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Charles fluttered around the banquet like a butterfly. His charm and humor gathered a good crowd of men and women, many of which were socialites. Naturally, a good number of them were rising stars in the entertainment scene. In case he’d suffocate to death in the crowd, Tang Feng slowly shifted away from Charles.

Holding a glass of champagne, he edged toward the balcony. The night breeze blew past his face like invisible chiffon, adding a trace of mystery to the evening.

He looked up slightly and took a sip of the golden liquid, the alcohol glided through his teeth, making a hot path down to his stomach.

The night sky that night was particularly beautiful.

Hanging alone in the distance was the moon, curved like a shining blade. The countless stars appeared markedly precious against the dirty, industrious city.

Some people were like comets, although beautiful, they pass by like a flash.

Some were like stars, bright but smothered by the thousands more in the ocean above.

Only to the moon have people of history ever wrote poems for, again and again expressing their feelings. Even now, Tang Feng was looking at it in a daze.

He gazed at it blankly, with no particular feeling, or the need to lyricize. It was simply because the curved moon was the first thing he saw.

“Why are you out here alone?” A man’s voice suddenly sounded.

I don’t know you. You don’t know me. Suddenly striking up a conversation, more than likely he’s got something up the sleeve.

“President Su.” Tang Feng retrieved his gaze from the moon and smiled warmly at the man. His features already had a hint of softness before, but under the calm moonlight it looked even gentler.

Suddenly making eye contact with the man, Su Qi Cheng almost felt a shock in his heart.

“That should be my question, shouldn’t it? What’s President Su doing out here?”

“It’s too boring inside. I wanted to come out for some fresh air.” Su Qi Cheng smiled, “I didn’t think you’d be here as well. Oh right, you tango well. I’ve never heard from Tian Chen that you had such talents.  He really kept you secret.”

To be honest, Su Qi Cheng gave off a nice first impression. But it was this kind of harmless, good-natured person that Tang Feng felt the need to defend against the most.

Lu Tian Chen’s indifference was placed right on his face, as if declaring to the world: stay away from me if you want to live.

Charles’ bad intentions were hidden right in his eyes. One look at him and you’d know that he was up to no good.

It was people like Su Qi Cheng that Tang Feng feared the most. It was not that he disliked people with good personalities, but that it was honestly inconceivable for the president of a company to be “good”. Especially concerning the matter of how “Lu Tian Chen loves Ge Chen”, Su Qi Chen’s calmness on the subject was frightening.

Either Su Qi Cheng loved Ge Chen so much that he would continue to dote on the latter, or that he simply didn’t care.

Tang Feng couldn’t verify which at this point, but at least he knew Su Qi Cheng wasn’t one to provoke. In this case, bringing a dog to protect himself would probably be smarter than using Charles as a lucky charm.

“I’m flattered, President Su. If we actors don’t learn a wide variety of things, our jobs can easily be taken by others.” No matter your intent, I guess we can just go for a round of Tai Chi. Tang Feng gave an open smile.

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Translator: Bijun Liang
Proofreaders: PiKairi, Nannyn

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  1. ami says:

    Gosh, I can’t read on mobile because of the redirects to spam links and the desktop is now doing it =(. Thank you for translating…

    No one thought it was weird that he just didn’t pick a female partner to dance… it’s not like the tango in the movie is going to be m/m. Maybe in this world it’s pretty nonchalant.

  2. Eva says:

    Haha I love how everyone is shooting hearts at tang feng only and not his two alpha male love interests, lu tian chen and charles. I myself am quite in love with tang feng though so I can’t really comment lol.

  3. TUKer says:

    Tang Feng is truly the best. I have always hated how mc always seem to never doubt the guys who are truly too good to be true, and end up getting tricked by them. But Tang Feng is too good.

  4. Hikaru says:

    Hehe everyone is just becoming smitten with tang feng.

  5. jay says:

    hehe i really like how he’s immediately suspicious of Su Qi Chen. that’s right, people like that are too suspicious.

    thanks for the translation

  6. ReaderShou says:

    every chapter is a cliffhanger XD waiting for more kukukuku

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