn
Proofreaders: Sherry, PiKairi

The name of Tang Feng’s previous body is Fiennes•Tang. Downey in Chinese is 唐尼(Táng ní ). The 唐 in Downey is the same character as the one in Fiennes•Tang .
The literal translation of the idiom he used. The idiom actually means a despicable and immoral person

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