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There were other hotel guests in the elevator. This prevented the two of them from being alone and also from feeling the need to talk and start an awkward conversation.

One floor…two floors…three floors…the elevator went up slowly.

Tang Feng mentally reviewed his information on Ge Chen: 24 years old, debuted in the same idol group as his, made a solo debut three years later, played the male lead in his first movie, won the Best Newcomer Award the same year, and later on won many awards of the Newcomer with the Most Promising Future and Most Popular Actor type.

Ge Chen already had a basis for popularity – all he was missing was a work with impact, one that an actor could rely on to quickly raise his fame. It didn’t matter who wanted to gain a foothold in this circle – if they had no work to show, then they had no place. They would never be able to step onto the path of being a true star.

The Ge Chen of the present, with his many advantages, was someone Tang Feng couldn’t measure up to. Two giant entertainment agencies were backing Ge Chen up. He was young with an excellent resume and enjoyed great popularity. He could also be considered a hardworking person. No matter how one looked at it, Ge Chen was excellent all around.

If one compared him to Tang Feng, with his horrible past, lack of past works to show, rocky relationship with his agency, and problems with the president, Tang Feng’s only advantage was that he had what Ge Chen did not in terms of experience and acting skills. Putting aside everything else, Tang Feng always thought that with his ability, he was capable enough for Director Li’s movie.

The elevator came to a stop on the sixteenth floor. The two men stepped out of the elevator in turn and walked together towards the business room.

Looking at Ge Chen’s indifferent back, Tang Feng smiled slightly. The kid was unable to completely hide his irritation. Even though he hadn’t experienced any hardships yet, he didn’t know how to restrain his haughtiness.

There were already a number of people in the business room. Director Li Wei greeted the two when he noticed them. Ge Chen enthusiastically went up to the director and started to chat; Director Li Wei only smiled. Soon after, he called Tang Feng and Ge Chen aside to talk to them privately.

“This movie will be screened overseas. Because of that, the movie content requires the male lead to be able to speak English fluently.” Smiling, Director Li Wei went directly to the heart of the interview’s main topic. Right after the director finished speaking, Ge Chen’s face bore a somewhat ugly expression.

“In reality, the movie has two male leads. The other actor has already arrived, so in a moment, I hope you two can each act out a scene with him.” The director looked thoughtfully at Tang Feng and Ge Chen. “Do your best.”

“Director, if I may be so bold as to ask about the details of this movie?” Ge Chen asked.

Director Li Wei’s new movie this time could be said to be kept extremely confidential. Before receiving an invitation, nobody had heard anything about Director Li Wei preparing to shoot a new movie. Even after receiving the audition invitation, nobody had seen the movie’s script yet.

Though of course, before his sudden death, Tang Feng had already read over the first draft of Director Li Wei’s script. Would that count as cheating? He smiled faintly. From Director Li Wei’s previous movies, he knew that there were always countless people desperately fighting amongst themselves for just one role, no matter the content of the movie.

Originally, because of his body and lack of free time, he had refused Li Wei’s offer.  Today, like everybody else, he was going all out to get a role.

Director Li Wei smiled and said, “I’m very sorry, only after you’ve passed my test will I reveal the details of the movie to you. Before that, I would like to confirm that the two of you are willing to participate in my test? Moreover, after the test, are you willing to accept my specific arrangements to begin shooting the movie?”

“I’m willing,” Tang Feng blurted out.

Ge Chen was a bit surprised but unwilling to fall behind. Immediately afterwards he replied, “Director, I’m also willing.”

Tang Feng wasn’t paying attention to Ge Chen. Instead, he was wondering who the actor Director Li Wei decided on was. If he’d guessed correctly, it would be a celebrity from Hollywood that enjoyed great fame on an international level.





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