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The wide sky was clear just a moment ago, but now a storm was brewing. Dark clouds covered the sky and large raindrops fell one after another, splashing onto the ground. There was a thick smell of dust in the air.

“The wind is howling and the rain is pouring, not to mention the thundering and lightning. Going out to meet Director Li in this kind of weather, could it be that our Ge Chen will also have the same impact as a lightning bolt and leave the whole industry in shock?” Turning around from where he sat in the front passenger’s seat, the fashionably dressed manager, Perry, smiled at the man dressed all in white sitting in the back.

“Perry, I’m not the only one who’s going to audition,” Ge Chen frowned slightly. In reality, it was already his second time auditioning.

“The sponsor this time is from overseas,” Perry said optimistically. “Even now we still don’t know the details of Director Li’s movie. Ge Chen, the reason the director wanted to meet with you today is probably to talk about the script. The director chose you, so it must mean that you are suitable for this movie. It doesn’t matter what the exact details of the movie are, Ge Chen, the company is going all out this time to recommend you for the lead role.”

“Even though you say that, I’ve heard that Director Li Wei is someone who always sticks to his own rules. He himself often decides what actors to use.”

“President Lu and President Su are recommending you together. You are very outstanding and will definitely get the role.” Perry felt that Ge Chen was worrying too much about it.

Ge Chen smiled faintly and quietly gazed at the ever-changing city scenery outside the window. This time, the one who was truly sponsoring the movie was Charles. And the man was currently sleeping with Charles.

The rain continued to pour. The black company car stopped outside a hotel’s door. The assistant in the car quickly opened the door and hurriedly got out while carrying a black umbrella. As he stepped out of the car, Ge Chen raised his head and looked at the hotel standing before him. When Director Li returned this time, wasn’t he staying at the Four Seasons Hotel? For convenience, even the auditions were being held in there.

“Ge Chen, Director Li is waiting for you in the business room on floor sixteen. We’ll wait for you downstairs, give me a call if anything happens,” Perry said as he came out of the car carrying an umbrella.

Ge Chen gave Perry a smile and said, “I know, I will do my best.”

At that moment, another car came to a stop outside the hotel doors. Ge Chen turned to look. Two people got out of the car. One was a young and pretty girl, and the other was a tall, young man. After giving them a second glance, Ge Chen could not help but frown. What was Tang Feng doing here?

“Tang Feng, it’s fine if I do it.” Holding an umbrella, the short girl raised her hand high above her head to block them both from the rain.

“It’s okay, let me do it instead.” The tall and handsome man gave a small, gentle smile as he took the umbrella out of the girl’s hand.

With a tall body like a model’s and long legs wrapped in black dress pants, the man was beautiful and slender. As Ge Chen’s gaze moved upwards, he could see nice hips hidden underneath the suit. The pale hand that grasped the umbrella had fingers that were long and thin. The distinctive and elegant air around the man attracted the attention of countless girls.

Tang Feng raised his head and evenly met Ge Chen’s gaze. The corners of his mouth twitched upwards in a smile. “What a coincidence.”

Somewhat indifferent, Ge Chen nodded slightly at Tang Feng. “Right, did you come here to eat?”

“No, there’s an audition,” Tang Feng replied.




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  1. Pijon says:

    Hmm… GC and TF have a rocky past. It seems like the previous owner of the body had a thing for stealing GC’s lovers . _. maybe he’s an old flame turned rival

  2. Devil says:

    Haha. Wouldnt be something if TF hooks up with GC? :O

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